~ christmas afternoon tea at the fairmont 2013 ~

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
 Merry Christmas!

My friend was able to accompany me to afternoon tea on Christmas day! I felt so lucky since I was able to enjoy afternoon tea and Christmas together! Three hours passed by quick and we headed home to attend our annual Christmas family dinner. The only place I know of that is open for afternoon tea is Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, though I wasn't expecting the "special" menu, meaning the afternoon tea service that day was 50$ instead of the usual 35$.

We started off with (what I remember) a panna cotta, it had cinnamon inside and was topped with poached pears, it tasted very festive. I liked it!

Next was a spinach quiche and sausage roll, I enjoyed both and appreciated that they were served warm.

 ~ our tier ~

 ~ savories ~
Everything on this plate was good, not mind blowing super memorable good but I enjoyed all the sandwiches. 

My friend enjoyed the scones very much. The further ones were regular scones and the closer ones were gingerbread. Both were yummy and are softer in texture than other scones I've had, more similar to a sponge cake. The devonshire cream was divine.

~ sweets ~
The chocolate layered cake was really rich, I enjoyed it but the candy cane shortbread was much too dry and tasteless for my liking. The tart wasn't bad and the macaroons were yummy. I always find the sweets to be a bit disappointing here, I think their strengths are their sandwiches.

All in all the afternoon tea was lovely, especially since I believe it is the company that makes it quality. I don't think it was worth the 50$ price tag though so I would take that into consideration before coming here again next year.

I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas, the new year is just around the corner too!

4 comments on "~ christmas afternoon tea at the fairmont 2013 ~"
  1. Oh how nice! A Christmas afternoon tea! But yeah, $50 is pretty steep. I still am hesitant about $20. *sigh* One day I'll convince my cheap self to go. It's especially hard to convince boyfriend because for the same price, he could be eating all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, which he LOVES!

  2. Merry belated Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful time with all your lives ones! $50 is definitely expensive for tea. I think $35 is already pushing it. Lol

  3. ohhh my god. i'm so jealous of all your tea time adventures!! and a gingerbread scone!! DYING!! omgosh that sounds divine!!!

    umm.. yeah and my dogs are definitely not well behaved in public. i think it only "appeared" that way in the pictures -___- they're bratty. but it's probably because we spoil them hahaha.

  4. It looks really good! Although I agree, $50 does seem like a lot for afternoon tea. I've never tried the Fairmont tea in Toronto but I want to someday. I'm going to try the one at our Shangri-La hotel tomorrow!