~ iphone photos - february 2013 ~

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Finally get to post up my iphone photos! Not much to say right now except schools pretty good and super fun, I pretty much enjoy going to every class! Just not looking forward to the exams, papers I don't mind as much =P Also trying to plan a trip with my siblings and just keeping life in balance =)

Oh and about a week ago I started to have insane headaches! I mean really bad ones, it felt like my head was going to explode from all the throbbing! Needless to say I googled why and I narrowed it down to two reasons 1.) Caffeine withdrawal 2.) Stress. I started to panic and thought about all the pumpkin spice lattes I had consumed for the past few months. I had a lot, probably an average of 3-4 a week and I never drank coffee previously. I also had them early in the morning, maybe around 10 and my headaches started around 11 everyday. Stress was another reason but I actually wasn't too stressed out, or at least I don't think I was. To be honest I think it was a bit of both, most friends and family said it was due to stress. Now I'm trying to keep zen because those headaches were a pain!

Target is taking over Zellers so their entire store was having a huge sale. I wanted to buy this so bad but didn't because 1.) Still expensive after the discount at 40$ 2.) Don't know what I'd do with it.

Heading out!

An adorable Ted Baker diary! 

I downloaded a new photo app named Vintage Deco and played around with it. So far I really love it and it's free too! 

Can someone explain these patone mugs to me? Lol

At Aoyama cafe. My favorite dish from this place was their Shiitake mushroom and salmon pasta but they recently changed their management and it's gone from their menu! Instead they have it but as a omurice, the pasta tasted much better. T_T

Waffles with condensed milk and some almonds for breakfast!

Happy belated chinese new year! I'm starting to dread having to give out red pockets when I'm married =P Bonus points if anyone can guess what manga I was obsessed with at the time, you can probably make it out  though.

Peking duck! My favorite!

Dragon beard candy, one of the few times I don't mind eating peanuts!

Kimchi! Recently I've started to really enjoy kimchi when before I despised it and anything spicy really lol Though I enjoy it now I'm still picky but the kimchi at Kintaro was really good!

Huge vats of broth!

I'm not really a huge ramen fan and I read the soup bases wrong. I wanted to order a light soup but ordered a medium instead. 

Instant noodles and studying! I put a paper over the keyboard of my laptop so soup wouldn't get on it hahaha

Lobster grilled cheese at Joey's! So delicious and I think someone suggested I try it! It tasted even better the next day.

Hotpot! This is the first time I ever put anything else into my dipping sauce which is usually just plain soy sauce. Other people had crazy concoctions as their sauces lol

More instant pasta and studying. I think I'm starting to see a pattern. Opus caementum - ancient concrete.

Harvest moon to de-stress! I love this game so much I want to dedicate an entire post to it lol

So adorable and soooo close to buying one but lil bro reminded me, it's a pretty big bottle.

I was trying to twist my body so I could show off the back of my sweater, it has buttons, adorable!

I settled for the bottle of green tea which tasted really weird.

Matte red nails! My hands are so veiny in that fleshy area under my thumb, I guess the skin there is thin?

I was so disappointed at the mah-lai-goh ><

Went back to Zellers to grab these for myself and a friend, only 6.80$ each! 

Whose gonna eat the banana flavored ones......not me......

Duffy finally made his way to the Disney store here! I really want that mickey plush holding a mini Duffy =P Now if they'll only start selling the same outfits as they do in Tokyo Disney I'd be a happy girl! Though now I can get the xlarge Duffy without having to lug it half way around the world.......

Wrapped a friends gift with note paper, I only had christmas wrapping paper and it was too much of a hassle to take it out to wrap a lipstick anyways.

Sharing a plate with birthday girl at the Keg. 

My friend asked for a pot of hot water and I was wondering why the pot had a hole in it. We contemplated it for a while and brought up things like maybe it's for a tea bag/leaf holder etc lol

So that's it for February  It was a funny but busy month and I think it's just going to get even crazier this month! Hopefully I'll remember to breathe and not stress over silly things like I always do lol Anyways I hope everyone had a lovely February and that March is even better! It's actually already March and I realized that I might be going my trip next month (April) omg time flies by too fast!
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  1. I like looking at random mish mash of photos.

    Caffeine causes headache so do avoid too much coffee in your diet.

    I think I would go dl the vintage deco app too!

  2. I think we would get along so well! A lot of the things you posted are similar to my interests as well :)

    You have no idea how excited I am for Target to open!!! I love your Valentine's makeup. As for the food - I love condensed milk toast (I thought I was the only one) and the dragon's beard candy is one of my favourite things to get when I'm at a an asian plaza :) I enjoy Harvest Moon as well, which one is that? Is that the one for the 3DS? Happy Sunday Suki!

