~ disney cruise 2013 - embarkation & stateroom ~

Sunday, November 10, 2013
Finally getting around to posting about my Disney cruise that I took around May =)

Embarkation day went pretty smoothly. We signed up to take the Disney bus from our resort to the port so we only had to leave our luggage near our doors at 8 am. Then we met up with the cruise coordinators, signed in and waited to board our bus. Between the times we had breakfast and just waited in the lounge area.

This was the first time any of us had ever been on a cruise. The cruise was for five days, four nights and would stop at Nassau as well as Castaway Cay, Disney's own private island! We booked a stateroom with a veranda which I highly suggest as the view is gorgeous and there is a high chance you might spend more time in your room than imagined.

At the Disney terminal at Port Canaveral. 

Our stateroom! Originally we had gotten an inside stateroom which meant no window at all but luckily I decided to upgrade us to a veranda and I'm so glad I did! I did this before we even left for our trip but some people have been known to get great upgrade rates right before boarding. So if you want to have a chance at those be sure to get to the port as early as possible!

The bed was super comfy! The room was a decent size and we had three large suitcases in total. Luckily the bed is quite high off the ground so my sister and I both put our suitcases underneath the bed and pulled them out when we needed them.

The soda turned over into a sofa bed and the small table also oped up so you could place some stuff inside. Just be sure to take them back out!

Our veranda had two chairs and a small table, my sister also liked to put her swimsuits out here to dry lol

A table and mirror with shelving and a tv across the sofa.

On the small table provided there were important information laid out for us such as our navigators which would tell us the activities schedule throughout the day, their location, dining hours etc. The book also had the room service menu. Pen, paper and post cards were also provided. 

They also have these wave phones. Since there is no internet on-board (unless you buy it) these phones will help keep your party members connected to each other. They are fairly simple to use but don't lose them as they are expensive!

Your dining tickets tell you your table number as well as the rotation you will be in. Basically there are three main dining rooms with different themes/types of food. You will already be given a set dining time, which you can choose at the time you book your cruise, so all you need to do is show up at your time at the restaurant of the night. Though on paper it seems like we went to Animators twice, the second one was actually Pirate night of which the restaurant becomes pirate themed and the menu was also different. Of course for longer cruises you will probably have repeated dining. When you get to the restaurant all you need to do is tell them your table number and someone will show you to it. Your servers are the same for the entire cruise, this is to personalize the dining experience further. This would be great if you get a good server but if not you'll find going to dinner a bit dreadful.

Also unless you are travelling with a large party you will probably be seated with other people on the cruise. I actually wasn't too fond of this so I called ahead and put in a request for a private/separate table and lucky for me we got our own table =)

The lamps by the bedside.

The powder room.

The bathroom. There were always lots of towels which was very nice.

The shower handle had a cord and thus extendable. Also that round metal thing at the top of the shower? You can pull a laundry line out of there and it hooks onto the other side, this way you can dry your wet items overnight! Very useful!

H2O products again and this time we had lotion and facial soaps right way! Loved it!

I think these towels were available for purchase on the boat but to be honest they were super heavy.

We soon discovered that we actually get room cleaning twice a day, I guess the second one is called "turning down the bed?" Once in the afternoon and once more in the evening. I'm not sure if other cruises are like this but our room was always neat! In fact it was really embarrassing for me since I had a lot of clothes laid out on the bed one night and our sweet hostess actually folded every piece and put them neatly aside ><

She also let down the upper bunk! When she came to greet us we told her we didn't need it and wanted to save her the hassle of opening it.

After dinner and your second room keeping the hostess will leave the next days navigator in your room along with some chocolates! The sleepy dwarf for bed time! (chocolates before bed?)

The view when we looked down our veranda, luckily no one was above us top of us.

Looking from the left, the view from the veranda was always amazing!

We were in awe of the ship and loved it instantly!
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  1. I want to go on a Disney cruise!

  2. The service offered by Disney Cruise seems to be tip top and service always makes a huge difference to how great a trip (not a trip in this case) is. It certainly adds on the the positive experiences.

    It is good that you've decided to upgrade yourselves to the Veranda room. I cannot imagine living in a cabin without windows for a few days. I think I might get sea sick. The view is so amazing and I can imagine just sitting at the veranda enjoying the oceas breeze and yes it's a very important area to hang bikinis to dry! I would so love that veranda.

    The bed and the sofa look really comfortable. I bet you all get good night's rest on the bed. I do not quite like the nautical colours of the toilet as it doesn't make the bathroom look luxurious but I guess the nautical colours are there for a reason. Ah, I love those metal thing to pull out to hang clothes. Those are handy little things that should be fixed in every bathroom.

    I won't buy heavy towels too. I dislike hotel towels that are heavu coz it can't dry properly and I feel the weight on me especially when I love to drape them over my neck.

    I couldn't help but notice your reflection first before reading about the safety video that played the whole day. Those NEC phones are like walkie talkies? As in the guests would have them to contact each other? I would love those sort of things! There isn't any wifi on the cruise? You managed to survive well wo the modernities of the Internet!

    I know what you mean when you said you felt embarrassed when the hotess cleaned up the room. I'm also pretty untidy and I wonder how these hostesses feel when they have to clear up my mess. I hope a good looking couple stayed below your veranda. You would have watched them the whole day.

  3. OMG! Another Disney adventure again! I wanne visit you someday
    so that you can take me to all these places really :P

    I have never heard that Disney has this cruise event thingy nor have
    I ever cruised in my life before. I just hope I don't get seasick :P
    Its a good thing you have upgraded your room. Sleeping in a room
    with no windows feels like sleeping in a shoe box.
    I thought the themed restaurant and food is a cute idea, I think
    kids would love it c;

    I cannot wait to see more photo's of your cruise trip! Xx