~ disney halloween 2013 pt. 1 ~

Friday, October 18, 2013
Over the long weekend the boyfriend and I popped down to California to celebrate Halloween at Disneyland! I was a bit bummed since we couldn't go to the Halloween party because the tickets were sold out but I really can't complain. The weather was great and Disney's always fun! It was a impromptu-ish trip which lasted for 3 days.

Cars Land at California Adventures is the newest section of the park I believe. 

Lego version of Beauty and the Beast! I'm always in awe of what lego can do.

At the downtown area there was this really cool store that sold various prints, postcards etc. I think hipster Mickey is so cute~

These plushies are super popular, look at this wall! I wanted to get the Duffy one but sadly I think he's only being sold at Disney World at the moment =(

Was soooo tempted to get this because it was Halloween themed but I honestly don't know what I'd do with it haha

Duffy's newest outfit.

The corridor in the hotel, it looked so eerie like this.

I hope everyone was able to get a good rest over the long weekend! For me, it's only going to be busy busy busy until the end of October!
7 comments on "~ disney halloween 2013 pt. 1 ~"
  1. suki you have such a wonderful life! :) i wish i could go to disney to celebrate anything ^^ and i would totally buy that halloween framed disney land logo even tho i will probably use it for a few days and store it in a box after haha :D

  2. wonderful day out.. nice shots.

  3. I would love to go to a Disney theme park again. There is nothing cool like Disney up in the northeast. T_T

  4. Hipster mickey looks good:) I want the headband! hahaha..Now i wonder were shoud i expend Halloween:)

  5. I was a little confused by this series of Disney Halloween 2013 posts. I thought you were blogging about your Disney trip and it was a few months back and why is it a 2013 Halloween? Luckily I clicked all the way back here and instantly understood.

    Somehow I always find room service food really delicious. I don't know why. They are so expensive but they taste so darn good.

    I'm also amazed by what lego could do.

  6. Please post more disney photos, I love them!