~ nyc 2013 - day one ~

Sunday, September 1, 2013
This was a somewhat impromptu trip to New York in August. It was only for three days and it already felt too long. I didn't fall in love with the city and in fact, quite missed home! However I did enjoy myself and do not regret going.

I must say this was probably the trip I did the least planning on since it was such short notice. In fact all I really did was make a list of museums and places I wanted to go. I didn't do any research on the subway or how to get from place to place....

The first museum was the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, I had brunch there too as I read the food at the restaurants/cafes were quite good.

I was blown away by this tea set.

I believe this was a multi-functional desk, I was super intrigued by all the drawers that extended from the sides of the desk as ours usually extend from the front.

The Temple of Dendur was give to the United States by the Egyptians, I can't believe they moved the entire temple here! 

I was super excited to see all this pottery because I they were featured in a class I took last year. *squeals in delight*

If there's one thing that I do regret about NYC it would be that I didn't devote enough time to this museum. Even though we were here for a good few solid hours it wasn't enough.

Headed to the Nintendo store next!

This was the most interesting part in my opinion, I actually expected more from the store...

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are refreshed to take on the fall! Personally I love autumn, it's my second favorite season coming in after summer. There's nothing better than being able to bundle up in sweaters, scarves and boots. Speaking of which, I need should buy new boots....I also realized that I'm in a lot of these photos hahaha 
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  1. aww heart your NY posts!! i'm looking to go later this year.. and going to the MET museum is on my top to do list!! i love anything with egyptian art and artifcats :)

    you look so pretty i love your bangs brushed to the side like that!

    you're so funny! i'm loving the new length.. but i admit i miss my long hair.. ok this is going to sound totally crazy and whenever i say this to my husband he looks at me like i'm bat sh*t crazy.. but the thing is ... i really love my hair short and straight.. but not short and curly.. but i really like my hair long and curly and hate it long and straight HAHAHAHA does that sound crazy??

    ANYWAYS but it's still so hot and humid right now so i'm loving it.. but i'm hoping that after it grows out a few inches (but not as long as before) it'll be perfect both straight and when i want to curl it hehe

    ohh you know it's funny you mention that.. because i do have that problem when i'm looking for wedges.. that's probably why i don't have that many of them.. i really only have 3 pairs of wedges.. and if you consider how many pumps and flats i have that's very little HAHAHA.. the strap part is tricky.. i definitely need a perfect fit.. but i find it's better to buy tighter because as you wear them.. the front tends to stretch out a bit.. and it becomes much more comfortable.. whereas if i buy the front strap just right.. the shoes will stretch out too much in the front and my feet will slip through!

  2. Ohhh Sukiii, I am sorry to hear
    you didn't enjoy NY, I'd have
    loved it even I've been there
    twice! The hotel looks neat!
    And yay for refill on the
    toilet stuff c;


  3. NYC is the default cheap getaway for everyone in Montreal when you want to escape to another city so needless to say, I've been there countless times : P I've only been to the Met once when I was younger though but your pictures make me wanna visit it next time I go! It looks like fun and a smaller version of the Louvre x-P

    It's too bad that you didn't fall in love with NYC, I think the reason I really liked it is because of Sex and the City and Gossip Girl haha X-D
    You look pretty with your side swept bangs! It's a more mature look : ) I used to have bangs but then I got tired of keeping them tidy and not greasy looking so I grew them out!

  4. I dream of going to New York!

  5. please giv some of those big hershey bar ^^ btw the first few pics is that the place where Gossip Girl was always shot? :) PS. i love your bag :)

  6. Im glad you had a good time in New York! When I went a few years ago I didnt really enjoy myself I think I just dont like it when its so busy.
    The museum looked really beautiful from the pictures! I really like seeing art like that.
    That was huge Hersey bar omg! I would be sick after like 5 bites hahah!
    Your hotel room was so nice as well :)

  7. eee! New York! I really want to visit the city some day soon :) The Metropolitan Museum of Arts & Laduree are definitely on my list of "places must visit in NYC" ! Were the Laduree as good as the hype?

  8. Haha New York you lucky bum!! But im def surprise to hear you saying u didnt fall in love with the city! Haha i have never been to it. :) the tea set is soo beautiful like wtf o_o how can a tea set be that gorgeous?!?! so nice that your bf is good at direction! i hate that my bf is not good with directions, and i have to rely on myself to get us there. or he just always uses his gps -_- but sometimes its not very convinient in case his battery dies right. sorry about that negative experience about the subway! :x it seems scary to me since we have skytrains here right, not AS shady.

    Btw suki do you have twitter/IG? :D

  9. Oooh all that furniture and tableware is just so pretty!
    I always like using the subway in foreign cities, so easy to navigate and much better than the metro back home!

  10. awesome pic!! hihi.. although you didn't like the city, I wish I can go there someday!!
    ow.. and you look super super pretty in that flowery top!!! awesome dear!!! :)
    love your post!! and the pics from last post!! wanna follow each other? let me know dear.. I'll follow back immediately!!♥


  11. 3 days was enough huh? i definitely want to visit NY some day but many friends who have gone said that it's not what people make it out to be on TV! It's not as glamourous :P Still wanna check it out though for the food!!!

  12. Times Square! Oh, that reminds me of my first time in NYC in 2009. Oh my god, it already four years ago - I definitely have to go to America again. ^.^

    You look very cute on the pictures, Suki <3

    I can't wait to see your ihpone photos of August :) Hope it will be published soon.


    PS. The grey flamingos are still children so they aren't pink yet. BTW, the colour of the flamingos depends on the food they eat :)

  13. That exhibition looks lovely, Laduree looks like a shop I could spend a lot of money in TT; ahaha...

    Hope I can visit the USA one day~

  14. You didn't particularly like NYC? I lurve NYC! I notice that the weather/ season plays a huge role in whether I like a place or not. I went to NYC during the Christmas season and it was lovely. I like that tea set that you featured as well as that multi-functional desk. You are keeping side swept now? I just cut my own fringe a few minutes ago. Had wanted to keep side swept but I kept having bad bangs day and so I cut it. Your hotel room looks really cozy and I'm sure you enjoyed all the amenities there.