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Saturday, January 5, 2013
Wow it seemed like December was a really long month for me! Probably longest out of the year. I finish my finals and finally got a little break before working a lot again. On Christmas day I went to eat dim sum with a close friend and we ended up chatting away at Starbucks for 5 hrs, we only separated because we had family plans lol

My sister and I laughed so hard at this at 2am. Read it with a British accent.

These were super expensive for what they were.

Photography wasn't allowed. A girl decided to take a photo in the middle of the show and the usher actually went to where she was sitting (in the middle of a row) to tell her no photos. Over all the show was good but I was a little disappointed, I probably won't purposefully go to another show. I guess it was so hyped up I was expecting death defying stunts etc. I also think I prefer things like musicals more so I'm biased lol If you are planning to go don't bother purchasing the expensive tickets for a closer seat because the tent is fairly small.

At the beginning of the show one of the actors, dressed up as a lizard came out to say "hi". He also took popcorn from the audience and started to eat from it....actually he licked it and then gave it back to the girl. I kept wondering if she was ever reimbursed for her popcorn....

Noms! Minty chocolate! I always buy a lot of chocolate during this time of the year because of the pretty packaging.

That is one sinister and creepy looking duck drawn by my sister.

Chocolate advent calender from my mum! I actually never remember to eat it everyday so I get to pop out about 5 in one sitting to make up for the past days lol

Thigh high socks love!
Some nommy fish from The Flying Pig.

Love the Christmas decorations in the malls.

(I popped into gamestop the other day to buy harvest moon and she told me it was sold out, like wth, when did this game get this popular? And to think I used to I used to feel crazy to preorder it....)

Something I randomly saved off tumblr to show a friend and this definitely applies to me!

Candy cane truffle! Yummy!!!

hahahahahahahahaha this blog is becoming uncensored now lol

My cute megu, it evolved a few times during the month but I didn't take photos lol

I attempted to do something christmassy with pastel colours but my nails just turned out looking like Easter eggs =( It looks more like mint in real life but in photos it turned out robin blue.

Salted caramel cake pop, the states gets the best stuff!

Cute Christmas cupcakes I found at T&T.

What a cute tea pot. I know this restaurant, Shanghai River, is very popular for shanghainese food but the service was awful. They don't hire enough servers and the ones that are there aren't attentive enough. My family had crab and they never came to change the plates even once, we just left the plates full of crab shells on the table which was fairly small already. They only cleared out empty dishes when it came time to put down another dish because the table was already crowded with dishes! Then when I was paying the server stood RIGHT next to me as I was entering in my credit card info (and tip), my sister was shocked! What a bad experience and it was my sister and my christmas dinner to my parents too =(

I got to choose between these bunnies in Professor Layton ( the ds game) I finally chose the one on the left but the floppy ear one is so cute too! I also rarely use the 3D function as I find it gives me a headache and it's hard for me to keep it at the perfect level to achieve the 3D-ness.

Laughed my butt off at this image my friend sent me.

Found this at the gift shop when I was at the Vandusen gardens, so adorable and sorta regretting not buying it now....

Yummy spinach and cheese baked oyster!

A super gorgeous pretty rococo jewelry box my friend got me for christmas!

My not so cute megu =(

December was amazing but January is giving me a hard time! I hope it will get easier by the end =) I noticed I'm nearing 300 readers~ Yay! That also means a giveaway soon! 
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  1. December~ a festive month ^^
    So many sweet stuff, chocolate, food and kawaii Suki! *omg* I ate too much chocolate during december haha xD

    I'd love to meet Totoro at the bus station (๑´w`๑)

  2. wow! you had a lot of sweets =D just after writing this, i realized the comment above was the same. hehe

  3. hi hun!
    wow so much chocolate! and they all look so pretty!
    awww you saw totoro! it will be so cute to see that pic in toronto subway, that will never happen though booo....
    i love your knee high socks, too cold to wear them here though. And i'll need to start working out my legs haha, gotten quite the abuse with the amount of food over the holidays!
    and that jewellery box is so cute!!!!!!

  4. Another film that I love from Studio Ghlibi is The Cat Returns. My favorite is Howl's Moving Castle, but the Cat Returns was pretty hilarious. It's a good rainy weather movie to watch with a blanket and hot chocolate.

    Speaking of giveaway, I still need to do a post on your giveaway from last year!!! >_<

  5. omgosh your december looked so fabulous! ok you seriously should wear knee high socks year round they look SMOKIN' HOT on you bahahahah! that rococo jewelry box is sooooooooooo pretty.. i love anything that looks like wallpaper hahaha i'm obsessed! i'm love love cirque du soleil shows they are so amazing! omgosh and i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE totoro loveeeee totoro is my absolute favorite hayao miyazaki character :) your pink and blue sparkle nails are sooo cute love it!

    ohh haha.. i actually shot my diamond earrings in the dark and turned on the flash :p try it! :)

  6. AHHHHHH !!!! BOOOOO plushie!!! SO cute! They sell them at Urban Oufitters but it's a smaller version whereas the on you're holding looks so huggable! I need to get my hands on that :) :)
    So many fun photos :) And so many yummy foods as usual!
    I saw Amaluna in Toronto and I felt underwhelmed too :( I was expecting a lot more I guess... oh well!

