~ disney halloween 2013 pt. 3 ~

Thursday, October 31, 2013
H A P P Y       H A L L O W E E N

The third and last segment of my Disney Halloween trip!

Space Mountain is transformed into Ghost Galaxy during Halloween!

The Starbucks cups at Disney were so adorable! I brought one home but the hot-drink cup.

Main Street was really decked out for the holidays.

Chicken wings at McDonald had me reminiscing my trips to Hong Kong

Though I have no idea how authentic these kinetoscopes are I had a blast viewing them! It only costed a penny. It was thrilling as I had briefly learned about them in class.

Saw some Taffy, which my sister loves!

I really liked the organ display and the time piece display on the right.

I wish I bought this print now but I really have no where to put it.

A few people convinced us that In-n-Out burgers were the best, so we took a taxi ride to get some, I personally wasn't wowed and I think it was a waste of a taxi ride....

Disney Halloween was great! I hope to visit for more occasions. I had to work hard as my midterms were mostly after this trip but it was all worth it. Now time to write papers and get ready for Christmas!

~ disney halloween 2013 pt. 2 ~

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Onto the second part of my Halloween Disney post! I'm so glad the week is over, I had a total of four midterms and I'm pooped! Now I only need to worry about writing my papers and doing well on finals!

In Califnoria Adventures there's this place with a stage for the Mad Hatter's Party! I never actually caught the part but it seemed so festive and perfect for Halloween.

The Monsters Inc. ride is also located beside the stage. I had to try three times before I successfully got to ride it cause it kept breaking down!

I was so excited for Cars Land and it was awesome! Everything looked just like the movie!

The fastpasses for this ride was already handed out before noon (when we got there) so after the lunch I decided to suck it up and wait. When I saw the time showing the wait time I was shocked "105 minutes?!?!?!" Right after I said that a man offered me his passes because he couldn't make the time. I

The candied apples looked sooo good and I was *this* close to buying one but most of them was covered in milk chocolate which I didn't like and two, they were expensive!

This giant Mickey pumpkin was super popular and had line ups throughout the day!

On the story book boat~

That's all for now! I'll be posting up the last part on Halloween or before!

~ disney halloween 2013 pt. 1 ~

Friday, October 18, 2013
Over the long weekend the boyfriend and I popped down to California to celebrate Halloween at Disneyland! I was a bit bummed since we couldn't go to the Halloween party because the tickets were sold out but I really can't complain. The weather was great and Disney's always fun! It was a impromptu-ish trip which lasted for 3 days.

Cars Land at California Adventures is the newest section of the park I believe. 

Lego version of Beauty and the Beast! I'm always in awe of what lego can do.

At the downtown area there was this really cool store that sold various prints, postcards etc. I think hipster Mickey is so cute~

These plushies are super popular, look at this wall! I wanted to get the Duffy one but sadly I think he's only being sold at Disney World at the moment =(

Was soooo tempted to get this because it was Halloween themed but I honestly don't know what I'd do with it haha

Duffy's newest outfit.

The corridor in the hotel, it looked so eerie like this.

I hope everyone was able to get a good rest over the long weekend! For me, it's only going to be busy busy busy until the end of October!

~ ramen and october photo challenge 2013 pt.1 ~

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
After my midterm today my siblings and I went out for a ramen dinner at Kamamarui Ramen & Sushi. It's a small restaurant with only about 10 seats. I really loved their interior design and the tables and chairs were portable, thus could be pushed together to accommodate larger parties (like 4 people lol). There's a mix of iphone photos and camera photos =P

The menu is simple and presented on wooden clipboards that flow well with the wood and zen vibe I felt from the restaurant.

The wooden paneling by the front window, that covers the large window. 

Tea served in a press kekeke

Spicy Salmon and Vegetables! I didn't think it would look like this, which isn't a bad thing! The salmon tasted fresh and delicious! 

The rice balls I got with my ramen combo, they tasted savory and flavored like seaweed, yummy but I don't think I could've finished these two by myself, I was able to split this with my siblings.

The soft egg, I actually had no idea how this could look. I was thinking more of the regular ramen egg so was a bit surprised when it looked like this. However it's delicious! It also has a hint of citrus in the sauce, I swear I tasted oranges!

The ramen was delicious! The soup wasn't overpowering and the meat was really tender! At first glance it looks tough but it's really soft, I was super happy and there was a ton of bean sprouts too, I love bean sprouts =)

The restaurant interior was lovely. Simple, neat and gave off the zen/tranquil feel which I find quite rare in ramen shops! Usually they're hustle and bustle.

I also want to mention that the service was really good. He was just so happy and friendly to everyone, like he really enjoyed being there!

P.S I'm blogging quite quickly so there's probably ton of spelling/grammar mistakes ><

~ iphone photos - september 2013 ~

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
The month of September came and went in a flash! School started, I turned another year older and still making vacation plans! To be honest, the majority of the month was not good. I had terrible headaches from stress, self induced of course -.- I was pretty busy in September, and probably going to be even more busy in October, so most of my photos are either of 1.) food or 2.) selfies hahaha 

September brings fall which brings, pumpkin spice lattes!!! I've actually been very good with these, I try not to have more than 1 or 2 a week since they add up in costs =(

A huge portion of pasta! I think this was the linguine vongole, it lasted me almost 4 meals....

After an early dinner with a friend I noticed this gorgeous scene.

Painted my nails a matte sky blue, I rarely wear blue but I felt gloomy so decided this would be the appropriate colour, I almost went with grey though.

Some Korea tofu soup, just food court stuff though haha

I was contemplating on whether to get a psl (pumpkin spice latte) or not but I saw a truck handing these out! Hurray, it quenched my thirst and saved me 5$ =)

Garlic prawns! I had this twice in a month!

nom nom nom psl...

A lotion set I received for my birthday, I'm in love with the box a lot hahaha

Krispy Kremes taste better at night...

 Well that's it for September! I might be going on a small trip in October but I'll talk more about that when it's set in stone. For now I'm looking forward to October! It's going to be super busy with lots of school work but hopefully I can make time for fun as well! =D I hope everyone is looking forward to a great Halloween~