~ disney world & disney cruise 2013~

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Disney World & Disney Cruise 

I'll be heading off for a vacation with my siblings! 9 days at Walt Disney World followed with a 5 day Disney Cruise! I'm so excited about the cruise as I've never been and always wanted to go and I know Disney World has undergone some expansions since I've been there last so I'm really happy there will be new stuff! This trip was suppose to be for my brothers high school graduation but my sis and I both got roped into going. Originally we had planned to go to Tokyo but I really didn't feel like being a tour guide so we decided to have a Disney vacation instead. There was also no way my mom would let me take them to any new or exotic places, trust me, I pleaded for Peru or Turkey even Italy but she wouldn't budge. ='(

Disney will send you luggage tags along with your booklet of vouchers before your departure. The Disney cruise line sent us a little booklet with useful information about the cruise and the contract we need to sign.

 When I get back I want to do a more informative trip report than my usual vacation posts and not spam my blog with Disney posts after Disney posts lol I'll have more details when I get back! If anyone's interested we're staying at Port Orleans Riverside and our ship is the Dream =) Though I really enjoyed the previous resort we stayed at I wanted to change it up so it felt more different for me =P

P.S April iphotos beneath this post!

~ iphone photos april 2013 ~

April was full of studying for me! But luckily I was till able to squeeze some quality downtime! 

Bought the most adorable umbrella! I think it might be still available at the outlet, Kate Spade =)

I had the biggest craving for Korean food and finally got some in Richmond. 

Decided to buy a mini pack of the chocolate truffle mask, I really enjoyed the macaron one and am planning on buying another pack.

I was a sucker for this thanks to the packaging but ultimately returned it because it created too much of a white cast on my skin. 

Nom nom nom~

Had the biggest craving for kimchi (my crazy korean food phase, normally I'm not even a big fan!) I didn't like this brand though, it tasted soooo artificial and full of preservatives! The only way I can eat it is if I boil it up first =S

Study study study!

Ugh, this dress is soooo gorgeous but coming in at about 650$ there's no way I can justify it! It's from Anna Sui if anyone is interested and can bite the bullet =D

Finally got my Liz Lisa lucky pack! There wasn't much I liked in it but this is one of my favorite pieces, it looks adorable when ironed properly (which it is now lol)

Iced caramel macchiato after my last exam, it tasted perfect too!

Balancing it in my bag on the bus lol

Going to the land of Disney for 13 days!!!!

That is all for April! I'm doing this a few days early since I don't actually know how long I'll be without internet for. Can you believe Disney doesn't have complimentary internet??? I know they do in some places such as hotel lobbies but to get access to it from your room you need to buy it =( I refuse!!! Spending so much monies already ><

Anyways hopefully I'll get to catch up with you all soon! (I'm waiting to board my plane now)

~ pedicure at chi spa at shangri la ~

Sunday, April 14, 2013
I had been looking forward to my pedicure at Chi spa at the Shangri-La with my friend but I can say I was quite disappointed. We both arrived early and was lead into the lobby area to wait. It was quite nice with two small plush couches and an area displaying goodies that they sold. 

The product displays, there was no one "guarding" it so you can browse the products at your leisure.


After a bit of waiting our two nail technicians came, introduced themselves and escorted us into our room. The room was divided by a sliding wall but it was opened up for my friend and I which didn't matter too much because we couldn't see each other anyways. 

Soon after being settled into our seats my friend was offered tea by her technician, my friend chose a chamomile tea, my technician then asked if I would like tea as well, I replied yes, but she poured me the same tea that my friend chose. I didn't like chamomile but didn't bother speaking up I just expected more personal service at this spa.

There was a large range of OPI colours to choose from but most of it seemed to be reds and pinks or warmer shades. I can't remember the name of the polish I chose but it was a bright red. 

