~ iphone photos - august 2013 ~

Saturday, September 7, 2013
My August iphone photos feel a bit late haha I guess with school starting and all it's been putting me behind track on my blog =P Anyways here they are, there aren't as many as the other months as I've decided to take out the NYC ones since I'll be blogging about those posts anyways.

Had a crazy craving for butter chicken so settled for some from the food court. Not bad but pricey and the butter chicken was too spicy for me ><

Attack of the giant spider!!!

Burning my first Voluspa candle. I thought this would give off an amazing fragrance since the candle itself smelled lovely but I was really disappointed when I couldn't smell anything! Even after I burned it or a good few hours....my bath and body works candle gave off more aroma.

Squeeeeze. My dog is pretty patient with this stuff hahaha

Butter chicken poutine, not as great as it sounded and the novelty wore off in the first bite, the works or veggie for me next time.

Reached Sephora rouge status! Actually when they started pushing this status out, they sent emails to all their vib's and inbeauty members I believe and I was only 38$ away from rouge AND they were having triple points, how could I say no? 

Funny thing is that I don't buy much makeup but I help my mom purchase her skincare products and that's where I rack up major points lol

Beautiful British Columbia, feels like home.

I don't recall seeing this chocolate from Lindt here before so got a few packs, my mom loves it a lot.

Hot chocolate that came with my dog's monthly bark box! I've always wanted to subscribe to Pawalla but they only ship within the US =(

Bunnies at Richmond's Automall, the infamous place to catch bunnies if you're fast enough lol I think I heard that they might round up all the bunnies and take them down to the south...

Well that's it for August, seems like I had a pretty calm month if I take out NYC lol Schools started for me and so far it seems like it will be the most hectic school year! I'm forced to take a Chinese language course, two actually, and I'm already lagging behind! I hope everyone had a pleasant August and an even better September!

8 comments on "~ iphone photos - august 2013 ~"
  1. The bunnies look so cute haha. How they're just sitting there, doing nothing :)


  2. I love your dog. He looks really sweet!

  3. That is one giant spider! Usually I'm not really scared of spiders and wouldn't mind picking them up with a toilet paper but that one's hugeeee! >___<

    The butter chicken poutine looks gooooddd, too bad the taste wasn't on par with its looks : C I loooooveee butter chicken and poutine is always good (cause I'm from Quebec) but I don't think I've ever seen butter chicken poutine here. Maybe I should make it : 3 yum, endless possibilities!

    AHH I wanna take Chinese language courses but my school didn't let me register for them >___< UGH and when I could've, it filled up instantly ;___; I'm already in my last year so I guess I'll hafta find a place outside that teaches Chinese!

    GOODLUCK WITH YOUR SCHOOL YEAR! School's always hectic but we get long breaks! Once we start working, it'll be work work work work work -mini break of 2 weeks- work work work work!

  4. Oh that spider looks scary!

    mm Lindt makes one of the finest chocolates! :)

    Happy learning Chinese! :) It's not that bad.(I hope!)

  5. Is that spider for real!! It's so huge, not something i'd expect to see in Canada!

  6. OMGG that picture of you and your doggie is SOO SO cute!!

    i'm so jealous you live in vancouver.. i mean i know you didn't LOVE it.. because it was pricy and too spicy but.. freakin to be able to get butter chicken and paratha/naan at a freakin food court!! JEALOUS.. i have trouble even finding it at a restaurant sometime hahahah.. and butter chicken poutine that sounds insane.. i LOVEEEE POUTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yumm omgosh caramel sea salt lindt bar sounds heavenly!! love your hair cut girl you look so gorgy :)!!

    hehehe toile! thank you!! i've been trying to look for a dress in that print! i just imagine it would be so adorable as a dress!!

  7. Wait... What was that? I giant spider? The photo is too small for me to see if that's a toy or what. The butter chicken with fries look good. I never knew what a poutine is till I googled. It's a shame that the candle didn't give off any fragrance. I hate candles like this. I've started using reed diffuser coz I find those the most effective. However, it uses up very fast and I only like this certain fragrance I got from Bangkok and so I kept asking good friends to get it for me whenever they head there. Chocolate for your doggie? I feel like drinking hot chocolate now!

  8. LOL. The "someone doesn't want a hug" is my fav! Cafe Medina's one of my friend's fav. place to go to. I haven't been but it looks really good. Thanks for reviewing the Voluspa candle...I've always wondered about them whenever I visit chapters. B & W smell is too strong for me, maybe I'll give these a try. Was there absolutely no scent to them?

    Love your OTD btw! you looked so chic! ^-^