~ daiso vs burts bees - make up wipes ~

Saturday, March 30, 2013
Daiso make up remover wipes VS Burt's Bees make up remover wipes!

When I go to class I don't normally wear makeup and the current makeup remover I use is olive oil. While it's fantastic at removing makeup it can be such a pain and very messy so I started slacking and shopped for these wipes. I bought the Burt's Bees one first then the Daiso one about a week later.

I wore the same about and type of make up for each removal. Tinted moisturizer, concealer beneath my eyes, a translucent top powder and tad of blush. The only difference is that I wore my makeup a bit longer on the day I removed it using the Burt's Bees but I will take that into consideration, it's just that it looks like the Daiso one wiped off more.

Burt's Bees- 10$
 I think the sheets are a decent size, large enough for me to remove the make up I wore. However I wish the sheets were more moist as I found it a tad dry. What ultimately made me look for another wipe is that this stung my cheeks =( While my skin didn't turn red or anything sever like that I had to rinse my face with water right away to stop the stinging sensation.

Daiso : Vitamin C Cleansing Tissue (? unsure if this is the official name for it) 2$

I saw this at Daiso and thought heck I might as well try it and if it sucks I've only waster 2 dollars. I know many people are skeptical about using drugstore/dollar store makeup but I personally don't really mind. This wipe was more moist and it removed the same amount of make up that Burt's Bees did and best of all, it did not sting my face! The size of the sheet is also the same.

In the end I'd have to pick the Daiso one because it didn't sting my face but I would not not recommend the Burt's Bees ones to my friends, especially if they've tried other products from them before. I think I might be allergic to an ingredient in there but then again I can't say for certain.

Recently I've been having the blogging blues I think every blogger goes through, I'm not about to give up blogging just yet or take a break but this might just mean bland posts, especially with my exams coming up next month >< No ideas for anything to blog about yet =X
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  1. I haven't heard of Daiso before but I might give it a try.

    I love your posts! Keep on going :) You could possibly post about food or outfits you wearing during the week :)

    Good luck with you exams. !

  2. Daiso has quite a lot of very good products despite the cheap price tag. I wouldn't be surprised if the Daiso wipes work better than the burt's bee.

    Please don't give up blogging! You are one of those bloggers whose posts I frequently follow. I really enjoy reading lifestyle blogs mixed with fashion and beauty instead of just fashion or just beauty per se.

    This phase comes and go. I've been through it about 3 times during my 8 years of blogging. You can take a hiatus and concentrate on your studies. Sometimes I personally feel obliged to blog for my friends and readers but really, ultimately you should do what you are happy and if you really stop blogging, I'm sure readers like us would understand. Please give us a heads up though instead of just disappearing completely without warning coz I would be very sad to see another one of my favourite blogger-friends go.

    I was about to ask you about the discontinuation of blogger/google follower. How would you be managing yours? I think I would be using bloglovin though it's sad that I can't get my favourite reads all at one stop when I log into blogger. That's the only reading list I use to catch up with blogs. Though I have bloglovin and follow some people there to show "support", I hardly log in to it to get to other blogs from the reading list. I noticed something while looking through my list of blogger followers-- I couldn't find you! How could it be possible? I thought we are always having 2 way communication? Or is there a glitch that made me not able to find you?

    Oh yes, did you or will you reveal your real name anywhere on your blog? I tried searching and clicking around to see if you have a profile description with your name but I couldn't find. I thought it would be good to know my blogger friends' (whom I have frequent 2-way comm) names.

    In case you won't be blogging for a while, all the best for your coming exams! I'm sure you would be able to do it.

    Hehe... Thank you, babe.

    Yes, I felt like I should give my mum some credit by making special mention that the dress belongs to her.

    What does this phrase of yours mean?
    "Yes I'm raining things about it to over the internet".

    Hokkien is different from Hakka. Some Taiwanese dramas are originally filmed in Hokkien.

  3. yay! i love daiso products and i agree just because it's a higher end brand/more expensive does not necessarily mean it's a better product!

    OMG i'm going through the same thing.. i've been thinking about stopping blogging all together.. or just maybe just stopping OOTD's? i'm not inspired!! bleh!! and i'm sooo so lazy and not interested UGH!!

    omgosh you're going to disney world? i would have thought you'd be more excited since i KNOW how much you love all things disney.. i'm jealous.. go to universal studios for me i'm DYING and I MEAN dying to go to harry potter world i love all things harry potter hahaha!!!

  4. I hope your blogblues go awaaaay!
    Once again, the cheap products
    wins from the pricier onces c: I
    didn't know olive oil can be a
    makeup removal?


  5. OMG I can't believe Daiso won! But then Japan is always AWESOME despite the low prices sometimes!!! I'm so grabbing one of these when I go there next time!! Thanks for the recommendation :D

    And don't worry Suki, take as long as I break as you want because we will still be here for you!!! Your blog is awesome, and you are amazing. Sending you lots of love. xo Good luck on exams too!

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  7. very interesting post! Daiso's packaging is really cute :)

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  8. Wow. Burts Bee's stung your face? I usually have issues with stinging my eyes but I think stinging the face is more serious. Strange considering that they have more natural ingredients than the average remover.

    I don't have a Daiso in my area, but I'll really have to try to find one on vacation or something.

    7% Solution​

  9. DAISOOOOOO! I miss their candy section : C that's the only thing I bought when I went to Daiso haha X-D

    Blogger blues happen from time to time, especially during exam periods! Concentrate on school right now and once the weather becomes beautiful, I'm sure your creative juices will start flowing again ^___^

  10. I'm surprised! I wouldn't think Daiso's would claim victory over Burt's Bees hahaha. This was really helpful!