~ catching up & cafe medina ~

Sunday, January 13, 2013
I had a bunch of these random photos sitting in my folder so I decided to post them one and for all! Especially since a lot of of you commented that you like my posts about "random" stuff lol Most of these were taken in December =)

Got a manicure, which is rare because I usually do my own nails but found a cheapie place and decided to go for it. I can't remember the base colour but I know the gold dots are from the permanent Sephora collection. While I really did enjoy this combination I didn't like the pearly effect of the base coat. And yes, the camera focused on the lens instead of my nails, but in the lcd screen it looks like it focused on my nails! Grr....

Finished this tube of body lotion! It smelled soooo nice (mmmmm coconut) and really moisturized my skin! Beware, it's not one of those fast drying lotions and a bit sticky so it's probably a good idea to apply it at night or when you don't need to wear pants =P I wear shorts at home.

I have a love hate relationship with this mascara. This is a very dry mascara but I find that I can put on a lot of layers very quickly instead of waiting for it to dry AND it holds my curl very well! Cons are that it flakes a bit and if you don't curl enough it will smudge! I'm not throwing it out yet and am trying to finish it, it doesn't flake all the time too, what a moody mascara.

Two elf products I was really disappointed with. The tm was so runny and smelled terrible while the concealer concealed nothing but I guess you can sorta maybe use it as a highlighter? Or some sort of brightener?

The super gorgeous pretty jewelry box my friend gave me for Christmas! Omg I love it! I always wanted one but never splurged to buy one, these are the best kinds of presents! It's so pretty I don't want to use it in case I ruin it, it's mostly made of cardboard and I'm so scared of putting a dent in it somewhere. (and I will probably will boo hoo)

Had a hard time taking this photo cause I didn't know where to aim the mirror at, there were no blank walls lol

I love how the pattern continues within and throughout the box too! I'm thinking of lining the insides with felt or fabric so the jewelry doesn't come into direct contact with the box.

A very disappointing tinted moisturizer. It was as sheer as regular moisturizer but smelled ten times worst. To note, I'm not particular to smells very much but I can't stand bad smells!

Another product I didn't like. Actually I was going to make a "didn't work out makeup" post with these items but I guess I got lazy and decided to insert them into this post hahahaha This lip tint stained my lips unevenly and the stain lasted very long, too long in fact =( I like my benefit stain much more!

o0o0o0o Saw these at T&T on sale and had to have it kekekeke I'll try to take pictures when I'm making them =3

My new facial wash. It smells a lot like Eccotique spa if anyone's been there. Really heavy lavender scent, not that I mind. This product doesn't contain sulphate to create lots of bubbles so it only produces a gentle lather. I do like it but I prefer my Yes to Tomatoes face wash more, it was able to take off my olive oil makeup remover in one go.

My mum bagged up some of our manga because it was taking too much space in my brothers room hahaha I think we still have the more frequently read ones out.

I was going to do a post on Cafe Medina but I guess I'll do a very short version here. As we all know I am terrible with taking photos of the actual cafe so I have no photo of that. The drink above was a lavender mocha and it tasted horrible. It sounded so nice but the lavender was too bitter and overpowering, it tasted like really raw lavender. I didn't taste any mocha =( I guess this drink was too strong for my taste buds.

I had the La Senta and when it came like this I got nervous. I'm not very good at putting my food together, in fact I'm not good at it at all! So I had some difficulty eating this but the ingredients did turn out very nicely. I slathered some olive oil covered avocado onto my biscuit then some egg and prosciutto. I didn't eat the tomatoes or use the vinegar and olive oil mixture (does anyone know what that is called?) The bf had a sandwich which wasn't bad. Perhaps I ordered the wrong item but I won't be coming back to Cafe Medina anytime soon.

My mum and I were super obsessed with these chocolate bars, I think we bought more than 20 within this Christmas season.

