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Monday, July 15, 2013
You've probably noticed the change in my layout, I hope. Truth be told I was tired of my layout for a while now but never had the guts to actually change it because I wouldn't know how to make it look the way it did. lol Luckily everything turned out well. I know lots of bloggers have been going for the minimalist look recently but personally, I just felt that my older blog post was too cluttered, no longer reflect myself and how I wanted to portray my blog. I feel that my new layout is a tad bare but for now it will suffice =)

Anywho, recently the bf and I took a day trip down to Seattle, mainly to visit the Woodland Park Zoo. We actually wanted to go the previous year but never actually made it because we missed the turn into the zoo, the sign is small! So keep your eyes peeled for a small brown sign with "zoo" on it.

And of course I managed to forget to take a photo of the entrance, guess we got too excited lol

The first -awkward- photo of the day.

Cute sea otters, I loved it when they swam upside down like this.

Moose? No....Caribou?....can't remember but it was huge!!!

I actually like the way these blurry shots came out...

...though I can also see how they'd make you dizzy.

The white wolf, they were actually pretty close.

I never knew kangaroos ate grass

In the small bird feeding area! You can buy a stick with some bird feed on the end of it and feed the birds inside!

At first I thought the birds were going to be aggressive but they were actually the opposite and some were too lazy to jump onto the stick, they just stretched their neck as far as it'd go!

I got taken advantage by this birdie! Look at him munching on the large piece of feed he snatched off my stick!!!

Finally got some "interaction" lol There is no touching allowed though =P

TEE HEE HEE - I was actually very happy and surprised with all these "interactions" the zoo provided (at extra costs of course)

The snow leopard that was very popular with the visitors.

When we got to this exhibit I told the bf I think this is the Gila monster and is venomous, the bf didn't agree. I ended up being correct since we read the info afterwards lol

I don't know why but I read that fact in the biology textbook in high school and for some odd strange reason it always stuck with me, this happens with other random stuff too. I'm sure it happens to other people too but it's strange isn't it???

I thought this snake looked pretty =)

There was actually a very nice and decent amount of reptiles, one of my favorite parts of zoos. In fact this reminds me of a conversation I had with the bf recently:

me: hey,can we have a pet in the future
bf: maybe
me: lets get a lizard, I always wanted one
bf: I hate lizards
me: well that was quick

I guess this guy was cleaning out the snakes droppings, at first I wondered if he would be scared of the snake but I figured that the poor thing is probably more scared!

Have you ever wondered why the snake exhibits are so small? I've always wondered that but apparently it's because a larger tank or terrarium can be stressful for them.

I think this was the dwarf crocodile, he looked quite cute actually....

The legless lizard!!!! This lizard was soooo wierd, he even yawned, he was a wonder to the bf and I. Doesn't it look like a breed between lizard, snake and earthworm?

I was really excited when I saw this snake because it was moving! 

In fact most of the animals were fairly active, I'm not sure if it's because we went quite early, actually right when the park opened but it was nice to not always see the animals taking a nap.

I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas~

The zoo recently had some lion cubs!

Komodo dragon!!! I wonder if it's neck hurt being in that angle though I assume it didn't...

The food!...at the park was expensive and not very good =( My salad was alright but the piece of salmon was super dry!

The main reason why I wanted to go the zoo, to do the feedings!!!

This elephants name is Bamboo and her favorite snacks are melons like cantaloupe, watermelon etc. I asked since questions were encouraged, she was so sweet and gentle too~

If you're planning to do the feeds try and get there early as a line up formed quite quickly, however the bird feeding seemed to be an exception.

I was so excited to eat these cartoon popsicles since I haven't had one in ages and leave it to the bf to NOT let me know it was backwards lol

This goat looked so scary...

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool~...yes i know these sheeps are white.

Giraffe feeding! One of the giraffes were pregnant and according to her keeper it's the reason why they don't advertise giraffe feeding currently. They still run the feeding but if she's not in the mood then they cancel it, makes sense to me!

