~ brunch with the sis at cafe medina + september photo challenge ~

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
The last time I went to Cafe Medina was all the way back in January and I didn't have a great experience. My sister and I decided to go for brunch on day but since the place we originally planned to go to was closed we ended up at Cafe Medina, as my sister had never been. I also thought it'd probably be a good chance to give them another shot, I mean they are one of the highest raved brunch places around.

Here's my post from the last time I went!

It looked pretty busy when we got there, I left my name and we got a seat in about 20 mins.

Since I had a bad experience with the mocha from last time I decided to keep it safe and ordered a hot chocolate to share with my sister. It was so yummy that we ended up ordering another one so we could each have our own!

My sister had the Les Boulettes- Moroccan meatballs in roasted tomatoes with hummus and foccacia on the side. This dish was really flavorful and she definitely enjoyed it.

I had the Truite Sassoniere - Steelhead on a bed of quiona and butternut squash salad, with some tomatoes and I think snap peas? The steel head was great and so were the snap peas but I didn't eat much of the quiona since it was saturated with a strong vinaigrette.

Anyways that's it for now, schools keeping me rather busy so I'll be behind with comments and such =( I hope everyone had a good first week of September!
12 comments on "~ brunch with the sis at cafe medina + september photo challenge ~"
  1. cuteeee! i love you in pastels.. your outfit is adorable..but yes it does seem like a lot of background behind you hahaha..!! we need more upclose and personallll so i can see your pretty face tehehe!!

    OMG i don't like moon cakes at all.. but custard?! that sounds delicious!!

    yay for pumpkin spice latte!! woohoo!!

    omgosh so funny that the oysters they were serving in NYC was from BC lololol! you came all that way hahahaha. aww well i know a lot of ppl don't like oysters.. but usually oysters house have yummy fried foods that your bf would probably enjoy?? like whenever i go i also like to order like a lobster sandwich hahaha and i love eating oysters w/ french fries bahaha :p

    blue crab is like a really famous type of crab :p the dip was yummy rich and delicious!

  2. omg i'd like to say that the changes to come one is absolute genius.

  3. wooooo i like your outfit!! :) and yummy cafe medina! Everyone i walk by i see that huge line up! was it like that when you went as well?

    Almost mid autumn festival time!! Have you tried those frozen ones? They're quite good..much better than the ones with the lotus filling. Is that what it's called? haha

  4. OMG I always wanted to do photo challenges but I knew I wouldn't stick to it... -sigh- maybe I should do it too but ahhh I'm lazy X-P
    Looks like you enjoyed café Medina this time around! It's always good to give places a second chance (unless their service sucks and it's uber expensive, in that case, I'd be reluctant to return haha)!

  5. Oh yes, the food looks absolutely amazing!!
    Such a great place :)

  6. Wow, the food looks so well prepared, very artsy! :)
    I hope you enjoy the September photo challenge, I may have to do one next October. It really helps when you are out of ideas and want more Instagram photos.

  7. That food looks good.

  8. suki whered you get your white bag from? and its bag charm? look so adorable ^^

  9. Ah yes, mooncake games are coming... here. XD I do like some mooncakes, but I feel they are a bit heavy. I'll try some ice cream mooncakes though, and the one your photographed also looks yummy!

  10. The food looks so good - and omg, the mocha! *u* Loveeee how it looks so yummy hehee. Thanks for sharing, Suki!

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  11. Glad to hear that you had a more enjoyable 2nd experience at Cafe Medina. It's good that you gave it another chance and enjoyed the hot chocolate and the mains that your sis had. I like yout pink shirt from F21. I'm always on the look out for good shirt that doesn't stifle. So cute, that Chinese writing book! It reminds me of those books we used to write in primary school. Really helps us remember the Chinese strokes.

    I won't be pasting my reply to your comment here since it has since accumulated to a few posts. But I wanna ask you about some art history since you are such an art/history buff. Remember the part on Leonardo spoiling own painting? I cited that from Wikipedia. Halfway in the paragraph, they mentioned Michelangelo. That's a typo right? Or was the painting a mixture of various artists' works? Hahaha... I wonder if I'm posing you a difficult question.

  12. Wow, the food looks unbelievably yummy! Ah I'm getting hungry! :)
    Love your outfit by the way, very cute!