  7. U know I was actually thinking of taking up yoga myself because I get lower back pain sometimes! But I don't have the motivation yet... lol. Thanks for the comments about my kitchen... its only small but I'm so happy with it! Theres still a lot to do yes but mainly details like getting new blinds & curtains for windows and decorating small bedroom and downstairs. We are slowly making each room in the house have a theme of its own and putting our touch to it! I'm glad you like the pics... Will post about the second bedroom next! And about cooking... I do most of it in the house. The BF is too unmotivated to cook although I think if he really tried, he would be good at it!
    I really want to see another Cirque de Soleil I think the acrobatics are amazing but then again I'm easily impressed when it comes to things that I cannot do myself lol and you're right your nails really DO look like easter eggs in that picture - very pretty!

  8. Love the pics! Especially that hippo one LOL. I wanna share it with people now too.

    Buy Harvest Moon on the online DS eShop!! That's what I did :D

    And pssh you are very photogenic. Before I saw you say that I had just been thinking to myself how pretty you are. :)

  9. Woah very long entry but I enjoyed reading all of it !! :D

    Merry late Christmas and New Year Hun!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday =)

    I've always wanted to try yoga but haven't had a chance yet.Good for you for doing it!!

    I'm so jelly you went to the circus!!! I wanted to go so bad since ALL my friends
    literally went wtf? But you saying it wasn't that great makes me feel a bit better hahahahha

    The hellokitty charm your bf got you is soooo cute!!

    My co worker is OBSESSED with the new harvest moon too for DS apparently
    and she convinced another co worker to get it but she said it was sold out as well O_O

    OMG i want to watch studio ghibi!!!

    The exam haiku is the best lmfao

    Hahaha my nails are the same pastel colours too! xD Except I purposedly
    made it look like spring since I was in a spring mood hehehe


    I wanna go to Target one day to get elf stuff but haven't been there in ages cause my parents dont like it anymore -_-

    YAY giveaway soon!!! If i win it's easier for you to send me the stuff (closer ;)) hahaha kidding! but congrats on nearing 300!

  10. Wow so much nice pics like always Suki! :D your red-white winter scarf is so cute! and omg mint chocolates are my favourite! too bad we don't have a lot here at my place! it's a bit hard to find =( the food from the flying pig looks really good! still remember you've write a blogpost before about this restaurant ;D and i think you ARE photogenic Suki! you look very pretty and confident in your pictures! Did school start already for you? these few weeks it's not very cold here! i wanted to buy a pair of snowboots whaha but since i don't know when the snow will fall again, i will use my money for other stuff - like clothing whahaahaha XD ohhh and the santa clause icecream looks indeed very adorable, but the taste is not very special, lil bit too sweet. And the head of santa claus, i dind't eat that whaha! it was rock-hard! XD too dangerous for my tooth whahaha xx

  11. Hello Suki ♥ I actually wanted to write a comment to you earlier but I didn't have much time when I was in Germany.
    It's soo nice to hear about your december. Most people won't believe it, but I actually prefer "casual posts" to reviews and such ;D because they are personal. However I must disagree, I think you are photogenic! You have a really cute face, especially with the bangs hanging down.
    And hahahaha my boyfriend is a bit like yours~ the other day I was wearing a skirt with over the knees and he said I should wear tights T.T ;D

    Congrats on almost 300 followes! I don't really know what you could improve or write more about :D Sorry for that. Maybe about your eating habits? That's always an interesting thing haha :D I'm trying to lose some weight now...it's so hard.

    Hugs and Kisses, have a nice January (it might get as good as december, just wait for it)

    Keki ♥

  12. I come back here after a while of not visiting then I see pictures with a lot of swearing?? LOL! Hahahha!

    I didn't get to go to Amaluna! I remember when they had other Cirque stuff. Mr.S' mom super loved them but I'm just like this is great but I don't get the same feeling as when I watch musicals!

    OH maybe you can talk about those next time???
    I think I should too!! I went to like four in the past two months!!

    I seriously love the ELF brushes. Why do people pay like 20+ for other brushes.
    I find some expensive brushes are soft and nice but not as ... dense? Like they're flimsy.

  13. It looks like you had an amazing December!!!

    I'm not a fan of Cirque de soliel, I don't know why.. I've never seen the shows but I've seen glimpses on TV. I think the costumes and make up gives me the creeps. ^^;;

    I've seen those Boo toys around they are adorable! I love Christmas time of year too, everything is so nicely packaged :D

    PS. Don't worry I have that shallow fear too. I'm scared that if certain fish get extinct the oceans are going to be taken over my jelly fish!!!

  14. Hey Suki!

    Don't worry about the late reply! I'm worst than you! lol. It's totally OK for you to hold off on the site redesign :) Let me know if you're still interested in the future k?

    It looks like you had a blast over the holiday! There's so many things to comment on I don't even know where to start :P But I think you're photogenic so keep those selcas coming!

    Oh! I was at Pacific Cinematheque too! Watching Spirited Away again w/ my friend :) The popcorn there was awful.....

  15. Omigosh Boo is so popular now!! He's a Nordstrom? I am SO out of the loop.

    I didn't like Amaluna either.. I've seen a lot of other Cirque du Solei shows so this one was a major disappointment!

  16. haha I read it with a British accent, too! XD too funny
    I use to play megu..but I gave up D:

    What a beautiful box :D


  17. such beautiful photos! do you have instagram btw??
    I've been to a Cirque du Soleil show here in Toronto a couple years ago and was disappointed as well. I've seen many videos of amazing ones though, which I think are all the ones in Vegas.
    I love thigh high socks too!

  18. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IS SOOOOO CUTEEEEE, I'M DYING D;;;; hahaha and you look so pretty : )