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Sunday, November 17, 2013
Tea salons seem to be popping up left and right in this city! Which is awesome for anyone who enjoys afternoon tea like yours truly. My friend came across this fairly new tea salon when we were discussing where we should have afternoon tea next, this place won over the others because of it's location (close to school) and perhaps because of the "newness". 

Neverland tea Salon is located in Kitsilano and easily accessible by car or public transit. Just look for their whimsical golden sign. The tea salon not only serves afternoon tea but lunch, dinner and brunch as well. We made reservations in advance and I'm glad we did because it was fairly busy when we went! The place is absolutely lovely so this might be my longest tea post yet! Check out my friends post here!

I really appreciate places that display their menus outside. 

When we went inside we were greeted and brought to our table. The service was really good throughout our time there and I believe one of the co-owners also went to each table greeting the guests and asking how everything was.

At first glace I thought our selection of teas were quite small as I had expected a larger tea selection but after taking a closer look (or sniffs!) there were some really interesting blends! You have your usual, earl grey and  darjeeling but then you also have some fruity blends that smelled like candy! While I usually don't stray too far from Earl Grey, I couldn't resist getting the Jasmine Blueberry, it smelled like a Jolly Rancher! They both tasted very nice too.

Peter Pan - An awfully big adventure with a blend of elite Japanese teas: sencha, bancha, genmai cha, kukicha, gyokuru, strawberry bits and red currents.

Jasmine Blueberry- A white tip green tea infused with the sweetness of delicate jasmine petals and succulent organic blueberries.

You can tell there was a lot of thought put into this place because despite its small size, the decor was really well done. From gorgeous chandelier to the charming wall quote, everything worked well together but I must admit....the wall clock seemed a bit out of place.

I thought that couch/sofa was lovely, too bad we didn't sit there.

My friend and I were so excited when the food came we just dove in and didn't even unfold our napkins! Oopsies~

~ Our tier ~

~ finger sandwiches ~
There was the usual cucumber, brie croissant, egg salad, and a crab salad but I thought the mushroom one was most unique. It was unexpected and had a lot of flavors.
The savories were well balanced and very tasty. I also recently started to have this habit where I would save one or two sandwiches and eat them after I finished all my sweets. I found that after eating all the sweets I really crave for something salty!

The scones and devonshire cream were really good. I ate the entire scone and I loved the sugar on top of it. It gave it that extra something, I think all plain scones should have this =P

Flourless chocolate cake, passion fruit chocolate tart, tiramisu cupcake and mocha eclairs. 

Everything here was perfect. The icing on the cupcake was very light and complimented the cake portion perfectly. The passion fruit was really flavorful, I thought it was absolutely delicious! My friend found it a bit overpowering, so I got to eat her piece! =D 

The bill comes in a gravy boat? haha The bill also came with small sugar cookies as treats to take home, a really nice gesture! (the cookies were delicious btw)

The pastry counter you see right when you walk in was full of yummy baked goods!

The antique desk where guests could add their hearts content to their take out drinks, this is such a creative way to use the desk!

I have high hopes for Neverland Tea Salon, the food was good, the staff were friendly and the place was absolutely gorgeous. Since it's so close to school I'll probably be back for afternoon tea again or perhaps for lunch or dinner. I do hope they have a holiday menu!
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  1. Again: OMG! I lovelove afternoon teas to nice interior restaurant
    to a greeting co-owner c: that's really lovely! I'm glad the food
    taste nice because it looks nice! And lots of food that isn't
    cliche like the mocha enclairs (I've only seen chocolate ones)
    The bill that comes in gravy can is cute and love the extra
    bagged cookies c: Xx

  2. That looks so delicious. I still want to attend to an afternoon tea but where should I go...? All what you get here is normal coffee or tea -___-'' Omg, I have to go to London or Paris >o<

  3. Everything looks so good! Glad it tasted as good as it looked! The scones look like they'd be my fave lol

  4. It looks so great, the decoration especially ~ x3 that antique desk is just the best idea!

  5. Hi Suki! Omg the tea tiers looks soo pretty! <3 <3

  6. ohhh i love this!! i wish i lived in canada so i could have tea w/ you hehehe!!

    everything looks delicious.. the sweets look especially whimsical and fun especially the tiramisu cups! i'm like that.. i like to eat one salty and one sweet.. and go back and forth.. otherwise i find that my palette gets really overloaded w/ one flavor profile hehe :)

  7. I had images of Peter Pan reading the title! Lol. I don't stray too far from Earl Grey either. It's my favorite tea!


    It's incredibly hard to resist buying things these days!

    I've been doing ok. Still haven't found our second place yet :'( And the place we purchased won't be built for another 3 years so no decorating for me right now. Sniff.

  8. this is drinking tea in a another level! ^^ i love how the places you visit are magical related :)