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Wednesday, May 29, 2013
One of the newest restaurants, Be Our Guest, is located in the Magic Kingdom in Fantasy land which is still going through renovations and construction, it wasn't fully opened when we got there but I'm still happy to have been able to see some of the new areas! This is the first thing we officially did on the first day ~ I always like to go to Magic Kingdom first to ease into the rest of the parks, mostly because this is the one replicated throughout the world.

Also as mentioned before I wanted this post to be more informative than my previous Disney world posts so it might become a bit wordy =)

There was about a 20min before we actually got in to order. The wait went by fast though and before we knew it we were ordering out food!

Finally into the castle.

Loving the decor!

The suits of armor were all different.

When you finally get to the ordering stations they give you this plastic rose. It's got some sort of gps function as it well help your server locate you when you settle down at a table.

Into the ordering room filled with kiosk and many cast members to help you out though it's pretty self explanatory.

 dee dee dum~

Since I was on the dining plan all I had to do was tap my room card/key to the world card onto the mickey when it glowed green, I enter my pin number and was good to go!
You get your printed receipt then head over to the actual dining rooms.

The largest room was the ballroom. There was also the "left wing" which replicated the dark and mysterious area of which Belle wasn't suppose to do into. We wanted to sit in the left wing but it was actually fairly small and already full so settled in the ballroom. The other room was the rose gallery which also had a large statue of Belle and the Beast.

Duffy waiting patiently for our food. If you look at the top right hand corner you can see the serving tables that they use to bring your food to your table.

The gorgeous ceiling that really does replicate the one in the movie! It didn't move though so I was a wee disappointed  come on Disney!

I got the braised pork and passion fruit cream puff! The braised pork dish was delicious! I was pleasantly surprised since this is only a counter service restaurant so expected the food to be not that great.

My sister had the tuna nicoise salad which was alright. The dressing was too sour for my taste but she enjoyed it =)

Enjoying my first meal at the kingdom! I highly recommend this restaurant as the food is good and atmosphere is fun! They also serve dinner which is when they actually transform the restaurant to a sit down type but when I wanted to make reservations it was already fully booked until August! Madness! They also only open the rose gallery at lunch =)

I also want to take some time to explain what I meant by the Disney dining plan.

Basically it's a plan which can be added to your resort package when you book with Disney. There are various plans to choose from which will determine how many meals you receive and of course the price. I believe there are a total of four plans, the most expensive is the premium with three sit down meals a day with champagne. This time I picked the regular dining plan which I believe Disney refers to as just dining plan. It includes one counter service meal and one sit down meal a day as well as a snack. Personally I think this is good enough for the average person. 

The last time I went to Disney World I booked the deluxe dining plan which included three sit down meals a day as well as two snacks per day. This was honestly a LOT of food! I hardly ever used snack points as I never got hungry throughout the day since there were so many meals. However this did allow me to try a lot of restaurants without worrying about the price of my meals.

That was one advantage of the dining plans. Personally you might have to sit down and do some serious calculations to see if it is worth your money but personally I'd get it if there is some sort of discount as not having to worry about paying for meals is worth it for me. The only thing not included is gratuity. If you do decide to add the dining plan on remember that it is applied to the entire length of your stay including arrival and departure days.

Now how it works is that the meals are in form of points. For example I stayed for 9 days which was 9 counter service points and 9 sit down restaurant points along with 9 snack points. Each time I ate at a counter service I would just beep my card and it would subtract one point from my total 9. Also all your room keys are connected and thus all members of your party staying in the same room are pooled together. This makes it easier when you're paying so that only one person needs to "beep" their card. Also each time you eat or redeem a snack you will receive a receipt stating how many points you just used and how many are left.

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  1. oh wow teh brauty and the beast room! so beautiful!
    i can't wait to go back to disney land, i haven't been since elementary school days. decades ago! lots have changed that i have missed.

    Thanks for explaining the dining plan, i never knew about those. Helpful info!

  2. Hello my princess
    Uaah, that looks so gorgeous and delicious ^^
    I'm still dreaming of Disney Land - my friend is in Paris now *envy* xD

  3. WOW, this is so awesome!!!! =) I would love to dine here!

  4. OMG BEAUTY & THE BEAST IS ONE OF MY FAVVVVV DISNEY MOVIES AND I WOULD LOOOOVEEE TO GO DINE AT THE BE MY GUEST RESTAURANT ONE DAY TOO! Thanks for writing about this and letting me feel the magic through your post haha! : )

    Ps: you look pretttttyyyy!

  5. wow so cool! I love the ceiling, and what you ordered looks sooooo good. & I like their ordering system!

  6. Thank you for the crystal clear explanation. I've only been to HK Disneyland and really, that is nothing to shout about. I'm very sure the knowledge of how the points work would come in very handy if I visit the bigger Disneylands in future.

    I wished the ceiling move too. It would have been a marvellous sight!

  7. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ! So jealous ! >.< I would love to visit there sometime with my boyfriend too ^-^

  8. been here after a long time.. but you have not changed a bit...same excellent choice of pics and snaps and food and all suki pooki :)

  9. OHHHHHHHHHHHMYGOD. I WANT TO EAT HERE. it looks just like beauty and the beast!! although i know what you mean i would have expected the ceiling to move too hahah like in the movie.. i mean come on they came make pumpkins in the shape of micky's face they can make the ceiling like a hologram at least of a giant plasma screen.. all they would need to do is like project the image of it changing on top the ceiling. DUH disney. hahahahaha

    wait so about the point system.. everytime you sit down for one meal it subtracts a point? is it one meal would be minus 1 point?? so if i the hubs and i were eating and we both ordered an entree it's minus 2 points per room card?? also what if you like to order multiple sides like i do? HAHA.

    i'm so sorry to hear you got food posioning!! that's the worst.. i'm so sorry make sure you're hydrating a lot!!! you don't want to compound the situation by becoming dehydrated.. ugh i'm sorry you got your period at the same time hahahah seriously WORST.TIMING.EVER hahaha.

    oh haha no my hubby isn't taking my OOTD photos! i'm doing it myself with self timing and a camera tripod.. my hubby can't take photos for his life -___- hahahaha.