~ september photo challenge pt 2 ~

Friday, September 20, 2013
My second part to my September photo challenge! You can find the first part here, September sure is flying by fast, I can' wait for October though, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year! I know I'm also way behind on comments, I'm actually so busy with school I don't have much time to myself. Snapping photos is quick but the main reason I'm posting this is because my friend and I decided there'd be a punishment for whoever quits! And I'm actually quite a sore loser!

something blue - I love these small candies some restaurants give after the meal, my favorite is the mini bala brand!
sunset- this one set me on edge because I usually don't pay much attention to the sunset, but luckily it was beautiful that day and my friend reminded me/told the time of sunset
something you can't live without - my furry companion!
eyes - not exactly eyes per say but I always thought the camera on my ds looked like a pair of eyes!

silhouette - had some trouble doing this one, but once I turned on my table lamp I saw these
a good habit- starting my assignments well before they're due 
technology - I panicked with this one and just took a photo of my bf's consoles lol

shoes - the boots I was wearing that day, I want to buy the same pair this year, I love them so much but I really beat them up ><
something you want - I can't say too much on this yet in case it gets jinxed but it's halloween related~
in my bag - these pocket tissues I can't live without, I'm super clumsy =S

That was short and sweet.
3 comments on "~ september photo challenge pt 2 ~"
  1. Very cute pocket tissues :)

    What do you like about Halloween?

  2. Replies
    1. i like it that aki used the word regal ^^

      are you going to any Halloween costume parties this year? :)