~ iphone photos - december 2012 ~

Saturday, January 5, 2013
Wow it seemed like December was a really long month for me! Probably longest out of the year. I finish my finals and finally got a little break before working a lot again. On Christmas day I went to eat dim sum with a close friend and we ended up chatting away at Starbucks for 5 hrs, we only separated because we had family plans lol

My sister and I laughed so hard at this at 2am. Read it with a British accent.

These were super expensive for what they were.

Photography wasn't allowed. A girl decided to take a photo in the middle of the show and the usher actually went to where she was sitting (in the middle of a row) to tell her no photos. Over all the show was good but I was a little disappointed, I probably won't purposefully go to another show. I guess it was so hyped up I was expecting death defying stunts etc. I also think I prefer things like musicals more so I'm biased lol If you are planning to go don't bother purchasing the expensive tickets for a closer seat because the tent is fairly small.

At the beginning of the show one of the actors, dressed up as a lizard came out to say "hi". He also took popcorn from the audience and started to eat from it....actually he licked it and then gave it back to the girl. I kept wondering if she was ever reimbursed for her popcorn....

Noms! Minty chocolate! I always buy a lot of chocolate during this time of the year because of the pretty packaging.

That is one sinister and creepy looking duck drawn by my sister.

Chocolate advent calender from my mum! I actually never remember to eat it everyday so I get to pop out about 5 in one sitting to make up for the past days lol

Thigh high socks love!
Some nommy fish from The Flying Pig.

Love the Christmas decorations in the malls.

(I popped into gamestop the other day to buy harvest moon and she told me it was sold out, like wth, when did this game get this popular? And to think I used to I used to feel crazy to preorder it....)

Something I randomly saved off tumblr to show a friend and this definitely applies to me!

Candy cane truffle! Yummy!!!

hahahahahahahahaha this blog is becoming uncensored now lol

My cute megu, it evolved a few times during the month but I didn't take photos lol

I attempted to do something christmassy with pastel colours but my nails just turned out looking like Easter eggs =( It looks more like mint in real life but in photos it turned out robin blue.

Salted caramel cake pop, the states gets the best stuff!

Cute Christmas cupcakes I found at T&T.

What a cute tea pot. I know this restaurant, Shanghai River, is very popular for shanghainese food but the service was awful. They don't hire enough servers and the ones that are there aren't attentive enough. My family had crab and they never came to change the plates even once, we just left the plates full of crab shells on the table which was fairly small already. They only cleared out empty dishes when it came time to put down another dish because the table was already crowded with dishes! Then when I was paying the server stood RIGHT next to me as I was entering in my credit card info (and tip), my sister was shocked! What a bad experience and it was my sister and my christmas dinner to my parents too =(

I got to choose between these bunnies in Professor Layton ( the ds game) I finally chose the one on the left but the floppy ear one is so cute too! I also rarely use the 3D function as I find it gives me a headache and it's hard for me to keep it at the perfect level to achieve the 3D-ness.

Laughed my butt off at this image my friend sent me.

Found this at the gift shop when I was at the Vandusen gardens, so adorable and sorta regretting not buying it now....

Yummy spinach and cheese baked oyster!

A super gorgeous pretty rococo jewelry box my friend got me for christmas!

My not so cute megu =(

December was amazing but January is giving me a hard time! I hope it will get easier by the end =) I noticed I'm nearing 300 readers~ Yay! That also means a giveaway soon!