~ disney cruise 2013 - sailing day ~

Thursday, November 28, 2013
We sailed for an entire day before reaching our first destination. I found that sailing day could either really relaxing or really boring. I think some people even try to avoid cruises that have too many sailing days for various reason - becoming bored or perhaps thinking it's a waste of money. A sailing day is exactly what it sounds like, when the ship is out at sea for the entire day, no port stops. Personally I found sailing day to be relaxing and gave us time to fully explore the ship. Sure, there were times for that on other days too but if you had a port adventure, chances are you're probably too tired.

The famous Aquaduck! I hadn't really planned to ride it but since the line was short my sister and I went for it! The ride is quite lengthy in terms of a water slide but only the beginning was thrilling, the rest was like a relaxing float through the tubes. You don't actually slide through this, instead you ride in a float they provide you with.

The huge screen that they play movies and trivia games on from which you can watch whilst lounging on your pool chair! It was awesome, we managed to catch some of Peter Pan and then some trivia came on, the questions were (surprisingly) tough!

I loved these stamps framed in our room.

We went to watch Dash's Diaper Baby Dash (or something like that) basically they raced crawling babies! It was so cute and adorable, a lot of people turned up too, also the MC did an awesome job hyping the up event.

Some very unhealthy but yummy deep fried goodness, just too easily available!

I won't go too much into this but basically it's a detective game you play on the ship, I personally think it's fun for all ages =) My sister and I both started but never finished our game ><

My yummy coke! It's crazy how little soft drinks I drink now compared to a year ago (or was it even longer than that>) when I had a crazy soda phase ><

It was Pirate Night that day! Disney cruises usually have one night designated to this pirate theme where there is a dance party on deck after dinner and fireworks as well. All guests are given these bandannas(?) Some people really got into the spirit of things and dressed up like crazy, it was great! If you're trying to avoid the families and crowds this would be a great night to try the more exclusive restaurants (the ones that have extra charge).

Pirate Duffy

Pirate themed menus for the night, we were at Animators again which transformed to accommodate the pirate theme, the servers were also wearing pirate themed uniforms. 


Crab cake!

I usually chose this dessert which is a mini sample of the larger desserts. I believe there was a night where none of the desserts looked appetizing believe it or not! My brother also really liked their sundae's and I think he got them more than twice.

These posts always make me miss my Disney Cruise, I hope I can go again soon ><
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  1. i have contradicting emotions towards the water slide ^^ would love to try it cause it seems like a cool concept but at the same time its really scared to be trapped inside a tube :D

  2. The mickey plate is so cute! Awww, drawn Mickey *___*
    And the food >o< looks soooo yummy as always xD

  3. The last dessert looks divine!