~ february 2013 ~

Monday, February 25, 2013
This is just a mish mash post of everything I've been doing in February which mostly consists of eating out lol This month was super hectic for me trying to do my paper and study for my finals. I still have two papers to finish by the end of March so bear with me please! =3 I know I usually do an iphone monthly post but my brain is too dead using school as an excuse to think of good posts lol so this will have to do but at least all the photos were taken from my actual camera! (bonus points?) There will also be bits of rambling here and there.

Went to have lunch at Le Parisian since I've read some good reviews about it. I had the pasta of the day which was a clam and linguine in a white wine sauce. It wasn't bad but had a strong sort of lemon sour taste, I thought it was alright but someone who doesn't like the sour taste wouldn't have enjoyed it.

I realized that whenever I hear this "clam/mussel in white wine sauce" I always order it though I never have the intention of going to a restaurant to try it. It has some sort of magical hold on me I can't explain.

Macarons from Soriette, they aren't bad but not as good as the ones in Paris but overall decent and I love love love their Early Grey macaron with the chocolate filling! I love my chesire cat tail!

The weather affects my mood a lot and though some may say that's so silly/stupid but I really can't help it. Of course I don't let it dictate my mood but I would be lying if I said it didn't influence my mood rather dramatically. I find it hard to get angry on a gorgeous day too. It'd be advantageous to people around me if I moved to a year-round sunny place.

Also grabbed some chocolates from Godiva. Originally I had planned to grab at least 4 creme brulee truffles since they are so delicious but they had some special Valentines day ones so I got those instead. They weren't bad but nothing spectacular, I prefer the creme brulee any day. 

Brunch at Market at the Shangri la. I had my hopes on trying their dungess crab benedict but when I got there they didn't have it so I just got regular smoked salmon benedict =( It wasn't that great, their sauce was terrible. Also the potatoes were so bland that the ketchup didn't help, they were dry too =(  

On another random note Soda's barkbox came in! Omg it feels like he just got his from last month! Oh wells he was running out of treats so it came at the perfect time lol

I just finished my last midterm so hopefully life will settle down into a normal state again. It always goes crazy when I have midterms. I still have papers to write so the toughest thing for me will be juggling my time schedule effectively ><

I feel pretty rambley lately so maybe there will be more wordy posts =P I might also be going on a trip this spring so trying to save money =(  Key word: *trying*

~ poping cooking' (???) candy ~

Sunday, February 17, 2013
The other day the bf and I were finally to bum around for a bit and we decided to make this sushi candy...thing. 

Though all the instructions are in Japanese the pictures on the back make it easy enough for anyone to make it.

What you'll basically need.....water lol The box comes with a white container that you mix your powders and water in. Oh and they also provide you with a plastic spatula.

Making the rice part of the sushi!

The salmon! We actually used too much water and it never solidified properly.

Making the roe was the funnest part! 

Drip drip drip!

More! We made so much that I don't think we could have used them all up.

What's going on....


So we thought we were all finished and next thing you know another pack of powder is in my hand

What's this?! Turns out, it was the soy sauce...

I bet you're wondering if it tasted nice. To be honest the taste wasn't bad but it was the texture that really got us! The rice was like..thick..pudding with grainy bits in it and..yeah the texture wasn't nice lol We had more fun making it than eating it. 

I still have one more box left (actually I have two boxes but one went missing lol) maybe I'll make that one with my sister haha But the bf looked like he was having lots of fun even though he denied it every time I asked him.

P.S I'm in the studying mode right now ><

~ soda's bark box january ~

Saturday, February 16, 2013
Soda's second BarkBox came in!!! I wanted to take a photo of the first one but as it arrived on Christmas eve everyone was too excited to see what was inside lol This time when it came I was able to snap a photo. Seriously I'm way more excited than the dog when these come in lol

Contents of the box and a card explaining each product. I'm usually most excited about the toy lol

In their December box they had a box of velvet dog cake to bake your precious pup (I haven't gotten around to baking mines yet LOL), some oatmeal shampoo, a soft toy and treats of some sort. 

I really like the toy this time. According to Jax and Bones, the cotton threads are coloured with vegetable dyes and is completely chemical free. The threads also act as floss as your dog chews and rips this poor thing apart. It is also machine washable and the tag also said that you could free the legs with chicken broth and they will act as soothing teething pops.

Soda going at the toy...

You can bet he destroyed it in one day and it also left a huge mess around the house! Orange threads everywhere! However I was really impressed to see that it was really thread all the way through. Some toys will have stuffing on the inside so I was quite pleased with that.

So far I really like BarkBox but I've read on a forum that they also give out treats made in China. I hope it's not true as I really enjoy these lil boxes of surprise my dog receives! 

Speaking of, I can't believe my dog gets a treat box every month, like wth?! I don't even have any sort of monthly beauty box subscription or anything! I actually bought the BarkBox subscription on groupon so keep an eye out, perhaps something similar will pop up!

~ afternoon hive tea at heron west coast kitchen ~

Saturday, February 9, 2013
I went to Herons West Coast Kitchen situated in the lobby area of The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. I got this hotel confused with their Pacific Rim location which is another Fairmont hotel literally one block away -.- 

The afternoon tea takes place from 2-4 daily and is 26.95$ per person. Their afternoon tea is honey themed and is a twist from the traditional three tier plating. So if you're looking for that old fashion feel you won't find it here but I was delighted to try afternoon tea with a modern twist and a honey theme.

