~ ramen and october photo challenge 2013 pt.1 ~

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
After my midterm today my siblings and I went out for a ramen dinner at Kamamarui Ramen & Sushi. It's a small restaurant with only about 10 seats. I really loved their interior design and the tables and chairs were portable, thus could be pushed together to accommodate larger parties (like 4 people lol). There's a mix of iphone photos and camera photos =P

The menu is simple and presented on wooden clipboards that flow well with the wood and zen vibe I felt from the restaurant.

The wooden paneling by the front window, that covers the large window. 

Tea served in a press kekeke

Spicy Salmon and Vegetables! I didn't think it would look like this, which isn't a bad thing! The salmon tasted fresh and delicious! 

The rice balls I got with my ramen combo, they tasted savory and flavored like seaweed, yummy but I don't think I could've finished these two by myself, I was able to split this with my siblings.

The soft egg, I actually had no idea how this could look. I was thinking more of the regular ramen egg so was a bit surprised when it looked like this. However it's delicious! It also has a hint of citrus in the sauce, I swear I tasted oranges!

The ramen was delicious! The soup wasn't overpowering and the meat was really tender! At first glance it looks tough but it's really soft, I was super happy and there was a ton of bean sprouts too, I love bean sprouts =)

The restaurant interior was lovely. Simple, neat and gave off the zen/tranquil feel which I find quite rare in ramen shops! Usually they're hustle and bustle.

I also want to mention that the service was really good. He was just so happy and friendly to everyone, like he really enjoyed being there!

P.S I'm blogging quite quickly so there's probably ton of spelling/grammar mistakes ><
6 comments on "~ ramen and october photo challenge 2013 pt.1 ~"
  1. yummy! i've been trying out and eatinga lot of ramn places lately because the weather is getting cold and ramen seems like the perfect comfort food:)

  2. omg i have spicy salmon salads! :) ive never have one tho that has salmons as big as that it is always just chucks of salmon or big tunas :P ps you take good photos :)

  3. Look at all the food! :)
    I'm having a wonderful October, it's been very eventful even though it just started. Now I'm craving noodles, any kind! Pho, Pad Thai, or even spicy ramen with cheese.

  4. That ramen looks so tasty ~ x3 I also love the colour themed photo challenge idea!

  5. I like how your ramen looks, simple and comforting. I had ramen for lunch today with my in laws and those ramen were too rich. It's a cluster of stalls from a Ramen Champion that we have here. The stalls are actual champions in Japan and they would set up their stalls here in so we get to savour ramen from various districts. Customers are free to vote and the stall with the least votes after a year would be sent packing up and back to Japan. It's a unique concept but somehow, I still prefer my Santouka.

    The spicy salmon and vegetables dish look great. Like Salmon salad and the rice balls with seaweed sounds lovely too. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal with your siblings and the good service.

    It is so common to see Italians riding their Vespa. Even men in suit also ride their Vespa and they look so cute. Here in Singapore, those old classic vintage vespa are usually ridden by old men. Hahaha... The hip youngsters would buy a vintage one and spruce it up like what my BIL did. Your cousin is so cool to have a motorbike but if I were to fall off my bike and not be able to pick it up, I think that's not very cool. Lol... In my country, you have to be able to pick the bike up or the instructors wouldn't pass you. They think that's an important requirement.

    Which blonde hair? The one with the grey contacts or the halloween throwback? The one with the grey contacts is my current hair colour and it is brown. The Halloween throwback one was quite a disaster after that. I had hair depression during that period of time when I insisted on perming my hair after bleaching. Hahaha... What you see in the picture wasn't permed yet. It was tonged.

    Your mum is just like my dad when it comes to oysters!

  6. This restaurant must be amazing! Food looks great!