~ nyc 2013 - last day ~

Sunday, September 29, 2013
The last post of my NYC trip this summer, here's part one and two. There's not much in this post besides photos of food and art. I was a bit tired out by them and hadn't bothered to take too many photos, I was also really looking forward to going home =P

For breakfast I decided to try Treehaus, at the end of the block. They had a buffet selection when I went, I'm guessing it was just the start of lunch. When I think of buffet I usually think of families, screaming children attacking the ice cream machine, plates still wet from just being washed and dirty soda fountain stations. But this place made their buffet look amazing, I wish I took a photo now. Everything was clean, orderly and lots of well dressed people getting lunch too!

The food was not bad at all! They had lots of interesting selections. The cafe also ran as a store, in the back were drinks and a smoothie station you could order from, upstairs was a ramen shop. 

On the last day it was a visit Moma, a hard decision since I had wanted to go to the Guggenheim too, technically both could have been have done in one day but I guess I really got into the relaxing way of travelling haha

Now for some art (please excuse my terrible photography skills)

I thought this display was so pretty!

Omg I was totally wowed by this earthquake resistance table!!!! 

I think this was designed by someone as a shelter to take everywhere...

I desperately linguine vongole but not many places had it on their permanent menu, I finally found a restaurant that did but the food was only ok.

Despite the pasta not being too yummy I was actually able to finish the entire thing. I think I was secretly scared of being lectured by the bf again cause I wanted to order an appetizer too -.-

Well that's it for my NYC adventure this summer, never would I have thought that three days would have been enough in this city for me. I still didn't get to do everything on my list but I am happy as a clam with what I did. I hope everyone is having a lovely September and excited for October! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays though I don't celebrate it much. I just love all the spooky stuff and the vibe!

~ afternoon tea - la petite cullerie ~

Monday, September 23, 2013
My friend and I went for afternoon tea, in a somewhat surprising location. The small tea room is called La Petite Cuillere, we made reservations just in case but lucky for us it wasn't busy that day. Any party with four or more guests must make a reservation. The tea room was able to utilize the small space and managed to fit quite a decent amount of tables there for various group sizes. They also had two large cabinets filled with some amazing china.

Check out my friends post on this tea place!

The tables with three seats are placed by the large window over looking the street. The chairs were large, plush and comfy! They had wheels so you could easily get in and out, the table was covered by a lovely table cloth.

The china was lovely and none of the sets were the same. I was actually a little surprised to see the western themed menu but if you look carefully around the tea house you can actually see a few glimpse of this theme throughout, it pulled things together rather nicely.

The cute trinkets gave the table a very antique feel.

My tea, the creamy early grey, came in this pot though I was quite disappointed with the tea. It didn't taste creamy or like earl grey at all. My friend ordered a cold drink and she really enjoyed hers. 

Our tiers! I really loved how they came on different plating! I never realized how different the tea sets looked on lighter or darker plates. Personally I prefer the lighter plating since I think it appears more girly and youthful though the darker plating gives it a more sophisticated look.

My tier was the one with the darker plating though the food was all the same as we both ordered the afternoon tea set.

The sandwiches were delicious! My favorite was definitely the cucumber ones and the smoke salmon one on foccia!

The scones however were quite dry, I had a hard time finishing one. The lemon biscotti was delicious though and I believe the cake was not bad. Also the devonshire cream was a bit more sour than other's I have tried.

Desert was a jam tart, cream puff and earl grey macaron. The puff and tart were pretty good but the macaron had a slight stale taste when I bit into it.

In comparison to my friends light plating, gorgeous~ 

My friends artistic shot with my camera. My camera obviously doesn't like me, it rarely takes nice photos for me on automode but it likes anyone else. I need a camera that will give me that kind of love too lol Or just admit I'm not a good photographer

The cabinets with the china! They're actually located on the way to the bathroom or where the larger tables are. Luckily there weren't any people there so I was able to get some photos of the collection.

