~ nyc 2013 - day two ~

Sunday, September 15, 2013
When I was drafting up posts of my Disney trip a few months back I decided to spread things out, so I would be able to have things to post when my life got boring and also not have my blog clogged with repeated Disney posts. But that has just made them super backtracked lol I guess that backfired on me so I've decided to just finish off my NYC posts first, since there's only one left after this post anyways =)

On the second day in New York we had the American Museum of Natural History on our list, I don't have anything like this near where I live (you need to take the ferry for the one on Victoria Island) and needless to say the I was quite excited. Breakfast was at a really nice place called Ze Cafe, in fact I loved the place so much I'm going to blog about it separately lol

o0o00 Bears, the museum is quite....prehistoric if you will in it's displays in certain parts. Perhaps they are purposefully going for that feel but there were parts I felt like I was transported back back in time.

One of my favorite parts, there was just so much stuff everywhere! Stuff on the walls, on the floor, hanging from the ceiling.....

Lamprey's and the like have always fascinated me...

I thought this crab really looked like a spider...

I love reptiles so was a bit disappointed when the reptile room was pretty small compared to the other exhibits.

It was Soho after the museum! The majority of the stores were already closed since it was getting later. This was one of the fancy food market/stores, dulce...something? I had lots of fun just browsing around =P

Dinner time! Oh gosh I can't even remember what this restaurant was called....><

I think this was a escargot lobster dish, it was really delicious!!!! I thought it would come covered in cheese and when I saw all the green herbs I was a little disappointed but as soon as I tasted it, it was heaven!

l The pail of seafood! The sauce inside the pail was really spicy!!!

This was called something like salad on pasta. The thing they didn't mention was how spicy it was!!! It was super spicy, I couldn't handle it, I finished as much as I could but *sniff sniff*

The best part of the meal was the complimentary dessert and toy! The dessert was chocolate mousse and it was perfect, not too sweet and the texture was great.

I'm sure some people have played with this small fish (plastic film) toy before. You basically put it on your hand and it will start to move which then you match the movement according to the back of the slip, to tell your "fortune".
4 comments on "~ nyc 2013 - day two ~"
  1. FORTUNE FISH!! I kind of wish I had the chance to go to the National History Museum, they're always such great photo op places because of how everything is displayed. And you know, me and my dinosaurs..

  2. Such an interesting museum. I had one of those fortune fish as a child too.

  3. I love all kind of Museums or Zoos - I have to visit this Museum of Natural History when I go to New York! I have been there in 2009, omg, can't believe that it is already 5 years ago *___* I definitely have to plan a new trip to America ^^

  4. is this the same museum at the movie night at the museum? ^^