~ afternoon hive tea at heron west coast kitchen ~

Saturday, February 9, 2013
I went to Herons West Coast Kitchen situated in the lobby area of The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. I got this hotel confused with their Pacific Rim location which is another Fairmont hotel literally one block away -.- 

The afternoon tea takes place from 2-4 daily and is 26.95$ per person. Their afternoon tea is honey themed and is a twist from the traditional three tier plating. So if you're looking for that old fashion feel you won't find it here but I was delighted to try afternoon tea with a modern twist and a honey theme.

Their afternoon tea menu. There are a variety of tea's to choose from and the actual menu is on the right hand side. Their afternoon tea service comes in two "courses".

Your tea comes out first on a nice glass plate along with honey and lemon. I ordered Margaret's Hope, a darjeeling.

The darjeeling was nice and fragrant. I tried not to steep it for too long because I was scared it would get too bitter. Our server also told us how to use their teapots which was a nice touch because not everyone drinks tea regularly enough (or have fancy pots like this lol) to know how to use them. I sure appreciated the info!

The first "course" consisted of either a chedder cheese with gingered apples or a light blue cheese with mushrooms. 

This was the savory part of the tea service and it was really good! The mushrooms went really well with the salty blue cheese and the apple ginger perked up the chedder cheese. I was a bit afraid the the blue cheese would be overwhelming but it was nice and light. I was even able to eat it alone!

Scones and sweets!

I think this is the first afternoon tea place I've been to that provided four types of spreads for our scones. There was a portion of honey and beside it was honey butter, house made seasonal fruit preserve and an actual honey comb! I think I was most excited about the honey comb. 

The plate consisted of the four scones, two lemon honey cakes and lemon cake lollipops.

The scones were nice. They had a cinnamon taste to them and I thought it went very nicely with the spreads provided. The lemon cake was not bad, personally I don't care too much for lemon flavored things (besides sour candy). The cake pops were very dense and I had to take it with tea. It was fairly sweet and a bit hard to finish as well.

Honey comb!!! It was really yummy though I didn't finish the entire thing. It was hard too so it was difficult to use as a spread but who cares, real honey comb!

I read somewhere that the hotel harvests the honey themselves, I don't know if that is completely true but if so....where do they keep the..bees....

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon tea service and would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a bit of a twist on the traditional tea service.
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  1. Pretty expensive, but seen all of the goodies, I guess it's worth its price! I actually think cheese and honey are the perfect match *_* <3
    Your hair is so long! Aw, I'm missing my bangs now haha xD

  2. Scones and Cake Pops *mhhh* Tea Time with honey is truly great :D Have you ever tried Acacia Honey? It the best honey I have ever had. It doesn't have the... hm... how should I explan... the "strong" honey taste. It is very mild~ ( ღ'ᴗ'ღ )

  3. Hello Suki ♥ Thanks for your comments :) I love how you always comment on even the entries that are a little older! Makes my day ^-^
    This is a very good review and the price for this afternoon tea seems good value for the money ♥ Maybe they don't keep the bees near the hotel & instead they have a private farm somewhere in the country side? I love love honey so this seems like a nice place to go for me XD But I think the traditional way of arranging the tea looks nicer.,:)
    Bye the way, what bag do you have in this picture? Is it an LV? I can feel getting closer to mine *-* Only 14 days and I am in London!!! :3 ♥

  4. High tea is my favourite! This place looks so cute :)

  5. Wow everything looks so good!!! :)

    Also I LOVE your sky blue top hehe is that a penguin on it?

  6. I love the looks of afternoon tea. I've never had a proper afternoon tea with my family/friends before/yet! When I think of it, I think of posh cakes, sweet delicacies and aromatic tea. <3 Your pictures cover all that. :) I love how it is honey-themed; I love honey a lot. And also cheese too :)

  7. i love your hair suki, it looks so pretty!!
    high tea food always looks so yummy

    happy chinese new year by the way

  8. The food looks so cute!
    I went there for dine-out this year =D
    Maybe I should try their tea menu too


  10. omgosh heart this post so much!! you look so pretty i'm obsessed w/ your bangs they are soo pretty on you and your hair color w/ the bangs makes you look like a japanese gyaru gyaru doll :)! and omgggggggggggggggggggg your penguin sweater WANT!! so freakin' cute i have no words!!!

