~ iphone photos - january 2013 ~

Saturday, February 2, 2013
January came and went so fast! I hope the same happens with crazy February! The month was pretty calm for me. I found lots of time to game, read manga and of course my school readings. Nothing much happened besides just life flowing by. January seemed especially long  when I look back at the first iphone photo I took!

I think this was my last pumpkin spice latte *cue sad music  and a korean rice bowl for brekkie! It had chicken, an egg and kimchi~

Large Hello Kitty suitcase at Walmart for 97$! 

Finally got to try Sentouka ramen. I'm thinking of doing a short review on it but it really wasn't that great, too salty for my liking. 

Reminds me of the doll I'd punch in the face if I ever woke up to it. I know some people think it's cute but those eyes....they'd probably hurt my knuckles too.

Starbucks hot chocolate with marshmallows! When I first tried this I made it with hot water and the taste was nice but somewhat weak at the same time but I really like it like that. After reading the packaging more thoroughly (and already having gone through 3 packs) I noticed it said to use milk and not water! So I tried it with milk and hated it! It was too rich and creamy so I stuck with hot water lol I think Tim Hortons has better hot chocolate though.

The Disney movie club sends me their package periodically and these stickers always come with it, last time I stuck them randomly through the calender, I dunno what to do with these! I didn't join because I think you have to commit to buying a certain amount of Disney movies a year.

Chilling on the balcony.

Delicious spinach dip at Joeys, nom nom nom!

Their apple dessert which wasn't too bad, I'm not a huge fan of these so I mostly ate the crust lol Actually after we finished our dinner Joey's asked us to do a survey for them which would take about 15 minutes but they would give us a 20$ gift card afterwards! =D More spinach dip!

Finally got my hands on Harvest Moon A New Beginning thanks to my sister!!!!! Mad loving it but I miss the older more cute characters. I mean the cow has hair -.- You can get the old fashion bubble cow but only by winning the cow contest.

Milk tea. 'Nuff said. 

Saw these earrings. Liked them. Took a photo to think about it. Went back to buy them and ended up buying two other items too =( from 5$ - 20$, fail.

I felt kinda sick and cold so I wanted some comfort food, Japanese curry is the best comfort food!

Omg the pasta sauce was soooo good, I never had a garlic sauce that had such large chunks of garlic and it's red! Isn't the colour usually more gravy like? But oh wells, it was delish! Oh it was at iCafe on Broadway.

Dine out at Banana Leaf with my family again!

This was soooo good like a smooth pineapple mango pina colada~

*drools* the clams were delish, we all wanted to drink the broth!

I think this was some sort of curry duck wrap but it was yummy too!

The dessert, the most unappetizing part of dinner lol But it was okay because by this time we were stuffed! I really enjoyed my dine out experience at Banana Leaf and wouldn't mind going back to try more Malaysian food. Of course there were more dishes but I didn't bother posting them all up, too much food photos in one post.

My sister took this photo of Soda and dubbed it his "derp" face.

Our second date! LOL

My desk area when I'm reading. It's soooo messy!

Over all January has been calm and relaxing. I know February is going to make me stressed and crazy with all the midterms and papers due >< I hope everyone had a great January and and even better February!
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  1. Oh my gosh the food looks so good! And I totally agree, Japanese curry is the best comfort food :)

  2. hey suki, the food looks so yummy!
    I like those forever 21 earrings too, so unique. i tend to stay away from the jewlery section because i know i'll end up buying something.

    Whoa that's a lot of papers to read!

  3. Love the earrings and the food looked delicious!
    I find those big eyes of toys so cuteee <3
    I wish I found a nice big suitcase here, I totes need a big one for my long trips =/

  4. Again, the food pictures looks DELISH!
    I love Starbucks as well but I don't
    go there alot, it's pretty pricey :P
    Hybride grass brewed together with
    coffee beans? That's awesome idea
    of you Suki haha! I have never tried
    playing Harvest Moon, is it fun? I
    might download it c:


  5. Beautiful post
    Love the food!!!


  6. The food looks great, a lil shame about the desert >< The desert should be the best part of the meal! I love garlic sauce, but I've never tried it with chunks of garlic, that's something new to me.

  7. Ahaha I remember playing Harvest Moon - my BF got me into it but nowadays I never have time for games no more! I've never seen Starbucks self brew hot chocolate in the UK here... interesting... I've always found though that I can never do a smooth hot chocolate when it comes in powder form it somehow ALWAYS clumps up no matter how I stir it, however much I tinker the milk/water ratio, etc... never tastes as good as when it comes out the machine lol. I do love a milky hot chocolate though... mmmm love all things creamy.

