~ afternoon tea at adorabelle ~

Sunday, August 25, 2013
A short while ago I had tea at Adorabelle at Steveson in Richmond. I rarely come to this part of town since it's quite far and not much to do quite cold/windy since it's right by the waters but it is a tourist destination.

They are opened from Wednesday - Sunday and have four different seating times, reservations are required. I made mines through email, which I normally wouldn't do as I feel that phone calls are more concrete but since they were closed on Sunday it was my only choice, but they promptly replied and even asked if we had any food allergies (neither of us did but I thought it was nice of them to ask).Tea is 25$ per person or 16$ for a child, which I think is reasonably well for afternoon tea given the quality of the food.

The tea room is actually located inside this adorable quaint country building. I love the yellow exterior and there were some chairs and tables outside if you wish to sip tea while enjoying the sunshine.

The reception area when you walk in, this view is actually from inside the tea room, so realistically if you were to enter you would be standing to the right of the desk. They sold cute trinkets like aprons and I think some jewelry or beauty products as well as some teas. (I could be mistaken about the jewelry/beauty though..)

 ~ Our tier ~

I must say, everything was delicious, I don't think there was a single thing I didn't like, which is honestly quite rare. I'm a very picky eater. If I really had to nitpick and say one bad thing it would be that the devonshire, or clotted cream leaned was a smidge less flavorful than other places but it was still good. 

~ sandwiches ~

The sandwiches were mostly of the traditional fare, cucumber, egg, and salmon was present. The most unique was definitely the bacon cupcake! It really tasted like bacon! It felt so strange as I felt like my brain visually triggered this to be sweet but yet it was salty, it was almost sensory overload. I know, maybe I'm overreacting to this cupcake but honestly that's how I felt that the moment! I really enjoyed the way the cucumber piece was presented.

~ scones ~

From what I remember, we had a citrus scone and then one with a berry in it. The scones were good, not too dry and flavorful. Though I rarely finish scones as I tend to save my tummy for the other goodies, they can be quite filling!

~ sweets ~

The sweets tier! Strawberry with cream, vanilla cupcake, earl grey cookies, chocolate cake/brownie and meringue. 

The earl grey cookie and cupcake were divine! Not too sweet and very flavorful. I really don't enjoy overly sweet cupcakes but this one was perfect! I enjoyed everything else as well, it was the first time I saw meringue during tea.

Oh speaking of tea. Oh lordy. They had THE best and creamy earl grey tea here. Hands down. It was absolutely delicious, in fact I felt that putting anything else into the tea ruined the flavored though I did try it with some honey and milk, still good. Sadly they didn't sell it during the time I was there but I will call back soon, hopefully they will have it then! (the tea also reminded me of the milky oolong I had once at urbane tea merchant but they no longer have it since they changed their tea carrier)

Actually on the ceiling right above me was a light box of the Eiffel tower! It definitely reminded me of my trip to Paris =) 

I thought this was such a clever way to display cup and saucers! You can see the exterior designs of the cups as well as the insides, they seemed to be fastened pretty sturdily onto the wall.

I really enjoyed my tea experience at Adorabelle and wish I lived closer so I could come more often. I should also really call and see if they have that tea for sale! lol

Anyways I actually just went on a fairly short impromptu trip, hopefully I'll blog about that soon! Seeing as I haven't even blogged about my cruise yet lol Here's a hint to where I went!

~ disney world 2013 - misc last day ~

Friday, August 16, 2013
The last post from my Disney World trip back in May, I only have a few posts about my cruise and then this travel is complete!

For our last day we just did some last minute stuff and took out time to relax and take things easy. Actually I felt that the entire trip was really easy. There was no waking up at 6am and sleeping late. In fact I'd advise against that unless you only had a few days there. We had a total of 9 days which was plenty of time to explore each park and go to Universal Studios, we could have done SeaWorld and other parks but decided not to.

Finally got to try some Mexican food at San Angel Inn inside the Mexican pavilion. There was only a short wait and we even got a seat by the ride/water! I wanted to dine here since the last time I was at WDW but there are just too many interesting restaurant to try, in fact I already have a short list of what I want to try next time!

I picked the catch of the day which was some sort of fish similar to sea bass, it was alright but nothing special.

I think I was most happy about the tortilla chips that came before of meal! 

Got a caramel icecream as dessert! It tasted like the nestle drumstick ones!

Actually when I eat those drumstick cones I only like to eat the cone part. Usually I get the bf to eat the ball at the top or I chop it off for my dad hahaha If I eat the ball part too I'm just too full and overloaded with sugar to finish the cone part.

Believe it or not but I actually contemplated on purchasing these...

Adorable doggie origami! Mines never turns out half as good =(

We walked from Epcot to take the boat to Hollywood Studios since we had wanted to ride the Tower of Terror one last time but when we got there it was a 70min wait so we ditched it and went back to the hotel to pack instead for our cruise!!!

Cute hats we bought on our last day there, it could also be made into a key chain!

My sister got the Donald one which was super cute!

