~ daiso vs burts bees - make up wipes ~

Saturday, March 30, 2013
Daiso make up remover wipes VS Burt's Bees make up remover wipes!

When I go to class I don't normally wear makeup and the current makeup remover I use is olive oil. While it's fantastic at removing makeup it can be such a pain and very messy so I started slacking and shopped for these wipes. I bought the Burt's Bees one first then the Daiso one about a week later.

I wore the same about and type of make up for each removal. Tinted moisturizer, concealer beneath my eyes, a translucent top powder and tad of blush. The only difference is that I wore my makeup a bit longer on the day I removed it using the Burt's Bees but I will take that into consideration, it's just that it looks like the Daiso one wiped off more.

Burt's Bees- 10$
 I think the sheets are a decent size, large enough for me to remove the make up I wore. However I wish the sheets were more moist as I found it a tad dry. What ultimately made me look for another wipe is that this stung my cheeks =( While my skin didn't turn red or anything sever like that I had to rinse my face with water right away to stop the stinging sensation.

Daiso : Vitamin C Cleansing Tissue (? unsure if this is the official name for it) 2$

I saw this at Daiso and thought heck I might as well try it and if it sucks I've only waster 2 dollars. I know many people are skeptical about using drugstore/dollar store makeup but I personally don't really mind. This wipe was more moist and it removed the same amount of make up that Burt's Bees did and best of all, it did not sting my face! The size of the sheet is also the same.

In the end I'd have to pick the Daiso one because it didn't sting my face but I would not not recommend the Burt's Bees ones to my friends, especially if they've tried other products from them before. I think I might be allergic to an ingredient in there but then again I can't say for certain.

Recently I've been having the blogging blues I think every blogger goes through, I'm not about to give up blogging just yet or take a break but this might just mean bland posts, especially with my exams coming up next month >< No ideas for anything to blog about yet =X

~ make up - alba, yes to tomatoes, elf, joe fresh ~

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Clearly I'm procrastinating from doing my paper lol These are just some products I tried within the last few weeks/months. I have no idea how those beauty gurus try so many things every month, kudos to them! As usual these are just blurbs of what I think about the products/how they worked on me =)

Alba aloe and green tea moisturizer, I hate a love hate relationship with you. While I find this decently moisturizing it also just sits on top on my skin. It doesn't get absorbed completely and then becomes tight. I ended up using nearly all of it because it's not so terrible I want to trash it but it's not the best either, in the end I almost hit "pan" with it though I really did like the gel like texture verses cream. On the hunt for another nice moisturizer!

The smell of this lotion is horrid!!! It also doesn't get absorbed into my skin and just sits there all stinky and sticky, shame since I really love the facial cleanser =(

Elf blush~ For some odd reason I said I didn't like this blush in this post, which I've now edited.

I love this blush! It's Twinkle Pink by Elf, I keep thinking and calling it Tickled Pink though =S

This blush is what I though NARS Orgasm would look like! I was really disappointed with nars, it didn't show up on my cheeks at all but this blush looks amazing~ It has a gentle touch of shimmer with a lovely peach colour. I guess if I had to pick a bad thing about it is that it has quite a bit of fallout. You can see around the edges of the pan all the fall out it produces when you swipe your brush across but it personally it's not a deal breaker and really worth it for such a nice blush. I'm also pretty sure I wore this the entire month so if you go back to my February iphone photos I'm most likely wearing this blush.

Joe fresh's lipgloss which is really like liquid lipstick at least in this shade! I was hoping to pick up a nice red gloss to layer over my red lipstick but this gloss is so pigmented I wear it on it's own! The shade is Lychee and looks lovely on!

Also I finally found a dupe for my favorite nude/pink nail polish!!! I'll write more on that next time but it's the shade I'm wearing on my nails in these photos.

That is all for now~

~ edible flours ~

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
I pass this bakery on the way to school a lot and was always curious about it. Their website states that they're an all vegan bakery so no eggs, milk, butter, nada! Naturally I was very curious to how their pastries tasted like, the review online wasn't bad either. I thought their bakery name conveyed their message very well. 

