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Saturday, January 26, 2013
Besides playing video games and shopping I also love to read in my spare time (when I have any haha) I usually go through these phases where I'll buy a handful of books and practically won't sleep until I've finished all of them. So I decided that it'd be a great idea to share some of the books I've read and enjoyed! Like with everything else, I'm really picky with what I read but personally think everyone is hahaha I think most of these books are available on amazon so hopefully you can get your hands on them easily.

Actually one of my friends was surprised when I told her reading is a hobby of mine and I enjoy it very much. She said  that I seemed to be the type that would only read magazines or stuff related to celebrities (make up books etc.) -.- Which is ironic because it couldn't be far from the truth not that there's anything wrong with magazines. I used to read them in high school but stopped once I realized they repeat themselves tediously and I didn't have the funds to just throw away like that. I'm also very bad at remembering the names of the authors but I'll remember the name of the book. Yes this happens in class too, I remember the name of the piece and forget who made it =(

~ historical fiction ~
One of my favorite genres! I've enjoyed both books above. They were simple to read yet enjoyable. I'm not a fan of heavy reading and I feel that I do too much of it for school anyways =P Right now I really want to read Margret Atwood's The Penelopaid!

Guilty Pleasure. (I know these are geared for elementary schooled children lol) I love these Royal Diaries, I think I have about 5 or so but there are actually over a dozen I believe. I always buy them in hardcover in fact I don't even know if they are available in soft over but in the older ones they used to line the edges of the book in gold but they stopped that now, sad =(  Also because these are easy to read I'll usually try to and do read them in one night, what do you mean it's 4am?

~ fantasy and science fiction ~
The Hobbit. Enough said. I love it soooooo much and I'm also not one to baby my books very much as you can tell hahahaha I often bring this with me when I get my nails done =S I didn't take a photo of a science fiction book but I enjoy reading things about the future etc. I'm not really interested in elves, magicians or demons of any sort. The Hobbit is really the only exception and I only made it through book one of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I also read Harry Potter but I prefer the movies more.

Also has anyone read Alice in Wonderland before? I can't believe that's a childrens book. It's so trippy and wacked out I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it but I guess that's why I love reading it, it seems different every time!

~ others ~
I'm not sure what to categorize this one in but it's a-m-a-z-i-n-g! It was featured at the cashiers desk so I bought it last minute and I'm so happy I did! Taking a bit from wikipedia this books talks about the evolution of monogamy for humans as well as divorce and human mating systems. I admit, the first few chapters were somewhat of a grind because it talks a lot about theories and scientific stuff (note Darwin) but trust me, it's worth it! 

However I also want to note that there is much debate going on about the truth and myths about this book. From the background of the authors to the actual research claimed so please read with a pinch of salt =) There is also a book called Sex at Dusk (on amazon) that apparently "rebuttles" this book and I'm really interested in reading that too!

Also the bookstore is currently pushing out all these books are "the self" and "our self independence", the books all look so good but gosh when I turn it over to see the price tag there will be a 5$+ difference from here and the states T_T It adds up when you buy a lot of books! I also want to buy the Secret! 

The newest addition to my bookshelf! I've only read the first few pages but my gosh it's so good already! I can't wait to find time to really enjoy this book! I've always wanted to read one of those "guide to be a lady" book and I finally found one with a twist and humor!

Dunno why the page turned out this way again but I hope most of you can make out a bit of the page! I ordered the book off Modcloth, it was my first purchase with them and so far so good!

I usually like to read a book when I have lots of time to which basically means enough time for me to finish at least half the book because....I just can't put it down. I will neglect so much just to finish the darn book it's not even funny. One time I bought The Tiger Mother while grocery shopping and ignored the bf the entire night until I finished the book lol no he didn't get mad but I did feel a tad guilty =P (That is also one good book btw)

The box the book came in was adorable! Mushroom prints all around~

Have you ever read a book that was really good but just fell flat at the end? Or perhaps you read a book and realized after you finished it, that you didn't like it at all? I find this doesn't happen to me too often but when it does I usually feel somewhat disappointed or nothing at all, oddly enough. I just move on to the next book and hope it's better! I also like to browse for books online first, I find it more convenient than to go to the actual bookstore. I also like real books and don't know if I'll ever convert to an e-book reader though it is tempting because books are cheaper that way but but but....nothing beats flipping the pages, smelling the book and just....feeling it LOL

I hope everyone is having a good January and getting over the holiday blues (and bills lol) My month has been very nice so far but I know things are going to get hectic soon with all the exams and papers piling up!