~ afternoon tea - la petite cullerie ~

Monday, September 23, 2013
My friend and I went for afternoon tea, in a somewhat surprising location. The small tea room is called La Petite Cuillere, we made reservations just in case but lucky for us it wasn't busy that day. Any party with four or more guests must make a reservation. The tea room was able to utilize the small space and managed to fit quite a decent amount of tables there for various group sizes. They also had two large cabinets filled with some amazing china.

Check out my friends post on this tea place!

The tables with three seats are placed by the large window over looking the street. The chairs were large, plush and comfy! They had wheels so you could easily get in and out, the table was covered by a lovely table cloth.

The china was lovely and none of the sets were the same. I was actually a little surprised to see the western themed menu but if you look carefully around the tea house you can actually see a few glimpse of this theme throughout, it pulled things together rather nicely.

The cute trinkets gave the table a very antique feel.

My tea, the creamy early grey, came in this pot though I was quite disappointed with the tea. It didn't taste creamy or like earl grey at all. My friend ordered a cold drink and she really enjoyed hers. 

Our tiers! I really loved how they came on different plating! I never realized how different the tea sets looked on lighter or darker plates. Personally I prefer the lighter plating since I think it appears more girly and youthful though the darker plating gives it a more sophisticated look.

My tier was the one with the darker plating though the food was all the same as we both ordered the afternoon tea set.

The sandwiches were delicious! My favorite was definitely the cucumber ones and the smoke salmon one on foccia!

The scones however were quite dry, I had a hard time finishing one. The lemon biscotti was delicious though and I believe the cake was not bad. Also the devonshire cream was a bit more sour than other's I have tried.

Desert was a jam tart, cream puff and earl grey macaron. The puff and tart were pretty good but the macaron had a slight stale taste when I bit into it.

In comparison to my friends light plating, gorgeous~ 

My friends artistic shot with my camera. My camera obviously doesn't like me, it rarely takes nice photos for me on automode but it likes anyone else. I need a camera that will give me that kind of love too lol Or just admit I'm not a good photographer

The cabinets with the china! They're actually located on the way to the bathroom or where the larger tables are. Luckily there weren't any people there so I was able to get some photos of the collection.

I love the ones with the pictures at the very bottom.

One of the larger tables set up.

What I meant when I said the western theme ran throughout the tearoom, cute cactus like plants in tea cups!

The small kitty teapot that greets you as you come in...I actually only noticed it when we were walking out =P

Business cards in a tea cup! Clever and adorable, I particularly like this tea cup also, I'd buy it in red!

Over all I had a wonderful time here, the decor is amazing and food isn't too terrible. I'd probably order the mini tea though next time and bask in the ambiance. The service was also nice, attentive but not overly so. The place seems family owned or at least that's the feel they gave off, I liked it and hope to visit more tea places like this.
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  1. dang, I liked that shot better looking at it in the camera than blown up LOL and omg i didn't notice the wheels in the chairs!

  2. Oh gosh I am so in love with all the adorable teacups~~~@o@

  3. This is what I call a traditional looking afternoon tea!
    like a teaparty from Alice in Wonderland c: Just
    look at those fine dishes, deco and those comfy red
    chairs you are sitting on! The food looks great as well c:

  4. You always seem to find unique and gorgeous little places to eat! Ah I wish you lived in London just so you'd find the best places and I could just make a list for myself haha!


  5. OMG, a Kitty pot! It is so cute! Really nice cafe, it has the perfect atmosphere for a nice afternoon tea time >w<

  6. that kitty teapot and all the crockery are adorable!!