~ october iphone photos 2013 & october photo challenge ~

Sunday, November 3, 2013
Finally uploading my October iphone photos! I'm *hoping* November will be the calm before the storm aka December!

Painted my nails according to my mood at the time -gloomy!
My friend also painted her nails almost exactly the same except she did a gradient for her accent nail, great minds think alike!

The most adorable Halloween card!

On the way to Cali!

The bus! I'm glad it was painted/Disney themed on the outside, I think it creates a great mood for vacation.

I was trying to capture a really pretty sunset.

Had the biggest craving for Greek food. The portion was huge! I only ate about 1/4 and packed the rest up for my brother lol

More nachos! At Boston Pizza this time, pretty good!

Blenz was having pink cups in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month!!! I got their hot chocolate - a mix of 3 milks and 2 whites.

Dunno why this photo won't rotate properly but Soda got these in his BarkBox this month, they're adorable!

Something I saw in the neighborhood, I really like it when folks get into the holidays with outdoor decorations.

Took the long trek to West Van for some french food at Cafe Regalade~

The Halloween chocolates at Godiva this year, personally I prefer last years more. It feels like they just skimped this year on the creativity.

You can see more Halloween themed chocolates on the left, they look like something kids in elementary would make, which isn't bad but I expected something more sophisticated from Godiva.

I was excited the get the ghost chocolate as I had recalled it to be pretty good from last year but I was disappointed and the pumpkin cheese cake chocolate didn't help either =( Hopefully their Christmas chocolates are better!
5 comments on "~ october iphone photos 2013 & october photo challenge ~"
  1. I love to see summary posts like this. You seem to have an enjoyable October! I'm sure the sunset you've captured looked really beautiful in real life. i often try to capture sunrise or sunset pics and they look way better from what my eyes could see than on the camera.

    The home made nachos from your bf's mom looks really really appetizing! I I would love the tart lime flavored tortilla chips.

    It is so cool to see so many outdoor decorations for Halloween. I almost which Singapore could be as involved in Halloween as in the west. We do not have trick or treating. Only dress up parties in preschools and for the adults, they just dress up and go to the clubs and pubs.

    I would expect better from Godiva too. I mean if I see those sweet treats in the photo, I would think they are cute but knowing that it is Godiva, I would also expect more. It's just human nature. Hahaha...

    I hope you have been well!

  2. Gorgeous photos ! I absolutely love the nail colour you're sporting in the first photo! xo


  3. AHH you went to Cali! I'm going to Cali this winter break : O So excited! November doesn't seem like it'll be calm ;___; School is only calm during September for me >___< Your posts are always filled with delicious food :O those nachos look so gooood! Lucky to have your bf's mom make you those :D

  4. Aw, Disney! :) I miss it. I went just earlier this year. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I have to try Greek food sometime!!!

  5. I'm so behind on your posts!! I hope you've been good! Any travel plans for the holidays?
    That blow up horse thing is so funny.
    Will take a look at your Disney posts now!