The giraffes were also very gentle~ There were a few times where the giraffes lost interest in out puny leaves and went across to where the nice big leafy trees were haha

So sweet~

9 comments on "~ seattle - woodland park zoo 2013 ~"
  1. I like the new look. It's always refreshing to see a new layout.

    These pictures make me want to go visit the zoo. So many cute animals...and some that I can just skim over (lol...the snakes).

    1. Hi Thao!

      Hehe thanks for the compliment about my blog layout =3

      There are also some animals I wouldn't mind skipping if I was really rushed on time, like deers but never the reptiles! =P

  2. So many adorable animals, it's so nice they organise feedings for them!

  3. Ahhh animals galore! I love zoos and safaris! Doesn't the komodo dragon look prehistoric? Although kudos to you for not being scared of the snakes and lizards. Personally I prefer cute and fluffy lol!
    I love feeding animals! My dream is to one day (besides other things) be able to hold/touch/feed a baby big cat like lion or tiger lol.

  4. You are such a huge animal lovely- so cute! :) I love cute lil birdies. I didn't know they eat with their foot.

    I would go to the zoo but I'd be sure to stay away from the snakes and crocs.

    The mini convo between you and your boyfriend is sweet. Maybe one day he'll eventually start liking lizards. ^_*

  5. The hippos look like slugs from so far haha X-P
    Awww the giraffes are so cute : ) I like the last picture where you are feeding it haha!
    I used to like zoos but now I think that unless the animals are well treated and have adequate space, it's actually quite sad that they're caged up like that : c

  6. I'm sorry I disappeared for quite a while on blogger. I was busy trying to finish up all my work before I went for a holiday to Italy. I just came back on Friday and I've to work in a few hour's time... SOBZ...

    I can't catch up with your other posts so I will start from here. I did click back and scroll through them to speed read.

    Wow wow wow... So many things that I dunno where to start. I will start on your layout first. High 5! I'm not sure if you remember I'd wanted the minimalist look too. I wanted white background with a broader width for the main contents and I wanted my theme to be white and pink! Almost like yours too. I'd wanted all the clickable parts to be in the shade of pink of my current blog or this exact shade of pink as yours! I haven't changed the layout yet as I'd wanted to design my header which I haven't gotten down to doing. I think I should probably just start now and slowly add more details in. Would you be adding more details in for yours? Also, what is the width of your main contents? I wonder if there is a standard width for all the white minimalist blogs I see. Coz their photo width seem to be the same.

    Now for the post...
    You are also one of those weird creepy gals who like lizards. Well, I don't particularly like them but I think certain lizards could be cute and then all the rest of the people who start saying I'm weird and not a girly girl. Does that happen to you too?

    I love otters. They are one of the cutest thing ever. I love their whiskered face and how they lie on their back floating on the water surface.

    That looks more like a caribou when I checked on Google. I'm a little terrified of moose. They are so HUGE and such dark brown colour. There was this moose head on the TGIF restaurant in NYC Time Square. I swear its head was as big as a T Rex and it was hanging so low on the wall that I found it pretty terrifying.

    I would love to visit the snow leaopard and the lion cubs too. They must have been really lovely.

    Oh the Gila Monster got me laughing coz "gila" means mad in Malay. Heck, isn't that a giant earthworm instead of a legless lizard/ It's such a confused animal! And you know what? crocodiles usually look evil but the dwarf croc looks so cute!

    My my, that's quite some lazy hippos there!

    I also find goats and sheep kinda scary. If you look at them right in the face, I feel they look kinda satanic. Maybe it's just me but I know of another friend who finds them evil looking too.

    I think I would love feeding the animals too. And it's nice that they were so gentle. They are probably used to human interactions.

    This zoo that you've visited seems to be a nice zoo where the animals are in spacious enclosures. I'm against zoos which house their animals in cages.

    BTW, I also replied you on my post and I guess i won't paste here coz it would be too long. Do check back to read ok?

  7. great, hope to visits the Zoo too~ XD

  8. The animals look so lazy! And I also think the crocodile looks cute although I would probably feel different if I was in front of it. Btw, do you know the movie black sheep? It's a funny horror movie with experimental sheep killing people. Sounds stupid but it's pretty funny because it's not quite like a horror movie at all