~ 2012 diary ~

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Year end re-cap! It's going to be one long post, perhaps the longest one out of the year! Most of it will be me rambling on about changes I've noticed about myself throughout 2012 etc. Honestly 2012 has been a great year for me. I had a school-free summer (but not work free) went on an amazing trip and managed to get my schooling back on track (for now) which makes me look more forward to 2013. I'm somewhat doubtful it will be as great as 2012 but let's hope I'm wrong! Probably more than half of these will be shallow/materialistic kekeke

~ make up ~
I feel like I really got into make up this year. Previously I wore make up but never explored further than what I used which was mostly products that were either introduced to me or things that were left in my possession.   Ex. products other family members bought but didn't use. I now understand the need for dozens of blushes in every shade possible which also applies to lipsticks. I'm safe from tinted moisturizer and top powders for now. Mascara got me early.

I also learned a lot more about make up and am now much more picky about which brands I purchase from and try learn their philosophy about make up prior to purchase. I won't go too in depth about this since it's a personal choice but shoot me an email if you're curious and I'm most likely to reply.(I also have yet to use this paul and joe powder yet =( trying to finish up other ones first) But I'm still very comfortable in my own skin =) All this also applies to skin products that I use.

~ style ~
I could and am planning on writing a whole post on this, maybe even turn it into a "series" but my style has dramatically changed this year. Mostly it's just being able to figure out what my style even was. If any of you have read my blog from the very beginning you probably know what I'm talking about. I would always buy random pieces and drool over certain styles but never fully incorporate either into my closet. It's tough to explain (but that's what another post is for lol) but I'm happy to say I'm excited to shop for my spring/summer wardrobe this upcoming year! I actually really had a tough time putting my clothes together and always felt awkward in a sense......

I also stray now and then and make random purchases LOL The photo above is just a few sweaters I've purchased this past fall. It's like they're trying really hard to take my money, everywhere I look is wool sweaters in pastel colours ugh!

~ paris ~
The one city I thought I would visit last (along with places like Vegas, NYC, Mexico etc.) because I just never had the urge to visit. I know some people make this their life time goal/trip and this probably makes me sound like a spoiled brat but I really had other places high on my priority list to see, Paris just wasn't one of them. Even though I was only there for a little over a week it was beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Though Paris wasn't high on my travel list the city did have a lot of places I wanted to see such as the Lourve and Palace of Versaille. Even now it seems surreal that I was there and with such gorgeous weather too! Perfectly warm enough for me to wear skirts/dresses but not so hot I was sweltering with sweat dripping down my back. It really was a trip to remember.

Paris Posts

~ set foot in every disney park across the globe ~

I've officially been to all the Disney parks around the world. I can't even believe it and like Paris it's still settling in. That's a total of five locations and I don't even know how many parks, some I've done multiple times too. Now I feel less of a desire to visit a park every year, I don't know I guess it's because I feel like I checked it off my "bucket" list and filed it under "dream accomplished". Unfortunately I don't have many photos of my California trip since I went when I was quite young = didn't bother taking photos lol but I'll link the rest of the trips here.

Disney World 2011

Tokyo Disney will be coming soon~

~ louis vuitton ~
I really went nuts this past year for lv items. In one year I acquired three new items. I love each and every one, two of them came straight home with me from Paris. I'm passed this crazy phase but that doesn't mean I don't love designer items! The craze made me make a impulsive purchase which I really regret now, I could use the money instead >< (it's not any of these items btw lol I think I made the purchase another year ago)

My gorgeous wallet, love her to death! My poor azur one is being neglected but I'm thinking of changing it up when spring arrives and then back to this one for the summer and holidays~

Oh you look-like-a-large-bag-but-can't-hold-nearly-enough bag. How I love thee so. I must admit, there were times when I thought we weren't going to work out but we smoothed out those bumps and now you're a staple in my closet. I also learned the hard lesson, listen to yourself when you're buying expensive stuff so you don't have regrets! Now I won't buy a bag that won't make my heart beat and my body sweat when I set my eyes on it! 

~ foods ~
Near the end of this year I finally got to try some new foods. I always wanted to but never bothered to venture out and actually do it. The photo above is just one of a breakfast I had in the summertime LOL It's full of random items like an apple, garlic bread, burnt pineapple bun and a cup of milk tea and no this is not new foods but I just thought the photo turned out nice haha 

My breakfast at the ever so popular Cafe Medina, I've yet to write a review on this but I didn't enjoy it too much =(

Again, another draft sitting in the draft box. I wish I could say good things about this place but *le sigh*

My appetizer from Trattoria that I have.....yup you guessed it, sitting in my draft box hahaha I don't want to post too many food posts, especially in a row as I find it gets a bit boring since my photos aren't phenomenal (I forget my camera more than half the time)

Also another thing I've noticed change is that I rely on myself much more and realize I'm an introvert at heart, I know those terms, "introvert" and "extrovert" have been thrown around a lot recently but I really draw energy from my own time. Anyways that's for another post!

I hope everyone has a happy 2013!