    this is like one of the cutest/modern teas i've ever seen! i freakin' love that they gave you honeycomb that is so neat! i loveee cheese, apples and honey it's such a yummy combination!

    ohh i love cinnamon and i love scones.. that sounds like such a yummy combination!

    ok just between you and me the trampoline thing you pay by the hour.. i was done after about 10 min BAHAHAHA. it was sooo hard.. it seems so fun but it's actually a crazy intense workout.. like after 5 min i was sweating from head to toe!

    and you are too sweet.. i gained so much weight WAHHH. trying to diet now argh!! yes we call it boba in the states and i love boba tea so much :p i'm taiwanese hahaha taiwan pride!!!!! i like to tell ppl boba is from taiwan HAHAHA.

    omgosh i was like crazy craving vietnamese food while i was living in germany so i'm trying to eat is as much as possible while i'm in the states haha. i loveee vietnamese egg rolls sooo so much they're so much better than chinese egg rolls!

    it's ok you didn't cheat.. you're just lucky YOU HAVE an asian food court to go to!! argh i'm so jealous.. that's why i love going to taiwan.. even the food court mall food is amazing hahaha!

    oh you know i actually do wash my face with oatmeal!! it's helped a lot i use to have really bad red inflammation in my skin and a lot of it is gone now because of the oatmeal.. and sometimes when i'm on vacay and i forget to pack the oatmeal.. my skin immediately freaks the eff out.. so i know the oatmeal helps like crazy!! it's awesome you should try it :)

  11. Hi Suki - Thanks so much for reviewing our afternoon 'hive' tea, I am so glad that you enjoyed it. The honey does come from our apiary where the hotel has over half a million bees from April through September in our rooftop garden. Be sure to come back in the spring and I would be happy to take you on a tour!!

  12. how were the scones?! I've been quite MIA with moving and cleaning up the house... I should start blogging once I'm done all my moving! btw your penguin sweater is sooo cute! where is it from?


  13. Omg...3rd try... I can't seem to post comments on your site anymore...? I love honey! Definitely will give this place a try when the weather gets warmer. I like the messy look on you!

    Lol. Bf wants me to be a house wife so that I can take care of him. He's a major mama's boy. I haven't read Lisa See's books yet but I will take a gander next time I'm in Chapters!

  14. At first I thought I read wrongly that it should be High Tea instead of Hive Tea and then I thought you typed wrongly and then I got it that it is honey themed and hence the name.

    High tea to me is usually for girly get togethers and I'm always glad if the hubby could accompany me for high tea and learn to appreciate the art of having high tea like those British ladies. Hahaha... So for you, I think it is lovely to spend the afternoon with your bf in this way.

    I hope the savoury mushrooms and cheese were enough to balance up the sweetness. It sure does sound sweet from the way you described the cakes and the honey comb (how do you even spread honey comb?) I would love to try the mushrooms and blue cheese. Sounds delicious from the way you described it.

    I kept laughing at your comment dear. It is too funny especially when you mentioned about my hubby’s hair and the newlyweds’ future kids. I have a sneaking suspicion your bf would love that restaurant’s Mac n Cheese since there is a mixture of gourmet cheese in it.

  15. Love your hair! You look so adorable. (It's messy but chic)

    Anyway, that is cool! A honey themed afternoon tea!!! Yeah I think the Fairmont here too has their own honey too! I was told upstairs?? Who knows!!

    What kind of cake pop was it? Was it also lemon? Or just sweet?
    I actually like it when they give you lemon curd or whatever when they serve you tea!
    But otherwise, lemon flavoured desserts are a bit sour and not my favourite haha.

  16. Fooood! :D love it Suki! & i like your hair! remember i was happy that the snow was gone at my place? guess what...it's snowing again! so stupid XD hello dirty shoes wahahah and agree with you! boys don't really care about dirty shoes, only care about dirty car floors hahahhaha! xx

  17. Your hair is so chic, and I want that penguin sweater! I wish they'd do a nice honey-themed tea place near me, that little bit of honeycomb has got me drooling haha. And blue cheese! I love blue cheese and mushrooms. That place looks so adorable, a perfect lil cafe to come in away from the chill.