~ disney world 2013 - misc last day ~

Friday, August 16, 2013
The last post from my Disney World trip back in May, I only have a few posts about my cruise and then this travel is complete!

For our last day we just did some last minute stuff and took out time to relax and take things easy. Actually I felt that the entire trip was really easy. There was no waking up at 6am and sleeping late. In fact I'd advise against that unless you only had a few days there. We had a total of 9 days which was plenty of time to explore each park and go to Universal Studios, we could have done SeaWorld and other parks but decided not to.

Finally got to try some Mexican food at San Angel Inn inside the Mexican pavilion. There was only a short wait and we even got a seat by the ride/water! I wanted to dine here since the last time I was at WDW but there are just too many interesting restaurant to try, in fact I already have a short list of what I want to try next time!

I picked the catch of the day which was some sort of fish similar to sea bass, it was alright but nothing special.

I think I was most happy about the tortilla chips that came before of meal! 

Got a caramel icecream as dessert! It tasted like the nestle drumstick ones!

Actually when I eat those drumstick cones I only like to eat the cone part. Usually I get the bf to eat the ball at the top or I chop it off for my dad hahaha If I eat the ball part too I'm just too full and overloaded with sugar to finish the cone part.

Believe it or not but I actually contemplated on purchasing these...

Adorable doggie origami! Mines never turns out half as good =(

We walked from Epcot to take the boat to Hollywood Studios since we had wanted to ride the Tower of Terror one last time but when we got there it was a 70min wait so we ditched it and went back to the hotel to pack instead for our cruise!!!

Cute hats we bought on our last day there, it could also be made into a key chain!

My sister got the Donald one which was super cute!

Our last meal there! This was from the counter service located in our resort lobby, I had a turkey leg, carrot cake and grapefruit juice as well as water on the side. Needless to say I didn't finish neither the leg nor cake, it was just too much (and the cake was way too sweet!)

Despite some bumps I had a wonderful time at WDW and hope to go again in the future but hopefully not too soon! There are other places I want to tackle first but I've got my eye on Disney World in California mainly because I never got to visit one of the parks there and I don't have much memories of that vacation despite the fact that I was quite old (17 maybe).

6 comments on "~ disney world 2013 - misc last day ~"
  1. the hat you bought is soooo cute :3 i wish i can visit disney world soon <3

  2. Gotta love that 'bushy' cup of tea c:
    Glad the tortilla chips tasted good!
    You look cute with that mini Micky's
    hat! Xx

  3. Ohh I can't believe that it's possible to make cute origami dogs :D I can't even fold a ship or something ;D I like your outfit a lot ♥ and without bangs you look just as aroable as before ♥

  4. That candid accidental photo of you is so cute. I love your smile there. Actually the fish dish looks really good though you said it's nothing special. Hahaha... When would you be wearing the Mickey Mouse hat out? Do you feel a sense of relief that your travel post is finally done? Gosh, I've got no idea how long I would take for mine.

  5. your trip looked so fun babe.. and i agree w/ jo that accidentally photo of you is SOOOO cute and pretty! it just looks so natural and pretty.. i always think the prettiest girls are the happiest.. and you look like you're glowing!!

    omgosh so funny because i've ALWAYS wanted to eat at that mexico restaurant at disney!! it looks so neat.. it's so dark and romantic in there haha.

    lololol you're hilarious.. well i'm glad someone other than just my husband appreciates it/them HAHAHA. see i have this theory about weight.. as long as my "girls" stick out more them my gut.. then i'm not fat. HAHAHAHAHA.

    ohh i dunno i don't really care haha i just walk in to whatever store i find interesting.. and i decide after i look at a few things if i can afford it or not.. if i can't i just walk out.. but otherwise i'll stick around.. don't feel intimated remember the ppl inside are just sales people after all.. if they can afford shopping at the stores at all it's because they get a discount HAHAHA.

    HAHAHA my brown slurpee was a coke slurpee.. but i know.. it looks like something else -___-

    yes the cruise was for my birthday.. it was so fun.. but exhausting.. but i want to go back hahaha. my fur babies are doing well.. causing trouble but what else is new!