I love the ones with the pictures at the very bottom.

One of the larger tables set up.

What I meant when I said the western theme ran throughout the tearoom, cute cactus like plants in tea cups!

The small kitty teapot that greets you as you come in...I actually only noticed it when we were walking out =P

Business cards in a tea cup! Clever and adorable, I particularly like this tea cup also, I'd buy it in red!

Over all I had a wonderful time here, the decor is amazing and food isn't too terrible. I'd probably order the mini tea though next time and bask in the ambiance. The service was also nice, attentive but not overly so. The place seems family owned or at least that's the feel they gave off, I liked it and hope to visit more tea places like this.

~ september photo challenge pt 2 ~

Friday, September 20, 2013
My second part to my September photo challenge! You can find the first part here, September sure is flying by fast, I can' wait for October though, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year! I know I'm also way behind on comments, I'm actually so busy with school I don't have much time to myself. Snapping photos is quick but the main reason I'm posting this is because my friend and I decided there'd be a punishment for whoever quits! And I'm actually quite a sore loser!

something blue - I love these small candies some restaurants give after the meal, my favorite is the mini bala brand!
sunset- this one set me on edge because I usually don't pay much attention to the sunset, but luckily it was beautiful that day and my friend reminded me/told the time of sunset
something you can't live without - my furry companion!
eyes - not exactly eyes per say but I always thought the camera on my ds looked like a pair of eyes!

silhouette - had some trouble doing this one, but once I turned on my table lamp I saw these
a good habit- starting my assignments well before they're due 
technology - I panicked with this one and just took a photo of my bf's consoles lol

shoes - the boots I was wearing that day, I want to buy the same pair this year, I love them so much but I really beat them up ><
something you want - I can't say too much on this yet in case it gets jinxed but it's halloween related~
in my bag - these pocket tissues I can't live without, I'm super clumsy =S

That was short and sweet.

~ nyc 2013 - day two ~

Sunday, September 15, 2013
When I was drafting up posts of my Disney trip a few months back I decided to spread things out, so I would be able to have things to post when my life got boring and also not have my blog clogged with repeated Disney posts. But that has just made them super backtracked lol I guess that backfired on me so I've decided to just finish off my NYC posts first, since there's only one left after this post anyways =)

On the second day in New York we had the American Museum of Natural History on our list, I don't have anything like this near where I live (you need to take the ferry for the one on Victoria Island) and needless to say the I was quite excited. Breakfast was at a really nice place called Ze Cafe, in fact I loved the place so much I'm going to blog about it separately lol

o0o00 Bears, the museum is quite....prehistoric if you will in it's displays in certain parts. Perhaps they are purposefully going for that feel but there were parts I felt like I was transported back back in time.

One of my favorite parts, there was just so much stuff everywhere! Stuff on the walls, on the floor, hanging from the ceiling.....

Lamprey's and the like have always fascinated me...

I thought this crab really looked like a spider...

I love reptiles so was a bit disappointed when the reptile room was pretty small compared to the other exhibits.

It was Soho after the museum! The majority of the stores were already closed since it was getting later. This was one of the fancy food market/stores, dulce...something? I had lots of fun just browsing around =P

Dinner time! Oh gosh I can't even remember what this restaurant was called....><

I think this was a escargot lobster dish, it was really delicious!!!! I thought it would come covered in cheese and when I saw all the green herbs I was a little disappointed but as soon as I tasted it, it was heaven!

l The pail of seafood! The sauce inside the pail was really spicy!!!

This was called something like salad on pasta. The thing they didn't mention was how spicy it was!!! It was super spicy, I couldn't handle it, I finished as much as I could but *sniff sniff*

The best part of the meal was the complimentary dessert and toy! The dessert was chocolate mousse and it was perfect, not too sweet and the texture was great.

I'm sure some people have played with this small fish (plastic film) toy before. You basically put it on your hand and it will start to move which then you match the movement according to the back of the slip, to tell your "fortune".