~ poping cooking' (???) candy ~

Sunday, February 17, 2013
The other day the bf and I were finally to bum around for a bit and we decided to make this sushi candy...thing. 

Though all the instructions are in Japanese the pictures on the back make it easy enough for anyone to make it.

What you'll basically need.....water lol The box comes with a white container that you mix your powders and water in. Oh and they also provide you with a plastic spatula.

Making the rice part of the sushi!

The salmon! We actually used too much water and it never solidified properly.

Making the roe was the funnest part! 

Drip drip drip!

More! We made so much that I don't think we could have used them all up.

What's going on....


So we thought we were all finished and next thing you know another pack of powder is in my hand

What's this?! Turns out, it was the soy sauce...

I bet you're wondering if it tasted nice. To be honest the taste wasn't bad but it was the texture that really got us! The rice was like..thick..pudding with grainy bits in it and..yeah the texture wasn't nice lol We had more fun making it than eating it. 

I still have one more box left (actually I have two boxes but one went missing lol) maybe I'll make that one with my sister haha But the bf looked like he was having lots of fun even though he denied it every time I asked him.

P.S I'm in the studying mode right now ><
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  1. I've seen this on youtube before and always thought... surely you cant EAT it. It looks like a laboratory experiment rather than cooking! lol

    BTW we only have three bedrooms in our house... and the houses in England aren't as big as in the U.S! I'm so glad the party didn't go wayward and everything remained in an orderly fashion lol I get worried about things like that too when having so many guests around... but it was mostly the BF's relatives so of course they're going to behave themselves haha!

    Hope you get through your school work alright... I'm so glad i don't have to study anymore lol! And I won't have much time to play on Draw Something anymore now anyway because I'm currently glued onto reading The Pillars of the Earth on my iBook.

  2. Doubtful about the taste, but they sure look so kawaii! <3

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  4. Whaat!?? That's edible?!?! They look like they're the fake sushi plastic toys. Then again, a friend of mine who worked at TacoBell said that everything there also came from powder and all you need to do is add water. This includes the beef too. @__@

  5. Ahhh, I love these japanese sweets-maker :) They make so much fun ^^

  6. Lol I'm surprised that you said it doesn't taste that bad because for some reason I had imagined them to taste very strange.
    But they look like so much fun to make!

  7. Hey Sukii :) I know you're really busy with studying but you are my Louis Vuitton expert! I am pretty sure that I will purchase the Neverfull but I can't decide on the pattern. Damier Ebene or Azur? Please help >.< :D :D

    Also this sushi kit looks like so much fun xDD But considering the ingredients..yeah I believe that making it was better than eating it haha :D

  8. Oooh!! I wanted to give this a try but BF said it wouldn't taste gd. You proved him right. Lol. The finish product looks really pretty tho!

  9. Oooh!! I wanted to give this a try but BF said it wouldn't taste gd. You proved him right. Lol. The finish product looks really pretty tho!

  10. You have the cutest dog ever! And I've seen this project many times before but I never get sick of it.

    7% Solution​

  11. this looks so fun to make!! but I'd be a bit hesitant to eat it hahaha

  12. I saw this on Youtube and was addicted to watching videos after videos of it. It is so much fun making. I wouldn't want to eat them though. I would just make them for fun.

  13. i thought they were candy, then you said soy sauce? they look cute tho ^_^ haha

  14. I've seen this before at Youtube!
    I'm a sucker for these kind of
    toys lol. Your dog is super cute,
    love the 'whatsgoingon' expression


  15. Heyy aww thanks so much :) I really appreciate you taking the time to leave the comment. I took the damier ebene because of the thing with rain...Scotland is super rainy :D And I want a bag that I can wear all year round. Buying it was such a great experience ^.^ I just blogged about it.
    At the moment I am just amazed and I can't stop staring at this gorgeous bag!!!
    I am super happy with it!! :) Thanks for your advice! wow I didn't know you had the GM, I took MM because of Uni..I thought it's enough for me to fit my stuff in ;) which LV is your favourite out of the ones you have? Take your time to answer this hahaha ;Dy
    you're adorbale ♥

  16. I've always wanted to try this product out! Looks so fun ^^


  17. Cuuute! It looks real enough to me :)
    Now I want to get it, would be fun to do with my little cousins!