The tray of tools they each had. Actually she burned me with that gun looking thing at the top right hand side of the tray, I think it was to do some serious exfoliation but she nipped me on the back of my big toe at the joint area, ouch~

My nail technician gave me the best foot and calf massage ever! I just sat there in pure bliss, it was amazing! However my friend didn't get a massage at all! I assume it was because the nail technician was short on time (the pedicure is for 45mins) according to my friend she just touched her legs and feet and went onto painting her toes. For an 85$ pedicure I would expect at least a good leg massage, luckily we weren't paying full price for it or else I'd be devastated for my friend! The technicians didn't know we had vouchers either so it's not like they were doing a poor job because of that.

After our pedicure they helped us into disposable flip flops since neither brought any and they lead us back out into the lobby. My friend was offered dried fruits first then me. Honestly it felt like she only offered it because the other technician did which makes me recall the tea event above. Also it was in the lobby lounge that I noticed my toes were painted unevenly left with "holes/darker spots", I noticed this even in the lim light and my friend's polish was the same.

The nice water wall you first see when you exit the elevator to the spa, if I remember correctly the spa is to your right.

When we went to pay and handed over our vouches (which only had the amount and valid dates on it) we were told they did not apply to pedicures/manicures and that the information was posted all over the hotel. So I told her that 1.) I was never informed that when I received the vouches, both times I was dining at the hotel 2.) There is nothing on the voucher about these rules! At first the she didn't look like she wanted to help but did apply the voucher in the end. She was still sweet about it and I thanked her for helping us out.

Overall I did not thoroughly enjoy my experience at the spa. I did not feel welcome and also felt that the smiles and attitudes were fairly fake. I am really disappointed as I've gotten better pedicures at less than half the price! 

~ iphone photos - march 2013 ~

Saturday, April 6, 2013
March was a somewhat uneventful month for me as all my papers were due then! But I still manged to go out for a few dates with friends. Wah... I wish I have more to say but I don't and thinking about it April is going to be a super hectic month for me too! Finals, vacation, vain and unnecessary things like getting my hair dyed, nails done etc. Just looking at my calender makes me cringe sometimes, oh wells! That's life!

My dad bought a cat ball for my dog....do cats play with these types of toys? It was big and heavy!

Strawberries, noms! Recently my mum has been buying lots of berries and papayas, my favorite! I usually don't buy the latter because they're more pricey hehehe

Lunch at Joe Fortes, the interior is stunning~

Lobster soup as my appetizer, it was alright but nothing special. I was going to have a salad for my entree but wanted something warm so I ordered half a order of the soup.

Seafood Ceasar salad. I was surprised by how much seafood there was! Clams, mussels, salmon and prawn on the little plate up top! However I was really disappointed in the ceasar dressing as it was a tad too sour for my liking.

My favorite from the Boss, sigh I wish I knew when they were going to serve this!

Adorable lamb plushies from Superstores.

This is how Easy Bake ovens look like now! What?! It doesn't even look like an oven. I remember I finally got one when I was an older kid but my bulb never baked anything correctly T_T

So cute!

Some desserts at a buffet, there was also some ice cream. Omg the egg pudding was divine! I was shocked at how good it was!

The entrance of the buffet.....umm..I dunno did this place used to be rain forest themed or something? lol Anyways it was interesting and I like it =P I believe this is the buffet on Kingsway called Grand Buffet . Honestly the food wasn't too bad and it was really cheap too! I think it was only 13$ or 15$ per person for dinner.

Dessert at dim sum. This came about 3secs after it was ordered! Definitely not fresh and it didn't taste good at all. I took one for the team and tried the first large spoonful and I wanted to spit it back out. Other than that though the rest of the food was yummy especially their sui mai! Sui mai with actual pork and not just shrimp!

More berries~

Soda's barkbox came in! This mouse felt toy was so adorable! It's actually lasting pretty long....

Another toy from the box, I don't even know where this one went already.

Adorable mushroom stool from Walmart! Ugh so cute, if there was red I'd buy it!

Left overs for breakfast! My sister cooked it, thanks sis! (less pepper on the salmon next time please)

I want to say thank you for all the supporting comments about my blogging blues! I hope they will be over soon! I don't plan on stopping my blog or blogging but things might be a bit slow though I think they're slow already I mean I only blog once a week hahaha