So far 2013 has started off stressful with sorting out my school schedule and perhaps planning a family trip for the spring. I usually enjoy trip planning but since I really need to focus on school I see it as a chore now, boo. Hopefully when the time gets closer I'll be able to enjoy it more!

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  1. The nails are cute, I like them (:


  2. Oh my oh my that jewellery box is sooo beautiful! It reminds me of these luxury soaps I found in TK Maxx over here and they were all contained in pretty boxed packaging that looks so similar to that!

    BTW thanks for the complement on my taste on home decor - I actually get a lot of help off my BF's mother. She has really good taste in home decor and I've been learning everything from her. Didn't even know how to do my laundry properly or how to hang curtains up beforehand! I like your style too - especially in the fashion department hehe

  3. I love that color combo too! I think that gold glitter coat may be called Only Gold For Me because I have that and it looks like the one they have applied to your nail.
    And wow that jewellery box is so pretty! Aside from my earrings, my jewellery don't really have a home and they are all over the place on my dresser top haha

    Waiting to see photos of how that Japanese package thingy turns out you got from T&T. Will you try eating them? Haha

  4. Great pics! :D Lots of random stuff :D Your nails look good! The coffee and food looks so nice :D

  5. ohhh i love your nails! i actually have that gold glitter from sephora.. i stock piled a couple of bottles of it because it looks awesome.. and i keep one for my miu miu gold glitter pumps.. they are an IDENTICAL match to my pumps.. and when the glitter falls off my shoes i use the sephora glitter to cover up the bald spots hehehe :p

    omgosh that plate at cafe medina looks amazing.. but i agree.. i would have a very very verrrrrrrrrry difficult time eating it hahaha.

    that jewelry box is sooooooooooo so pretty.. omgosh the blue base.. w/ the gold and the pretty floral print on it so gorgeous!!

    hahaha yeah if i ever got that blingy mixer i would NEVER EVER use it it would just sit in my kitchen and look pretty hahaha.

    omgosh i drank like 8 PSL in 2 weeks.. omgosh actually i have to admit i'm sort of glad they are gone.. because FML i gained 10lbs over the holidays AHHHHHHHH!!! so i'm majorly on diet control ughhhh.. hahah so i'm glad they don't still have it otherwise it would be really hard for me not to order it haha.

  6. i have a lot of tights and leggings that i really have to plan my outfit foe since i don't have many long shirts i can wear them with haha

    i love your nails, they are so pretty!!!

    ohh so many manga. i think the only manga ii've ever read was hanna yori dango and death note. then the rest i'd rather watch hehe

  7. Love the jewellery box, it's so vintage and pretty!
    Oh, I wish my nails would grow as beautiful as yours, unfortunately I have a hard time trying not to bite them >.<

  8. wow! you bought that sushi toy. hehe

  9. Heyy Suki, thanks ♥ I keep my fingers crossed that you never have to use the tips but if you do, I am sure you and your boyfriend will do well. May I ask how long you guys have been going out for? Probably quite a while!
    And I will deffinetely do that hair routine in one of the next posts ♥ I just posted a little haul today before I delete these pictures from my phone.
    And I have noo idea how to comment on this post because every picture is just so adorbale ~
    I guess I have to say that I like the jewelery box the most but the picture of your nails is totally instagram worthy haha. And my mum recently also removed my old Mangas...such a shame! I did not know that Revlon lipstick was so bad because I've only heard good things about it. But then again, not many people want to admitt that they bought a bad product ;D
    I like your honest opinion ♪

  10. beautiful pics as always... dont knwo why your blogpost makes me hungry everytime i read it :)

  11. Oooh nice nice photos! And I love that box, it looks so vintage-y!

    I'm sorry about the concealer and moisturizer, but at least you know not to get them again in the future. I don't know if you have The Face Shop there but I really like their Face&It Dual Concealer. It works like a charm. ;)

    I never tried mani before but recently I sort of thinking of getting my nails done. And seeing the photo of your nails just makes the desire grow stronger. :p Nice nail art, by the way ;)

  12. Thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog. Hugs. Lisa

  13. I love random photos posts as well!
    That box is so pretty..I love the colour. What exactly is that from T&T?? lol is it like candy?
    oooh where are you going on your family trip? hope school becomes less stressful soon :(

  14. That jewelry box is beautiful. I adore the pattern on it. I can't wait to see pictures of the Popin' Cooking sushi candy set. It looks so cute and fun.


