~ pedicure at chi spa at shangri la ~

Sunday, April 14, 2013
I had been looking forward to my pedicure at Chi spa at the Shangri-La with my friend but I can say I was quite disappointed. We both arrived early and was lead into the lobby area to wait. It was quite nice with two small plush couches and an area displaying goodies that they sold. 

The product displays, there was no one "guarding" it so you can browse the products at your leisure.


After a bit of waiting our two nail technicians came, introduced themselves and escorted us into our room. The room was divided by a sliding wall but it was opened up for my friend and I which didn't matter too much because we couldn't see each other anyways. 

Soon after being settled into our seats my friend was offered tea by her technician, my friend chose a chamomile tea, my technician then asked if I would like tea as well, I replied yes, but she poured me the same tea that my friend chose. I didn't like chamomile but didn't bother speaking up I just expected more personal service at this spa.

There was a large range of OPI colours to choose from but most of it seemed to be reds and pinks or warmer shades. I can't remember the name of the polish I chose but it was a bright red. 

The tray of tools they each had. Actually she burned me with that gun looking thing at the top right hand side of the tray, I think it was to do some serious exfoliation but she nipped me on the back of my big toe at the joint area, ouch~

My nail technician gave me the best foot and calf massage ever! I just sat there in pure bliss, it was amazing! However my friend didn't get a massage at all! I assume it was because the nail technician was short on time (the pedicure is for 45mins) according to my friend she just touched her legs and feet and went onto painting her toes. For an 85$ pedicure I would expect at least a good leg massage, luckily we weren't paying full price for it or else I'd be devastated for my friend! The technicians didn't know we had vouchers either so it's not like they were doing a poor job because of that.

After our pedicure they helped us into disposable flip flops since neither brought any and they lead us back out into the lobby. My friend was offered dried fruits first then me. Honestly it felt like she only offered it because the other technician did which makes me recall the tea event above. Also it was in the lobby lounge that I noticed my toes were painted unevenly left with "holes/darker spots", I noticed this even in the lim light and my friend's polish was the same.

The nice water wall you first see when you exit the elevator to the spa, if I remember correctly the spa is to your right.

When we went to pay and handed over our vouches (which only had the amount and valid dates on it) we were told they did not apply to pedicures/manicures and that the information was posted all over the hotel. So I told her that 1.) I was never informed that when I received the vouches, both times I was dining at the hotel 2.) There is nothing on the voucher about these rules! At first the she didn't look like she wanted to help but did apply the voucher in the end. She was still sweet about it and I thanked her for helping us out.

Overall I did not thoroughly enjoy my experience at the spa. I did not feel welcome and also felt that the smiles and attitudes were fairly fake. I am really disappointed as I've gotten better pedicures at less than half the price! 
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  1. Whoa. For $85, I would have smokes coming out of my ears with the service and quality you've just mentioned. Good thing you didn't have to pay full price! Was there signs posted everywhere about vouchers not applicable to pedicures/manicures?

  2. I feel a little angry for you reading this. To me, service is everything. And for the price you've paid, I feel that you and your friend deserve a lot more. It might also be a one-ff thing whereby both nail technicians are new and are learning on the job. However, smiles and genuine attitude to serve need not be taught if it comes from the heart.

    Me too. I wasn’t on FB as early as the rest but I missed out some discussions of meetings and gatherings many years ago when I wasn’t on FB yet. I was adamant in not joining it at first as I survived very well without Friendster back then. Not sure if you have Friendster there as well. I’m always late in all social media stuff coz it took me some time to observe and see if I really like them before jumping on the bandwagon.

    I’m not very sure how to check the followers for bloglovin. I remember somebody telling me it won’t be displayed who is following you and you would know whom you follow only when you see posts and updates from that person. That isn’t exactly a very comprehensive way of consolidating all our favourite websites. I wished they had a website whereby all the sites we follow would be neatly categorised according to the way we want it eg blogger friends’ blogs, fashion blogs, beauty blogs lifestyle blogs, food blogs, intellectual blogs etc. That way, we can just click on whichever category we want depending on our mood.

    And why, hello Samantha! Do people call you Sam? I usually call my friend with the same name “Sam”.

  3. Aw what a shame. Thats one thing I hate about these voucher offers. If they don't make a good impression how do they expect you to return eh? At least you have tried it on an offer and know never to return again! lol

  4. That is pretty pricey! I'm glad she gave you the discount in the end.


  5. Bleh. I find that many places that charge tons dont live up to the standards.
    I remember one time I treated my parents to a spa massage and when I went up to pay, I asked if the tips were already included in the total and the lady said no. Later on I found out that the tips were already included, so I ended up tipping on top of the tips! And it wasn't a small amount so I was pretty mad... too bad I was so stupid and I didn't check until I got home lol. I'm never returning to that spa again.

  6. would've expected more from Shangrila. I hear spa utopia is amazing though!