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Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Clearly I'm procrastinating from doing my paper lol These are just some products I tried within the last few weeks/months. I have no idea how those beauty gurus try so many things every month, kudos to them! As usual these are just blurbs of what I think about the products/how they worked on me =)

Alba aloe and green tea moisturizer, I hate a love hate relationship with you. While I find this decently moisturizing it also just sits on top on my skin. It doesn't get absorbed completely and then becomes tight. I ended up using nearly all of it because it's not so terrible I want to trash it but it's not the best either, in the end I almost hit "pan" with it though I really did like the gel like texture verses cream. On the hunt for another nice moisturizer!

The smell of this lotion is horrid!!! It also doesn't get absorbed into my skin and just sits there all stinky and sticky, shame since I really love the facial cleanser =(

Elf blush~ For some odd reason I said I didn't like this blush in this post, which I've now edited.

I love this blush! It's Twinkle Pink by Elf, I keep thinking and calling it Tickled Pink though =S

This blush is what I though NARS Orgasm would look like! I was really disappointed with nars, it didn't show up on my cheeks at all but this blush looks amazing~ It has a gentle touch of shimmer with a lovely peach colour. I guess if I had to pick a bad thing about it is that it has quite a bit of fallout. You can see around the edges of the pan all the fall out it produces when you swipe your brush across but it personally it's not a deal breaker and really worth it for such a nice blush. I'm also pretty sure I wore this the entire month so if you go back to my February iphone photos I'm most likely wearing this blush.

Joe fresh's lipgloss which is really like liquid lipstick at least in this shade! I was hoping to pick up a nice red gloss to layer over my red lipstick but this gloss is so pigmented I wear it on it's own! The shade is Lychee and looks lovely on!

Also I finally found a dupe for my favorite nude/pink nail polish!!! I'll write more on that next time but it's the shade I'm wearing on my nails in these photos.

That is all for now~
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  1. Hi Suki
    How are you doing :)?
    With the arrival of Spring, it is time to buy and try out new make-up, right ^^?

    Regarding the tights, I asked for the cheapest shipping rate - I paid about 980 YEN, which is about 10 USD.

  2. ohhh weird i didn't even know the yes to made a tomato line!! i love their blueberry line i haven't tried anything from the tomato line because i think it's weird to use veggie things as beauty products hahaha is that weird.. i just always equate beauty products w/ floral or fruity smells.

    i love the elf blush too!!! i use to only use chanel blush but i actually find that the elf blush has quite good color payoff!

    ohhh the joe lipgloss looks so pretty and it does looks like a glossy lipstick! the colors looks so pretty on you :p

    ohh yeah i know i want a leather legging too w/ a thin strip!!! i know what you mean whenever i see them it's always a really thick strip of leather on the side.. not a fan of the thick strip either.

    ohhh no! sad but atleast you get to go on a trip! but i know what you mean i want a bag.. sometimes over a trip HAHA. where is the graduation though?? is it somewhere fun?

  3. I never knew joe fresh has lip glosses before! So interesting!

    new blogger ...show some<3 brokeanddbeautiful.blogspot.ca

  4. Hello dear :) nice blog and cute post! amazing lip glosses, now follow you on GFC and Bloglovin with pleasure, if you will go with me, I'd love to know what you think of my post ;)


    Kiss Tea.

  5. Ooh, the blush sounds awesome! I haven't tried any ELF products yet, but it seems like I must, since they are so affordable anyway~

    And that Joe lipgloss looks really pretty on you - it's so pigmented too. I'm definitely on the hunt for some pigmented lipglosses ^^

  6. Tomato line?!?!? Very nice!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other???

  7. I love ELF Blushes too! They're affordable and lovely!

    7% Solution​

  8. Hi Suki! I love how you look like in your photo! you look so pretty!! your liquid lipstick sounds interesting, does it work like a lipstain? :)

  9. Nice products! and you look beautiful! We only have 'yes to ...' at Sephora, but Sephora will leave our country this summer! so stupid! XD
    REply: the coconut water was ok, not comparable with the fresh one. I used to drink it in Vietnam. Here in Holland we also have 'fresh' coconut water, but since it's not a tropical country, fresh is not real fresh anymore hahaha! The weather here is sooo windy and super cold, but heard it will be better upcoming week! can't wait for wearing summerclothes etc hahah! xx

  10. you're so gorgeous! awesome post too dear! :)

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  11. Does the "Yes to tomatoes" smell like tomatoes?

    You look good with red lips. So glossy. I don't look good in red lipstick at all. I would look like bees stung my lips and have to be hospitalised. I never could understand how the term "bee stung lips" could be used so positively to dsecribe sexy pout.

    Probably all Jap eateries use the same kinda bowls and trays. They are always black and red, aren’t they? Hmm you seem to get tummy discomfort like I do. Probably coz shabu shabu is usually free flow and hence overeating? I’m craving for beef in sukiyaki soup now.
    I think Cantonese is beautiful. Singapore Hokkien sounds very coarse. Taiwanese Hokkien is beautiful though and I think the tone sounds like Cantonese.

  12. I gotta give the ELF blush a try! Nars Orgasm was disappointing for me too. It just looked dirty on me. Lol. Your hair is so long! Red lips look great on you :)