~ iphone photos - june 2013 ~

Monday, July 8, 2013
June was over in a flash! It started off quick relaxed but soon sped up at the end of the month since I had a proposal due lol Now it's calmed down a bit but I have a poster project, I haven't done those in forever! I even had to go out to buy construction paper and a glue stick -.- Anyways I hope everyone had a good June!

Gorgeous views of Vancouver

I feel like this small part looks like something out of Europe!

Strawberry and banana smoothie my sissy made me! It was pretty delicious but maybe a little less honey next time lol

I actually do call my sister sissy in real life but not in a mean way, in fact she loves the nicknames I have for her LOL 

My happy happy doggy~

Had afternoon tea here at the suggestion of a friend (also afternoon tea lover) hopefully I can blog about this soon!

I've been frequenting a small cafe in my neighborhood recently and they do latte art!

Some not very good cabonara =S Tasting I was eating pizza in pasta form...

Finally ordered a refill! I desperately needed this ><. My polish was starting to get super goopey!

Crab cake! Yums! Actually....we only ordered this because my sister loves it hahaha once she sees "crab cake" on a menu she almost always ends up getting it. I have a relationship like that too but with mussels in white wine sauce.

Sashimi! Geoduck is soooo good. I remember when I was younger my mom would buy them and slice them herself at home but not they're so expensive and more worth it to have at ayce sushi places. I didn't get too much sashimi that day since I just had food poisoning not too long ago.

Father day's cake, we actually was suppose to be celebrating my mums bday too and she said next time she wants a plaque too LOL 

Went back to the tea place for a lychee cupcake and an early grey latte, the cupcake was very yummy!

Duffy's new outfit! I've been stalking this outfit for weeks on the website and was going to order but luckily it came into our store!

I think this was black soy bean drink....I think it tasted like sesame though =S

My hot chocolate which was very creamy and rich =)

Finally tried Menchies! I got more excited at the toppings lol

I think this is the twist- chocolate and vanilla, some of those liquid ball things, mochi, chocolate chips and snickers? It was good, the waffle was free since it was waffle Wednesday. It tasted like cinnamon apple! Even though I didn't care too much for it I ended up munching on it and ended up eating it -.-

I used to never like these type of nude nails but it's growing on me recently! I still prefer a more opaque finish but so far so good, I think it looks nice, clean and polished =)

I know I'm going to be super busy at the end of the month again since my paper is due next month but luckily I've got some posts lined up =P The weather has been super gorgeous lately and I hope it stays this way for the rest of the summer! Love it!
7 comments on "~ iphone photos - june 2013 ~"
  1. Guuurrrl, you look good with side-swept bangs! I love them when I had mine...and then they grew out and I was too chicken to trim them myself. Haha, good hair is definitely a justifiable reason for pictures. And as always, I love looking at your food pictures.

  2. I can never get my bangs to go to the side like yours do, mine will never stay put! love the hair babes, more wedding pics!
    so much yummy food, i know when you have a new post, i will always get hungry hahaha

  3. Yay, I love your monthly photo sessions ^^
    They are always full of delicious-looking food and sweets *har har* xD

    awww Soda, cute as alwas! *__*

  4. Lovely food & drinks in here ~ also great selfies, love your hair and your nails as well ~~

  5. Your hair does look good :) And oh the food looks amazing! I love how the cafe does latte art. :P

  6. Jealous! I've never been to a wedding. Only to a Turkish engagement party but while her dresses were really pretty and the ceremony pretty interesting the party itself was very boring and looking like no one paid attention to making it look nice. And everyone sticked together and didn't mingle :(
    It was a bit weird...

  7. I LOVE your hair in the first photo!! ANd it's nice seeing you with side bangs too :D Haha I never had that swiggly thing beside the salmon. Makes me curious now since you said it tastes good. o_o

    I love how nude nails are so simple, and give you a clean classy look :D Can't go wrong with nude nails ever!