~ iphone photos - january 2013 ~

Saturday, February 2, 2013
January came and went so fast! I hope the same happens with crazy February! The month was pretty calm for me. I found lots of time to game, read manga and of course my school readings. Nothing much happened besides just life flowing by. January seemed especially long  when I look back at the first iphone photo I took!

I think this was my last pumpkin spice latte *cue sad music  and a korean rice bowl for brekkie! It had chicken, an egg and kimchi~

Large Hello Kitty suitcase at Walmart for 97$! 

Finally got to try Sentouka ramen. I'm thinking of doing a short review on it but it really wasn't that great, too salty for my liking. 

Reminds me of the doll I'd punch in the face if I ever woke up to it. I know some people think it's cute but those eyes....they'd probably hurt my knuckles too.

Starbucks hot chocolate with marshmallows! When I first tried this I made it with hot water and the taste was nice but somewhat weak at the same time but I really like it like that. After reading the packaging more thoroughly (and already having gone through 3 packs) I noticed it said to use milk and not water! So I tried it with milk and hated it! It was too rich and creamy so I stuck with hot water lol I think Tim Hortons has better hot chocolate though.

The Disney movie club sends me their package periodically and these stickers always come with it, last time I stuck them randomly through the calender, I dunno what to do with these! I didn't join because I think you have to commit to buying a certain amount of Disney movies a year.

Chilling on the balcony.

Delicious spinach dip at Joeys, nom nom nom!

Their apple dessert which wasn't too bad, I'm not a huge fan of these so I mostly ate the crust lol Actually after we finished our dinner Joey's asked us to do a survey for them which would take about 15 minutes but they would give us a 20$ gift card afterwards! =D More spinach dip!

Finally got my hands on Harvest Moon A New Beginning thanks to my sister!!!!! Mad loving it but I miss the older more cute characters. I mean the cow has hair -.- You can get the old fashion bubble cow but only by winning the cow contest.

Milk tea. 'Nuff said. 

Saw these earrings. Liked them. Took a photo to think about it. Went back to buy them and ended up buying two other items too =( from 5$ - 20$, fail.

I felt kinda sick and cold so I wanted some comfort food, Japanese curry is the best comfort food!

Omg the pasta sauce was soooo good, I never had a garlic sauce that had such large chunks of garlic and it's red! Isn't the colour usually more gravy like? But oh wells, it was delish! Oh it was at iCafe on Broadway.

Dine out at Banana Leaf with my family again!

This was soooo good like a smooth pineapple mango pina colada~

*drools* the clams were delish, we all wanted to drink the broth!

I think this was some sort of curry duck wrap but it was yummy too!

The dessert, the most unappetizing part of dinner lol But it was okay because by this time we were stuffed! I really enjoyed my dine out experience at Banana Leaf and wouldn't mind going back to try more Malaysian food. Of course there were more dishes but I didn't bother posting them all up, too much food photos in one post.

My sister took this photo of Soda and dubbed it his "derp" face.

Our second date! LOL

My desk area when I'm reading. It's soooo messy!

Over all January has been calm and relaxing. I know February is going to make me stressed and crazy with all the midterms and papers due >< I hope everyone had a great January and and even better February!