~ disney world & disney cruise 2013~

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Disney World & Disney Cruise 

I'll be heading off for a vacation with my siblings! 9 days at Walt Disney World followed with a 5 day Disney Cruise! I'm so excited about the cruise as I've never been and always wanted to go and I know Disney World has undergone some expansions since I've been there last so I'm really happy there will be new stuff! This trip was suppose to be for my brothers high school graduation but my sis and I both got roped into going. Originally we had planned to go to Tokyo but I really didn't feel like being a tour guide so we decided to have a Disney vacation instead. There was also no way my mom would let me take them to any new or exotic places, trust me, I pleaded for Peru or Turkey even Italy but she wouldn't budge. ='(

Disney will send you luggage tags along with your booklet of vouchers before your departure. The Disney cruise line sent us a little booklet with useful information about the cruise and the contract we need to sign.

 When I get back I want to do a more informative trip report than my usual vacation posts and not spam my blog with Disney posts after Disney posts lol I'll have more details when I get back! If anyone's interested we're staying at Port Orleans Riverside and our ship is the Dream =) Though I really enjoyed the previous resort we stayed at I wanted to change it up so it felt more different for me =P

P.S April iphotos beneath this post!
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  1. That's really lovely to be going on a Disney World and cruise with your siblings. Disney should be really safe. I've once wanted to work on a Disney cruise ship but I was unable to fork out a few months break from routine work. I guess it must be really fun working in an environment that provides good clean fun for people. Enjoy your trip! So exciting!!!

  2. jsksjskjskjs *_* A Disney cruise????? Sounds like heaven! You're so lucky, I can't wait to visit Disney World one day <3


  3. I'v never been on a cruise before - it sounds really, really fun!

    Hope you have a really great time with your family, and I'm looking forward to heaps of cute Disney related photos ^^

  4. PS I just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, check it out hon :)


  5. Have fun!! I can't wait to see your pictures!

  6. ♥ Aw Disney land!! well it's up to you but I can never get enough of travel pictures, especially if its disney :p Looking forward to your next post ♥