    Also I make sure I don't feed MoMo too many snacks because I think its not good for her so I try to limit it to 5 treats a day and yes they have lots of variety snacks for hammies! I also give her fresh fruit/veg as treats too but can't give too much otherwise it gives them diarrhoea I think.
    Life is going well so far... we're going to be hosting our first house party this Saturday so looking forward to it (but kinda hope our house won't get trashed up lol!). It will be like our late house warming party.
    Need to decorate our small bedroom some time but other than that no other major renovations - need to buy more furniture for the house!

  8. omgosh seriously you eat sooooooooooo well! i wish we could hang out because i know we would hang out so well hahahaha! we'd eat and shop and have so much fun!! you know i'm so jelly you live in canada because i swear you guys have such a large asian population that your food courts seem to ASIAN-fied!! like it's like food that i would get when i'm visiting taiwan's food courts and stuff i'm soo jealous hahahahah!

    i want your c'vest sweater omgosh your parisian sweater is sooo so cute on you!

    hahaha i think it's just like a toy for little kids.. one side has the crayon that you can write and drawl with and then when you're board you can blow the whistle hahaha.

    ohh btw cheesecake factory pumpkin cheesecake is only available like from sept to end of december!! like our starbucks psl!!! that's why i love the fall so much more pumpkin everything!!!

    omgosh i was just like you i use to eat oatmeal soo so much because it's low and calories.. but i realized it doesn't really fill me up as much as like eating protein for breakfast so i just try and eat a more protein heavy breakfast! it's so cute that you call it 'brekkie' hehehhe :p

  9. very pretty young lady with such a colorful life ;)

  10. It was so much fun seeing all these pictures, I literally got a glimpse into your life :D

    Everything looks so pretty!


  11. SO muchhh yummy food ahh! Those hello kitty suitcases are so cute! I really need a nicer looking one xD
    You are so pretty as always and I never tried playing that game. I dont understand the point of it xD!

  12. I do love a great Jap curry. They really are great comfort food!

  13. ohmygod that food looks so good, especially the clams ::drooling::
    I love that you know a specific stuffed animal you want to punch in the face lol

  14. THE CURRY DUCK WRAPPP UGHH LOOKS SO GOOD! My parents used to buy duck all the time until our favorite duck shop caught on fire : c LOL at that plushie penguin, I know those eyes are freaky! Plus since they're made of plastic, it wouldn't be too comfy to cuddle with it : X
    Ahhh January was so chill for me too (I didn't even start on my readings yet -sigh-), the rest of the semester is gonna be stressful but we can do this! We'll make the most of our uni experience >:D

  15. I love your monthly summary pics!
    I agree about the hot chocolate at Starbucks..actually I only had it a few times but the best is the Tim Horton's ones. I have just one drink I like at each place lol I love the apple cider at Second Cup and I only get the teas from Starbucks..

    How is the food at Joey's? We have a location here now but I haven't visited it..

    OMG that food court food looks so goood...what is it??? The one with the rice and corn! & why is there a paper thing around it? lol ah I'm so hungry right now..

    January really flew by fast. I'm still thinking it's 2012 hahah..hopefully February goes by fast as well (always my least favourite month) mostly because of the weather

  16. I love the idea of posting monthly pictures but then I look at my phone and I don't even take that many pics. Like I see people posting neat things on instagram all the time and I barely have the energy to instagram anything... lol.

    Oh wow you have Santouka ramen and Joey's there too, huh?
    I wonder if the menu is similar here? They have the most amaze lobster grilled cheese...
    And I have to agree - their spinach dip is really good!!!

    What game is that? Lol I didn't know you were a dating sim type of girl ;)) Hahaha.

  17. omg that Hello Kitty suitcase! did you buy it? Actually last year i haven't buy anything of Kitty anymore hahaha still like it, but guess i love to spend my money on clothes and food now XD hahaha xx

  18. I like the food court in Aberdeen. I love Katsu places, and although saboten isn't the best Katsu place, I still like eating there lol. Do you know if there ate other Katsu places in Metro Vancouver? I really wish they would open up a good Katsu restaurant here soon! I've been to one in the Philippines and it's just so good. It's even unlimited rice and cabbage!!!