~ christmas in vancouver 2013 ~

Saturday, December 21, 2013
A friend and I decided to check out the Vancouver Christmas Market we have downtown at the Queen Elizabeth Theater. The entrance fee was 3$/person before 4pm and I believe 6$ afterwards. The market is fairly small, I think we were done after 30mins there. (It also started to rain a little) Afterwards we wandered around downtown  and we even checked out the Gingerbread displays at The Hyatt.

Soirette had a pop-up store at Holt Renfrew.

~ Gingerbread Lane at The Hyatt ~
The entire lobby smelled of gingerbread, it was so nice.

Most were submissions from schools though some were in the professional category.

I thought these snowmen were kinda creepy but they're growing on me now.


This is probably the most "Christmassy" thing I've done all December! From tomorrow till Christmas day I'll be working so I was glad I got to spend a day doing all the Christmas related activities before then. I hope everyone has had a good week!

6 comments on "~ christmas in vancouver 2013 ~"
  1. Those gingerbread housies are soooooo adorable! Love the minions, I can already hear them sing Christmas carols in their squeaky voices hahaha! The people that make them have incredible skills, it looks like a fun past time, I ought to try it some time! Don't you just love the Christmas vibes during winter? Totally brightens the dark and cold nights!

  2. Wow those gingerbread displays are so cute! Haha, the snowmen are adorable. I haven't made gingerbread decorations since 2nd grade!

  3. Hey, I just received your Christmas card - thank you so much!!!! :)
    I love Christmas markets. Did you have any Gluhwein? We have one here in Toronto too but it's also pretty small. I really want to visit the ones in Europe someday..especially in Germany
    I love those gingerbreads! The last one is beautiful. This year I haven't really been doing anything Christmassy either :(

  4. Everything looks so festive and pretty! I wish there were more Christmas-y things to do where I lived.

  5. The Christmas market looks sooo amazing and those gingerbread artworks are really good x3 I miss a bit of Christmas atmosphere here TT;

  6. I love Christmas markets though I've only experienced the Christmassy atmosphere of Chrstmas markets once in my entire life and that was during my London-Paris trip.

    I love looking at all the photos here. Makes me miss Christmas already. Are those displays really gingerbread? Gosh... So pretty! I think the snowmen are cute. Nope not creepy.