~ cafe salade de fruits ~

Saturday, January 12, 2013
Cafe Salade de Fruits is a small french bistro located within a Cultural center, I believe it's the French Cultural center which made it a bit hard to find. The cafe is also fairly small and when I say small I mean small. It really echoed the small cafes in Paris where you are almost "blocked" into your corner, I didn't have too much of an issue with it but maybe avoid bringing large bags. From reading numerous reviews I expected the menu to be entirely in french but from what I remember there was English as well. It is cash only and the place fills up quick!

When you see this sign you'll know you've come to the right place!

They had adorable mini street signs of Paris decorating the tables! Love it! The inside decor was cute and loaded with various metal street signs.

Starting off our meal with some bread. It was alright and I was slightly disappointed since I thought we were going to get the amazing bread we got in Paris.

~ My main: Mussels and fries ~

Lots of the reviews raved about the mussels so I had to try it and it was delicious! I personally wouldn't eat fries with mussels and I read somewhere that you could possibly substitute the fries with a salad which I would have done if I'd known in the first place boo~  With that said, the fries were amazing!!!! Of course I put most of my attempt and stomach into the mussels so I didn't finish the fries but I did pack them for home. For the price the amount of mussels was overwhelming and this was only the regular size.

Overall I had a nice filling meal here and wouldn't mind coming back to try some other items on their menu. They have good prices and decent portions from what I saw on other people tables (creeper). Next time I want to try a "real" breakfast/brunch item~