  15. Wooo where were the nails done? They look good though!! :) I read your sweater post too :P just forgot to comment on that one! Man, you have a lot of pastel sweaters and they all look so soft and comfy!

    I just found out that there's a Joe store on Granville... and it's huge too! You should check it out :)

    I know exactly what you mean with those platter things!!! I had one of those things one time and I'm like...what do I do with these things... they don't look like they all go together.. but I'm assuming the biscuit/bread MUST be at the bottom.... haha

    OOOhhh.. if you are looking for a good alternative.. when Cafe medina line ups are too long .. walk down a few stores to The Dirty Apron! Their sandwiches and soup are amazing!!!

  16. Lol I get those "moody" makeup/skincare products, too! Such a gorgeous jewelry box :D It's okay to have little accidental dent…it…shows character? lol

    I was thinking of getting Revlon's Just Bitten, but it was too pricey for me, thus, I opted for the NYC's lip stain. hehe

    Focusing on school is good, but try to have fun too!

    nyuu } lolitium.net

  17. Ooh so many different stuff all in one post.

    The jewellery box is so pretty! And I like how the paintings are continuous. If I were you, I would line it too as I would afraid of the hooks or earrings scratching the cardboard. But, you wouldn't be able to see the pretty picture anymore.

    Ah, I saw a video on making those japanese food stuff. Some are edible but most are not. It is so cool to make them. I like how the powdered solution could slowly look something like rice when mixed with water and I love the way the salmon roes are dripped into the water.

  18. you know what?! on saturday i had cappuccino and it was shaped like a heart. it was amazing that the shape didn't change until i drink them all =D i never knew that since i don't drink any coffee with milk. maybe after 10 years i had it and it was amazing. hahaha

    anyways, it was pretty surprising to know that you had such a disappointing dango!!! or maybe you don't like mochi!? anyways you must try good ones :)

  19. the manicure is so nice! and all the food haha! and you really should buy a polaroid camera one day! it's really fun :D and you're right the film are so expensive, so i'm not use it very often whaha bu the result it's worth it! reply: yes those snacks are from Muji! we don't have Muji products here..and at your place? and those socks yeah too bad i can't wear them in my shoes hahaha only home use. Wish u lots of luck with school! i am graduated finally ! not going to get a Master degree anymore, since I already have a job =)so the real world, here i come XD xx

  20. Your nails looks wonderful, quite
    subtle and very cute ^__^ I also like
    that you are being honest about the
    beautyproducts you use. I'm looking
    for a good BB cream so I'll probably
    wont use the one you already used!
    Your friend has a nice taste with
    picking that jewellerybox!


  21. God all the food and coffee !! nom nom nom you got me hungry lol

  22. Your nails are so pretttttyyy : DDDD and so is that jewelry box!

    HAHA I find trip planning a chore too but once I start, it becomes fun :-D Ahhhh I'd like to go on a trip this spring too but school is not being very accomodating >___> I will be looking forward to reading your trip post :)

  23. Heya!

    The bunny's name is Busagi but we call him bunny most of the time. Lol. My nails break all the time. As long as there's nail polish to keep them harden, I can manage to grow them long :) but your nails always look great tho!

    I hope you were able to figure out how to add additional page to your site? I haven't played with blogger set up for a long time...


    Love that jewelry box! It's beautiful <3 I haven't had a chance to try out Elf products. I've heard they're a hit/miss sometimes.

    I hope things are less stressful and hectic for u now! Where are u guys going for the family trip?

  24. LOVE your manicure - very cute!
    Also love the jewelry box. Cutest print!