Though small the bakery was clean and modern.

The "baking" area was open and there was a little counter with goodies on it.

The cards tell you what ingredients they use as well as the price and name of the pastry.

The doughnuts were so cute! They're "small" probably the size of your palm and baked.

I tried one of the vanilla doughnuts, chocolate chip cookie as well as the zucchini loaf. I was really disappointed though I'm unsure if it's because I had high expectations. First, everything tasted the same with the exceptions of the icing on the doughnut and chips in the cookie. All three fell apart easily and I had a hard time eating them that way. Also the taste wasn't great, it wasn't even okay, I would almost say bad. Though I do feel guilty because I understand it's a vegan product but I'm just disappointed.

If you're curious do give it a try! Lots of other people love this place and I may actually be in the minority =)

I'm currently writing numerous papers etc. and super busy with school >< I'll be replying comments later than usual so bear with me, good news though I'm done 2/3 papers! =D After papers it's a whole three weeks of studying but good news! I finally booked a vacation with my siblings, it's my first time travelling with them alone, hopefully I'll survive, more on that later!

Here's a photo of my dog in place of me lol

~ afternoon tea at fairmont pacific rim ~

Saturday, March 9, 2013
I went to the Fairmont Pacific Rim for afternoon tea a while back! I would have went to Shangri La if I knew their afternoon service was available daily too! The last time I checked they changed it to weekends only =S This hotel is only about a block away from their other Fairmont location so don't get confused >< 

I blogged about this place here before and you can go there to check out my terribly edited photos lol

Afternoon tea is held daily from 2pm-4pm in their lobby lounge and it is 35$/person. When we went they had their pianist there playing some lovely tunes but gosh was it packed! They only had a few waitresses and thus service was slow and it was hard to their attention. It wasn't a problem for my friend and I though since we went with the intention of chatting for hours and neither of us drove so parking wasn't an issue too but I can see it being a problem if you had finished your meal and was trying to get a waitresses attention because your parking is nearly up.

Two tiers of yummy goodness!

I always recommend friends to come here if they want to try something different from the traditional afternoon tea services. Of course there are various places that also take a different twist but this one definitely has a great asian twist.

Every time that I've been here I noticed that the scones come first. I think traditionally savories are eaten first but this is also the only place I know that serve nice hot scones! So I think they serve them first while they are fresh and warm, hot scones make a big difference! I also thought the size of the scones were perfect, many times scones are far too large and I usually don't finish the entire thing. Perhaps other places did have their scones hot but since I was never notified or bothered to touch my scones every time, I just thought they weren't warm.

Asian inspired cutlery. The bright orange plastic chopsticks reminded my friend and I of those noodle/food stands in Hong Kong. I think they're called "dai pai dong" in Cantonese.


Three sandwiches are sushi styled. Miso tofu, tuna tataki and crab and cucumber! I think I enjoyed the crab and cucumber best but the rice tasted a tad strong of vinegar. 

The other three sandwiches are the more classical such as truffled egg salad (divine!), prawn and avocado and the tandoori chicken. I love how each piece was so uniquely different!

The sweets! My favorite is the matcha lychee layer cake! It was delicious, not too sweet and neither flavors were too overwhelming, the balance was on spot, at least in my opinion lol Actually everything on this tier was amazing! The chocolate was rich and macron tasty! Even the tart which is something I usually don't enjoy *picky*

I don't know if I mentioned this before but I'm quite a picky eater. I've loosened up a bit over the years, I even enjoy green onions, peppers and spicy food now but if I order a dish I don't like I have a hard time finishing it and I usually don't. Most of the time that's when the bf takes over and will trade his dish for mine and then I feel guilty -.- I've been googling some fun facts about afternoon tea, since I love it so much I though I ought to learn a bit more about it lol and learned some interesting things! Hopefully I'll get to share them a bit on my next tea post!