  3. Well overall...we're hungry!

    the ALLAROUNDEVE team

  4. OHHH love this month's iphone photos :)!!

    and actually you know what is interesting a little bit of caffeine actually keeps headaches at bay and can cure a headache.. but TOO much caffeine causes it!!! interesting right?? there's actually a little bit of caffeine excedrin headache medicine :)

    ahh vintage deco is SOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU!!! it's like how you dress hahaha! i don't know how else to explain it :p you look so pretty!

    peking duck is one of my FAVORITE things to eat too!! i like the thin crepes not the thick buns.. it's like too much carbs and a waste of calories i prefer using my carbs for the crispy skin hahaa

    omgosh you would be so obsessed w/ tres leches cake because it actually translates to "3 milks" it's made w/ 3 different types of milks - whole, condensed and evaporated!! i know you like condensed because you're canto haha :p

    omgosh when we meet we have to do afternoon tea at like a super fabulous posh hotel! it would be so awesome :p!!!!

  5. Gyaa I love your food related posts, everything looks so yummy! *___*
    Waiting for the game post, it looks interesting :D

  6. OMMMMGG HARRVEESSTT MOOONNN, which one is that? And is that a white 3DS I see??

  7. :O Duffy! I remember I wanted to get it when I was in LA and then I couldn't find the store again!! mmm Kintarooo :) looks good! haha its funny how you posted instant noodles after ramen haha

    Anyways yep! Looking forward to the topbox... hopefully it's good but their billing system is so strange! You literally pre-pay one month before it comes... :|

  8. Haha Zeller's closing sale isn't even much of sale =_=... the hardly cut their prices down! Mmm... Kintaro is yums! I like their cheese ramen XD
    I love that little cheshire cat tail hanging from your phone!

    And Yesss I am so glad that we are having nice weather here FINALLY =D

  9. It has to be because of caffeine. I used to drink a lot of coffee and when I stopped, I thought my head would explode.:) It stops quickly and if you're fine now I don't think you have anything to worry about. But avoiding stress is always a good thing to do.:) Cool photos, honey, I definitely want to eat like you eat!!:D

  10. I'm here to post my reply and to comment more. I'm not very sure if you check back my replies to you on my posts coz I know not many people do that so I would usually paste my replies as well.

    I was curious about Pantone and went to google about it. I'm not very sure if you wanted to know what Pantone is or what the hype about Pantone mugs is. Pantone is a system for matching colors used in specifying printing inks. The mug you showed there with the digits 1767 is the code for that shade of pink. I guess if it is about hype, anything could be hyped up. Like there is this chocolate series of stationeries whereby the notebook, calculator, card holder, pencil case etc wre in the shape of rubbery chocolate bar and I just dunno why too.

    I really love to eat instant noodles. I don't think I can survive without it. That's like such a convenient comfort food. I love ramen before yesterday. Yesterday I had some Japanese Ramen challenge which was supposed to be good. But it was very oily and salty. I was surprised I could finish the whole bowl coz I don't usually finish a whole bowl of things in oily soup. My tummy hurt like mad after that with nausea and hence I hated ramen since yesterday and wouldn't be eating ramen for quite some time.

    Love the buttons at the back of your sweater and the pink pants that you matched with.

    I could drink the whole bottle of milk tea all by myself. I love milk tea.

    Do you all call it red pockets there? We call them red packets here. Or ang pow (hokkien) and hong bao (chinese).

    My eye doctor is different. Instead of asking me to sleep more. He told me on the very 1st day not to sleep as I needed to drop my eyedrop every hour and if I sleep, I would be missing many hours. Well, as much as I wanted to sleep, he made sense too.

    High 5 to love for all things morbid! I hope you like The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. That's one of my favourite book of poems.

  11. *cries* I didn't get any red envelopes this year. My parents said that my brother and I are too old for them now, especially now that my older sister is married. When I'm married and have to pass out red envelopes, I'm going to find the cutest/prettiest envelopes! I love it when people give me new envelopes rather than reuse old ones. I would keep the envelopes and use them for other purposes, such as a bookmark.

    Oh boy, caffeine headaches! I know all about those. I used to get them last quarter because I was drinking a cup a day and then stopped suddenly. Then the headaches came on and I couldn't think until I drank a cup. Also make sure you get enough sleep and water. You can also be dehydrated since coffee can be dehydrating.

    Lobster grilled cheese sounds fantastic right now. I've never had them but it sounds amazing.

  12. I don't know if you have a regular DS, but a post about your favourite DS/3DS games would be awesome. I have a DS and I'm always looking for new games. P.s. Zellers sales prices are so awful here as well (Ontario), I don't think I would have paid those prices even if they weren't on sale :P

  13. Harvest moon!! I have the one with the robot in it. Used to love it so much but now it's gotten repetitive...

    Btw, I want to make a guess, are you reading black jack?

  14. ZOMG all that food once again has me drooling (even tho I ate less than 30 minutes ago). Hahaha I just bought a dragonbeard candy yesterday and half is still in my bag! It's so sweetttttt but I love the texture : 3 You look so pretty with your valentine's day make-up ~~~~^___^~~~~~ I'm excited for Target to open up : D though it is kinda sad that Zellers was bought out! My mom dressed me in Zellers when I was young! ;___; ah the bad memories hahaha.

  15. sucks about the headaches..I hope you're feeling better!
    Happy Belated CNY! lol I wonder which is the age when we have to start giving red pockets rather than receiving them..
    lol you eat instant noodles directly from the pot?!
    time really does fly by fast..I can't believe we're a few months into the year already =\ have you decided where you're going on your trip??