~ iphone photos - september 2013 ~

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
The month of September came and went in a flash! School started, I turned another year older and still making vacation plans! To be honest, the majority of the month was not good. I had terrible headaches from stress, self induced of course -.- I was pretty busy in September, and probably going to be even more busy in October, so most of my photos are either of 1.) food or 2.) selfies hahaha 

September brings fall which brings, pumpkin spice lattes!!! I've actually been very good with these, I try not to have more than 1 or 2 a week since they add up in costs =(

A huge portion of pasta! I think this was the linguine vongole, it lasted me almost 4 meals....

After an early dinner with a friend I noticed this gorgeous scene.

Painted my nails a matte sky blue, I rarely wear blue but I felt gloomy so decided this would be the appropriate colour, I almost went with grey though.

Some Korea tofu soup, just food court stuff though haha

I was contemplating on whether to get a psl (pumpkin spice latte) or not but I saw a truck handing these out! Hurray, it quenched my thirst and saved me 5$ =)

Garlic prawns! I had this twice in a month!

nom nom nom psl...

A lotion set I received for my birthday, I'm in love with the box a lot hahaha

Krispy Kremes taste better at night...

 Well that's it for September! I might be going on a small trip in October but I'll talk more about that when it's set in stone. For now I'm looking forward to October! It's going to be super busy with lots of school work but hopefully I can make time for fun as well! =D I hope everyone is looking forward to a great Halloween~
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  1. star wars!!! that's going to be a huuugeeeeee lego figure once you finish. i love lego, i remember when i was little we got that big box full of different pieces where you can make anything you want. Lego is so different now lol.

    Mmmm yum yum, i love korean food and crab soup. I think i can live off soup if i had to choose one food item.

  2. My son would love that Lego set. Good idea- I think I will get for him for Christmas

  3. Such a yummy post ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. 1. love the sunshine selfie <3, 2. your pink laptop is cute haha, 3. would looove to see R2D2 pictures when you are done with it ^^

  5. Ah, suki, you look so cute - more selfies please ~o~

  6. All the food and drinks are making my mouth water. Isn't it difficult to resist a nice drink when there are sooo many shops around for it..? (especially here = =;)

  7. Pumpkin spiced latte? It's the first time I hear of this but from the number of times you bought that drink, it sure makes me wanna try out. Sounds delicious already. How I wished we have fall and all the fall events and celebrations.

    Your grown out bangs are looking good!

    Lego is such an expensive toy. I saw a star wars spaceship for $500 once. And I think that's not the most expensive.

    The crab soup looks so yummy!

    I hope your headache and stress go away. Shoo shoo shoo! And that you would manage to go on that planned trip in October.

  8. aww~ i love that vitamin water XD btw, you had a great time in NY <3