~ iphone photos - february 2013 ~

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Finally get to post up my iphone photos! Not much to say right now except schools pretty good and super fun, I pretty much enjoy going to every class! Just not looking forward to the exams, papers I don't mind as much =P Also trying to plan a trip with my siblings and just keeping life in balance =)

Oh and about a week ago I started to have insane headaches! I mean really bad ones, it felt like my head was going to explode from all the throbbing! Needless to say I googled why and I narrowed it down to two reasons 1.) Caffeine withdrawal 2.) Stress. I started to panic and thought about all the pumpkin spice lattes I had consumed for the past few months. I had a lot, probably an average of 3-4 a week and I never drank coffee previously. I also had them early in the morning, maybe around 10 and my headaches started around 11 everyday. Stress was another reason but I actually wasn't too stressed out, or at least I don't think I was. To be honest I think it was a bit of both, most friends and family said it was due to stress. Now I'm trying to keep zen because those headaches were a pain!

Target is taking over Zellers so their entire store was having a huge sale. I wanted to buy this so bad but didn't because 1.) Still expensive after the discount at 40$ 2.) Don't know what I'd do with it.

Heading out!

An adorable Ted Baker diary! 

I downloaded a new photo app named Vintage Deco and played around with it. So far I really love it and it's free too! 

Can someone explain these patone mugs to me? Lol

At Aoyama cafe. My favorite dish from this place was their Shiitake mushroom and salmon pasta but they recently changed their management and it's gone from their menu! Instead they have it but as a omurice, the pasta tasted much better. T_T

Waffles with condensed milk and some almonds for breakfast!

Happy belated chinese new year! I'm starting to dread having to give out red pockets when I'm married =P Bonus points if anyone can guess what manga I was obsessed with at the time, you can probably make it out  though.

Peking duck! My favorite!

Dragon beard candy, one of the few times I don't mind eating peanuts!

Kimchi! Recently I've started to really enjoy kimchi when before I despised it and anything spicy really lol Though I enjoy it now I'm still picky but the kimchi at Kintaro was really good!

Huge vats of broth!

I'm not really a huge ramen fan and I read the soup bases wrong. I wanted to order a light soup but ordered a medium instead. 

Instant noodles and studying! I put a paper over the keyboard of my laptop so soup wouldn't get on it hahaha

Lobster grilled cheese at Joey's! So delicious and I think someone suggested I try it! It tasted even better the next day.

Hotpot! This is the first time I ever put anything else into my dipping sauce which is usually just plain soy sauce. Other people had crazy concoctions as their sauces lol

More instant pasta and studying. I think I'm starting to see a pattern. Opus caementum - ancient concrete.

Harvest moon to de-stress! I love this game so much I want to dedicate an entire post to it lol

So adorable and soooo close to buying one but lil bro reminded me, it's a pretty big bottle.

I was trying to twist my body so I could show off the back of my sweater, it has buttons, adorable!

I settled for the bottle of green tea which tasted really weird.

Matte red nails! My hands are so veiny in that fleshy area under my thumb, I guess the skin there is thin?

I was so disappointed at the mah-lai-goh ><

Went back to Zellers to grab these for myself and a friend, only 6.80$ each! 

Whose gonna eat the banana flavored ones......not me......

Duffy finally made his way to the Disney store here! I really want that mickey plush holding a mini Duffy =P Now if they'll only start selling the same outfits as they do in Tokyo Disney I'd be a happy girl! Though now I can get the xlarge Duffy without having to lug it half way around the world.......

Wrapped a friends gift with note paper, I only had christmas wrapping paper and it was too much of a hassle to take it out to wrap a lipstick anyways.

Sharing a plate with birthday girl at the Keg. 

My friend asked for a pot of hot water and I was wondering why the pot had a hole in it. We contemplated it for a while and brought up things like maybe it's for a tea bag/leaf holder etc lol

So that's it for February  It was a funny but busy month and I think it's just going to get even crazier this month! Hopefully I'll remember to breathe and not stress over silly things like I always do lol Anyways I hope everyone had a lovely February and that March is even better! It's actually already March and I realized that I might be going my trip next month (April) omg time flies by too fast!