~ afternoon tea at the shangri la ~

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
I went to this tea back in April at the Shangri La Hotel. I could have sworn that they changed their afternoon tea to only weekends but I guess they changed it back to daily or maybe I remembered wrong. Anyways I was really happy to hear they have it regularly now since I really enjoy tea there.

~ our tier ~
Truth be told I get disappointed when the sweets tier is loaded with pastries just because there is so much bread on the other tires already >< I usually look forward to the usual macaron or cake there but alas nothing this time.

Our sandwiches are the usual  ham, egg and cucumber.

I can't actually remember the name of these but I know that the red cup thing was a looked better than it tasted. I quite enjoyed the tart and the madeline was alright. I was sad to see no macaron =(

No photos of the scones but I think there was plain and the other was raisin. I hardly ever finish my scone as I find it way too filling. I also like to only eat the top part of the scone =P

The clotted cream and fruit preserves. Yum clotted cream!

They gave us this complimentary blueberry sorbet because one of our sweets came late. It was actually a chocolate piece and was quite good but I forgot to take a photo of it. I enjoyed the sorbet and small touches like this always makes a lasting impression.

I also wanted to note that the service there was a bit slow since it was only one waitress serving the entire lounge. Now the lounge is not very large but she could have probably used another hand however despite being how busy it was she was very sweet. Also when my friend and I were close to finishing our meal there was a girl who starting to sing and play the piano which was not a big deal except she was so loud I could hardly hear my friend across the small table.

I admit I was a bit disappointed in this afternoon tea I will still be back since they change their menus so often and hopefully next time I'll make sure to read the menu beforehand. This makes me want to have afternoon tea again! Hopefully the weather will be better and I'll have a chance to go soon!
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  1. It does seem a little silly not to have cake or other sweets on the top, that's definitely too much bread for one meal!
    But I'm craving something sweet now :)

  2. ooo high tea post!!! the breads look huge

  3. You make me wanna have afternoon tea now. Oh I seldom finish my scones too. I find scones too dry for my liking on most occasions. There are only so few places with good scones around when they have good scones, it is usually coz the jam and cream are good.

    You know those desserts in mini cups like what you had. They always look good in photos but never taste good in real life. Why?

    I don't like places that have loud music such that I can't hear my friends. The whole idea of a meet up is to catch up with friends.

    I'm really really hungry now and I should stop looking at your food photos.


    Hahaha… I’m just teasing you with your “new” name. At least, it’s new to me that I could call you Suki.

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your feedback that sometimes I don’t even know how to start replying. You are always so sweet and I like how you really put in the effort to craft your words for your other blogger friends too.

    Oh my, the wanderlust is biting me. But I’ve got no time to travel with work and other commitments. Hubby and I really hope to go on a trip soon.

  4. Aw, it's always such a disappointment when you go back to someplace you love and they no longer live up to your expectations! I find the same with the breads - I don't mind them, but the fun of high tea is the variety of things, some new and some standard to make it more enjoyable!

  5. ahh looks good but i admit i feel like with a hotel brand like shangri la i would expect a lot more i would think the afternoon tea would be much more decadent! that is the most "bready" high tea platter i've ever seen! even the scones look very extra large hahaha

    ohh that sad that hotel service is not very good!! next time try calling front desk they are usually very prompt and fast... sometimes i think the maid stuff they might not speak english or read it very well. or they might not have seen the note itself!!

    hahaha your comment about the duck.. sad thing is i LOVE duck too.. peking duck is like one of my top 10 favorite meals ever hahahaha!!

    omgosh so funny guys are so lucky.. if i were to use a body lotion on my face i would immediately break out! my husband does that too i'm always so amazed how he can use body lotion on his face.. and his skin is clearer them mine! UGH!!!

  6. It does look very pretty, too bad the taste isn't great. >< Me too! I love the top half of scones because it's a little more crunchy. :P & clotted cream and jam makes it so much better. ^_*

    I really want to have afternoon tea again after the last time I went..which was ages ago. >.<

  7. Nice photos, but they shoulde to have a good taste too!
    Hope your nect tea time will be better :)


  8. I'd have food coma after eating all that! It looks very delicious.

  9. I agree afternoon teas should always include a couple macarons at least..
    I've still yet to try the afternoon tea at the Shangri La here!

  10. Too bad you are dissapointed but I'm not
    blaming you, too much rolls to my liking.
    Where are the chocolates and macarons? :P
    And bad service and bad timing is a no-go
    either, even they try to make it up with
    a sorbet.