Their afternoon tea menu. There are a variety of tea's to choose from and the actual menu is on the right hand side. Their afternoon tea service comes in two "courses".

Your tea comes out first on a nice glass plate along with honey and lemon. I ordered Margaret's Hope, a darjeeling.

The darjeeling was nice and fragrant. I tried not to steep it for too long because I was scared it would get too bitter. Our server also told us how to use their teapots which was a nice touch because not everyone drinks tea regularly enough (or have fancy pots like this lol) to know how to use them. I sure appreciated the info!

The first "course" consisted of either a chedder cheese with gingered apples or a light blue cheese with mushrooms. 

This was the savory part of the tea service and it was really good! The mushrooms went really well with the salty blue cheese and the apple ginger perked up the chedder cheese. I was a bit afraid the the blue cheese would be overwhelming but it was nice and light. I was even able to eat it alone!

Scones and sweets!

I think this is the first afternoon tea place I've been to that provided four types of spreads for our scones. There was a portion of honey and beside it was honey butter, house made seasonal fruit preserve and an actual honey comb! I think I was most excited about the honey comb. 

The plate consisted of the four scones, two lemon honey cakes and lemon cake lollipops.

The scones were nice. They had a cinnamon taste to them and I thought it went very nicely with the spreads provided. The lemon cake was not bad, personally I don't care too much for lemon flavored things (besides sour candy). The cake pops were very dense and I had to take it with tea. It was fairly sweet and a bit hard to finish as well.

Honey comb!!! It was really yummy though I didn't finish the entire thing. It was hard too so it was difficult to use as a spread but who cares, real honey comb!

I read somewhere that the hotel harvests the honey themselves, I don't know if that is completely true but if so....where do they keep the..bees....

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon tea service and would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a bit of a twist on the traditional tea service.

~ iphone photos - january 2013 ~

Saturday, February 2, 2013
January came and went so fast! I hope the same happens with crazy February! The month was pretty calm for me. I found lots of time to game, read manga and of course my school readings. Nothing much happened besides just life flowing by. January seemed especially long  when I look back at the first iphone photo I took!

I think this was my last pumpkin spice latte *cue sad music  and a korean rice bowl for brekkie! It had chicken, an egg and kimchi~

Large Hello Kitty suitcase at Walmart for 97$! 

Finally got to try Sentouka ramen. I'm thinking of doing a short review on it but it really wasn't that great, too salty for my liking. 

Reminds me of the doll I'd punch in the face if I ever woke up to it. I know some people think it's cute but those eyes....they'd probably hurt my knuckles too.

Starbucks hot chocolate with marshmallows! When I first tried this I made it with hot water and the taste was nice but somewhat weak at the same time but I really like it like that. After reading the packaging more thoroughly (and already having gone through 3 packs) I noticed it said to use milk and not water! So I tried it with milk and hated it! It was too rich and creamy so I stuck with hot water lol I think Tim Hortons has better hot chocolate though.

The Disney movie club sends me their package periodically and these stickers always come with it, last time I stuck them randomly through the calender, I dunno what to do with these! I didn't join because I think you have to commit to buying a certain amount of Disney movies a year.

Chilling on the balcony.

Delicious spinach dip at Joeys, nom nom nom!

Their apple dessert which wasn't too bad, I'm not a huge fan of these so I mostly ate the crust lol Actually after we finished our dinner Joey's asked us to do a survey for them which would take about 15 minutes but they would give us a 20$ gift card afterwards! =D More spinach dip!

Finally got my hands on Harvest Moon A New Beginning thanks to my sister!!!!! Mad loving it but I miss the older more cute characters. I mean the cow has hair -.- You can get the old fashion bubble cow but only by winning the cow contest.

Milk tea. 'Nuff said. 

Saw these earrings. Liked them. Took a photo to think about it. Went back to buy them and ended up buying two other items too =( from 5$ - 20$, fail.

I felt kinda sick and cold so I wanted some comfort food, Japanese curry is the best comfort food!

Omg the pasta sauce was soooo good, I never had a garlic sauce that had such large chunks of garlic and it's red! Isn't the colour usually more gravy like? But oh wells, it was delish! Oh it was at iCafe on Broadway.

Dine out at Banana Leaf with my family again!

This was soooo good like a smooth pineapple mango pina colada~

*drools* the clams were delish, we all wanted to drink the broth!

I think this was some sort of curry duck wrap but it was yummy too!

The dessert, the most unappetizing part of dinner lol But it was okay because by this time we were stuffed! I really enjoyed my dine out experience at Banana Leaf and wouldn't mind going back to try more Malaysian food. Of course there were more dishes but I didn't bother posting them all up, too much food photos in one post.

My sister took this photo of Soda and dubbed it his "derp" face.

Our second date! LOL

My desk area when I'm reading. It's soooo messy!

Over all January has been calm and relaxing. I know February is going to make me stressed and crazy with all the midterms and papers due >< I hope everyone had a great January and and even better February!