~ iphone photos - july 2013 ~

Monday, August 5, 2013
July was amazing! The weather was perfect, nice and sunny. I had some small school decision to make but now that's all done and over with, I'm so happy with my choice too. I really enjoyed July though there was some stressful moments, will I ever have a stress free month? Hahaha I don't think that's happening anytime soon (answering my own questions -.-)

Grabbed some spinach and artichoke dip to munch on for the ride, it's the best from the cheese cake factory! When I'm home I settle for the one from Joeys. Needless to say not enough dip and too much chips!

Grabbed this candle for my sister. Since I never bought candles before I was floored when I found out this was 25$ so I was really happy to see that 25% off sticker slapped onto it and what was even better was that it there was an extra 25% off, I only found out when I went to pay for it =D 

As for the smell I'm not really into fruity scents but my sister seems to enjoy them quite a bit, this is her third fruit scented candle. I also jumped on the candle band wagon and 25$ candles are a thing of the past!!! I can't believe how luxurious and costly candles can be! Although I haven't forked over more than 25$ for one yet hahaha Oh and another thing, I can only light my candles using those long bbq lighters since I'm scared of fire in the first place....

Yummy ketchup fried rice by the mum!

Soda sun tanning and giving me a disapproving look

I had to lug this poster to school and back, the prof just took photos of our posters, I was tempted to huck this thing out after class but decided not to just in case he lost his camera or something =S

Interesting bread sticks at L'Abattoir, I'll do a separate review another time.

I think this is the cutest tea sample packaging ever!

Menchies again! 

Bought these cute mochi at T&T but they didn't taste too great =S

My favorite cream sauce fillet pasta dish at the Boss, yums!

Mango tapioca drink, thanks mummy! It literally took me half a day to finish this.

Burning my first candle! I wanted the Paris one too but they already ran out, I guess that's what I get for waiting for the sale =P I'm excited about their Autumn collection!

Afternoon tea! Separate post coming hee hee

Thought these weaved roped designs looked cool! 

A huge kiln inside this bakery, it's a lot more impressive in person and was huge! I wonder if bread baked this way tastes any better....

Finally, just relaxing in bed with some of my favorite chocolate chip cookies and my ds =)

When August comes I'll have my final exam and two weeks of vacation time before it's back to the grind in September. I'll probably end up just working =P but we'll see! I hope everyone has a safe and happy August!
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  1. ahh I'm so behind on your blog once again!! July flew by so fast..but it was a great month for me too. I used to buy candles alot..but I agree they are pretty overpriced for what they are. I don't think it costs a whole lot to make a candle lol. Mmm ketchup fried rice sounds so good..I've never had it before! I love Menchies!! That pic made me crave it now..

    Anyways thanks for your comments on my blog!
    Where are you planning for your big trip next year?! It is better to save up for one big one then to do a bunch just for the sake of travelling hahah (I know from experience)
    I only have a Sony laptop. I have 2 of the same..both white. I love Vaios.
    For my upcoming trip I'm thinking of visiting Krakow or Budapest since I've never been to either Poland or Hungary yet...or maybe Barcelona! But it's killing me that I won't be going to Paris when it's gonna be so closeby :( Still deciding what to do..
    & my dog stays at dog-sitters' places when I'm gone usually..can't find friends/family to take care of him lol

  2. ....omg, July already past! Times goes by soooo quickly, doesn't it >o< I am getting old, hahaa *lol*

    Sodaa~ cute as always ^^ My cat is enjoying the sun too, she spends most of her time outside xD

    What the hell is Menchies?? A new Bubble-Tea Trend? :D I would love to try it ^^

  3. The sushi looks so delicious! I'm drooling right now! The steamer looks interesting, is it expensive? I have so many wrinkly clothes (because I'm too lazy to iron them)! HAHA I always put more effort going out with the girls than with the bf 'cause guys just don't notice the little details unlike girls!

  4. Scented candles are so pricey. I never use enough of them to justify the expense. Probably only use candles for blackouts, which rarely happens. It's sad because they're one of those things I want to like, but I just end up never using it. Maybe when I'm older with my own house?

    Ooh a steamer? Like to get wrinkles out of clothing? I might need to get myself one. Let me know how your search goes.

    And haha, you're super dolled up for your girlfriends. I thought it was your anniversary with the bf. Either way, you look great in that picture!

  5. Lots of nice random pictures! I like those posts hehe. And quite shocked that these scented candles are that expensive, I mean $25 are a lot :o
    Yummy food, I would like to have some noms, too. Mochi aawww. Hadn't had that for a long time now, Bubble Tea also<3

    ♥ Maho

  6. All the food pictures you post really made me drool T_T I miss good Western food here in China...

    Gah... ;^;

  7. Oh BTW, did you recently post about your dog and another about Halloween at the mall but then delete it? The entries are in my RSS feed, but they're not on your site.

  8. Hey beautiful, looking really flawless in
    every picture c:
    An artichoke dip you say? Never heard/seen
    before yet I want to try it out!!
    And I think a 25$ candle is pretty pricey
    as well :P Xx

  9. Yankee candles are lovely! Pricey but they last for such a long time and good quality too. You can also buy shades for them that you sit on the top which in turn makes it look like a lamp. I love candles! lol

    Your BF seems so sweet and romantic always buying you little gifts and knowing exactly what you like. My BF could do with some tips... he's more the romantic type in what he says (i.e always complimenting me) and he's hopeless at picking out gifts! Grrrr...

    BTW is it Canada where you live or U.S? Seems really lovely from your pics.

  10. I love to look at random snippets of people’s life. It’s so fun and interesting to know more about a person that way. Time really flies eh? It’s hello and goodbye July.

    Spinach artichoke dip? That sounds exotic. I haven’t tried such stuff before.

    I don’t like fruity scent for candles too. I like warm scent, soft florals, sea breeze, fresh tea and plants. I don’t like food scent too like vanilla and chocolate. Scented candles are expensive due to the quality. An expensive scented candle when burnt, gives off a very therapeutic aroma whereas some cheap ones like those could be bought from Daiso will smell like cheap fragrance when burnt. I guess it’s the difference between aromatherapy properties and merely perfumed fragrance. I don’t know if you know what I mean. Haha...

    I wish to have a steamer for my clothes too. It’s so much easier than ironing.

    Oh I sometimes dress up a lot more when out with the gals coz I don’t feel the need to dress up with the hubz unless it’s for special dates and occasions.

    I didn’t know what menchies were and had to google it. I think over here, we just call them frozen yoghurt.

    6 year anniversary is so cool. Wish you many more to come!

    The rose napkin in the teacup is just so sweet!

  11. You are so lucky with your boyfriend! He's always giving you nice and thoughtful gifts!
    And you're right not to throw away the poster! I had it happen that sometimes the teachers would get robbed, spilled something or their pc crashed. Best to save your assignments for a bit :)