Our last meal there! This was from the counter service located in our resort lobby, I had a turkey leg, carrot cake and grapefruit juice as well as water on the side. Needless to say I didn't finish neither the leg nor cake, it was just too much (and the cake was way too sweet!)

Despite some bumps I had a wonderful time at WDW and hope to go again in the future but hopefully not too soon! There are other places I want to tackle first but I've got my eye on Disney World in California mainly because I never got to visit one of the parks there and I don't have much memories of that vacation despite the fact that I was quite old (17 maybe).

~ disney world 2013 - magic kingdom ~

Saturday, August 10, 2013
Another post from my Disney trip a few months back! I'm definitely missing the cruise more than Disney World haha
I tried to only upload and post things that were not posted in my previous trip post but I think I still ended up uploading 20+ photos haha so beware, photo heavy!!!

The areas that are still undergoing construction are hidden from view with large boards with cute illustrations on it such as this one. One even had some "holes" which you could peer through and see what was going on on the other side. I *think* this is the one covering the future roller coaster with the snow white dwarves mine as the theme. You can read more about it on their website.

Gastons Tavern! It's actually a small sit down area where you can buy some snacks and drinks, inside reflects the movie with a fireplace and a large picture of Gaston. Of course the most impressive feature is the fountain on the outside. To the right is a small store selling lots of pretty plates and home ware only available at this location.

Gorgeous plates! I was so tempted to buy some.

I wish they had cups that resembled Chip!

As much as I didn't need anything I eventually broke down a bought a glass cup lol It's not pictured here though.

One of the newest area, Enchanted Forest included the new Under the Sea ride featuring the Little Mermaid!

The area outside, where the line up is, featured Prince Eric's castle (of which I have no photo of haha) The fastpass for this ride is actually beside Mickeys Phillarmagic along with the Winnie the Pooh ride.

It's a story book type musical type ride.

The ride is in these clam shells which remind me of the ones from the Finding Nemo ride.

Overall the ride was fairly enjoyable but for those who've also been to Tokyo Disney you'll find the ride familiar since it reflects Ariels Grotto where there is a meet and greet with Ariel. There is also a new meet and greet area for the Princesses and Ariel as well. We didn't bother lining up for any characters as we had some character meals booked up and we rather go on rides instead.

Didn't eat here but we used it as a landmark to get to some places lol

Another new area features a Circus theme reminiscing Dumbo. It actually also reminds me of Pinocchio which was one creepy movie in my opinion.

Probably one of the largest stores in the Magic Kingdom.

Soooo tempted to get treats!

Magic Kingdom was super fun and if I go to Disney World I like to start off with this part to ease myself into the "Disney-ness". I won't be here for a while so these were some good memories!

~ iphone photos - july 2013 ~

Monday, August 5, 2013
July was amazing! The weather was perfect, nice and sunny. I had some small school decision to make but now that's all done and over with, I'm so happy with my choice too. I really enjoyed July though there was some stressful moments, will I ever have a stress free month? Hahaha I don't think that's happening anytime soon (answering my own questions -.-)

Grabbed some spinach and artichoke dip to munch on for the ride, it's the best from the cheese cake factory! When I'm home I settle for the one from Joeys. Needless to say not enough dip and too much chips!

Grabbed this candle for my sister. Since I never bought candles before I was floored when I found out this was 25$ so I was really happy to see that 25% off sticker slapped onto it and what was even better was that it there was an extra 25% off, I only found out when I went to pay for it =D 

As for the smell I'm not really into fruity scents but my sister seems to enjoy them quite a bit, this is her third fruit scented candle. I also jumped on the candle band wagon and 25$ candles are a thing of the past!!! I can't believe how luxurious and costly candles can be! Although I haven't forked over more than 25$ for one yet hahaha Oh and another thing, I can only light my candles using those long bbq lighters since I'm scared of fire in the first place....

Yummy ketchup fried rice by the mum!

Soda sun tanning and giving me a disapproving look

I had to lug this poster to school and back, the prof just took photos of our posters, I was tempted to huck this thing out after class but decided not to just in case he lost his camera or something =S

Interesting bread sticks at L'Abattoir, I'll do a separate review another time.

I think this is the cutest tea sample packaging ever!

Menchies again! 

Bought these cute mochi at T&T but they didn't taste too great =S

My favorite cream sauce fillet pasta dish at the Boss, yums!

Mango tapioca drink, thanks mummy! It literally took me half a day to finish this.

Burning my first candle! I wanted the Paris one too but they already ran out, I guess that's what I get for waiting for the sale =P I'm excited about their Autumn collection!

Afternoon tea! Separate post coming hee hee

Thought these weaved roped designs looked cool! 

A huge kiln inside this bakery, it's a lot more impressive in person and was huge! I wonder if bread baked this way tastes any better....

Finally, just relaxing in bed with some of my favorite chocolate chip cookies and my ds =)

When August comes I'll have my final exam and two weeks of vacation time before it's back to the grind in September. I'll probably end up just working =P but we'll see! I hope everyone has a safe and happy August!