~ february 2013 ~

Monday, February 25, 2013
This is just a mish mash post of everything I've been doing in February which mostly consists of eating out lol This month was super hectic for me trying to do my paper and study for my finals. I still have two papers to finish by the end of March so bear with me please! =3 I know I usually do an iphone monthly post but my brain is too dead using school as an excuse to think of good posts lol so this will have to do but at least all the photos were taken from my actual camera! (bonus points?) There will also be bits of rambling here and there.

Went to have lunch at Le Parisian since I've read some good reviews about it. I had the pasta of the day which was a clam and linguine in a white wine sauce. It wasn't bad but had a strong sort of lemon sour taste, I thought it was alright but someone who doesn't like the sour taste wouldn't have enjoyed it.

I realized that whenever I hear this "clam/mussel in white wine sauce" I always order it though I never have the intention of going to a restaurant to try it. It has some sort of magical hold on me I can't explain.

Macarons from Soriette, they aren't bad but not as good as the ones in Paris but overall decent and I love love love their Early Grey macaron with the chocolate filling! I love my chesire cat tail!

The weather affects my mood a lot and though some may say that's so silly/stupid but I really can't help it. Of course I don't let it dictate my mood but I would be lying if I said it didn't influence my mood rather dramatically. I find it hard to get angry on a gorgeous day too. It'd be advantageous to people around me if I moved to a year-round sunny place.

Also grabbed some chocolates from Godiva. Originally I had planned to grab at least 4 creme brulee truffles since they are so delicious but they had some special Valentines day ones so I got those instead. They weren't bad but nothing spectacular, I prefer the creme brulee any day. 

Brunch at Market at the Shangri la. I had my hopes on trying their dungess crab benedict but when I got there they didn't have it so I just got regular smoked salmon benedict =( It wasn't that great, their sauce was terrible. Also the potatoes were so bland that the ketchup didn't help, they were dry too =(  

On another random note Soda's barkbox came in! Omg it feels like he just got his from last month! Oh wells he was running out of treats so it came at the perfect time lol

I just finished my last midterm so hopefully life will settle down into a normal state again. It always goes crazy when I have midterms. I still have papers to write so the toughest thing for me will be juggling my time schedule effectively ><

I feel pretty rambley lately so maybe there will be more wordy posts =P I might also be going on a trip this spring so trying to save money =(  Key word: *trying*
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  1. MMMM~ Any suggestions where I can get good macarons?

    Good luck with all the school works! ^_^

  2. Looks good!!! The clam and linguine pasta is called vongoli. I actually make it from time to time. I don't think it's supposed to be sour....Try it somewhere else or steal me away to make some for you. what the sauce is composed of is sauteing some garlic and chili peppers in butter and then add white wine, once it's boiling you add the clams and they open up in the heat, letting the clam juice blend with the white wine. I love iiiiit.

  3. hey suki! um! i love linguine, i tend to always order that dish when i go to an italian restaurant.
    the macarons and the truffles look so yummy! i had a lot of chocolate this past valentines day, i feel like my tummy got bigger. but i can't stop!
    the flowers are beautiful! i love the variety! and your bf is so sweet to make you a hand made card!

  4. aww i love this post babe :) i know what you mean i do like going out to fancy dinners but sometimes it's like you feel like you have to act a certain way.. you can't relax.. sometimes the dining experience can feel really stuffy and uptight even. so i love a good brunch too hehehe! we didn't go anywhere fancy for valentines this year either i told the hubs i didn't want it.. it's too crazy during v-day anyways.

    oh btw the weather actually does change your mood.. look at seasonal effective disorder it's REAL! and the hubs things i have it hahahaha. some ppl actually buy a special lamp (it's kind of pricey i think) to get them through winter and rainy seasons!

    i think it's sweet that you had your bf make you card this year and he did micky and minnie :p that is so you!!!

    you're so cute.. i wear all of my outfits that i post out! sometimes it can take me a few tries and i have a to change several times before i find the right out.. this was just a dinner our w/ the hubs outfit.

  5. Really lovely pictures.
    The food looks so yummy! And yea it sucks that the weather was so gloomy on Valentine's. It's still so cold out and it's almost March! D=

  6. I always enjoy any pictures of macaroons! :)

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  7. Happy Valentines day :) mmm godiva truffles... I could have them any day! Have you tried their shakes?! I thought about it and then.. its like $6-$7.. for one drink...

    So i signed up for topbox.. getting my first one.. I hope it lives up to it's hype.. =__= i saw that there's a Julep box now.. going for $20 a month :| crazy how all these boxes suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

  8. Awww happy belated Valentines day!!
    I love eating clam and seafood and
    such! Don't mind the sour bite c:
    And yeah that's pretty weird when
    a restaurant has a different level
    between lunch and dinner...
    Mhmmm Godiva and macarons <3


  9. oh that looks delicious! you just made me very hungry :)
    How sweet of your bf to have gotten you flowers! i love v-day :))

  10. I just ate clam vongole last night for dinner/supper. It was yummy. I love the wine "sauce". There wasn't a lemony taste for mine.

    It's nice to receive a hand-drawn card from your bf and even cosier to snuggle indoors on Vday. It is true that the weather affects my mood too. You should move here coz it is always sunny. Hahaha but people here complain of the heat.

    Oh, haha... Are you a morbid gal like me? Blood and gore and just so morbid. I felt it was fine but when my hubby and some frenz were so grossed out by the ulcers pictures when I sent them over watsapp, it made me wonder if it is too graphic to share them on my blog. Hence, I put up the warning.

  11. Lovely pictures Suki! :D how's the weather at your place? it's so cold here :S and it started to snow again! omgosh.. XD