~ nyc 2013 - last day ~

Sunday, September 29, 2013
The last post of my NYC trip this summer, here's part one and two. There's not much in this post besides photos of food and art. I was a bit tired out by them and hadn't bothered to take too many photos, I was also really looking forward to going home =P

For breakfast I decided to try Treehaus, at the end of the block. They had a buffet selection when I went, I'm guessing it was just the start of lunch. When I think of buffet I usually think of families, screaming children attacking the ice cream machine, plates still wet from just being washed and dirty soda fountain stations. But this place made their buffet look amazing, I wish I took a photo now. Everything was clean, orderly and lots of well dressed people getting lunch too!

The food was not bad at all! They had lots of interesting selections. The cafe also ran as a store, in the back were drinks and a smoothie station you could order from, upstairs was a ramen shop. 

On the last day it was a visit Moma, a hard decision since I had wanted to go to the Guggenheim too, technically both could have been have done in one day but I guess I really got into the relaxing way of travelling haha

Now for some art (please excuse my terrible photography skills)

I thought this display was so pretty!

Omg I was totally wowed by this earthquake resistance table!!!! 

I think this was designed by someone as a shelter to take everywhere...

I desperately linguine vongole but not many places had it on their permanent menu, I finally found a restaurant that did but the food was only ok.

Despite the pasta not being too yummy I was actually able to finish the entire thing. I think I was secretly scared of being lectured by the bf again cause I wanted to order an appetizer too -.-

Well that's it for my NYC adventure this summer, never would I have thought that three days would have been enough in this city for me. I still didn't get to do everything on my list but I am happy as a clam with what I did. I hope everyone is having a lovely September and excited for October! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays though I don't celebrate it much. I just love all the spooky stuff and the vibe!
4 comments on "~ nyc 2013 - last day ~"
  1. i agree with you that blue display is really nice. aw wish we have a museum near my place :)

  2. Looks like there is lots to see and eat in NY!

  3. sukiiiii! how are you dear? i haven't been around the blogging world for a while. i miss reading your posts.
    ooo new york! oh how i want to visit again. I haven't been there in ages. i miss the city and the food.


  4. New York looks like a great place to visit, you made me want to go as well ~