~ afternoon hive tea at heron west coast kitchen ~

Saturday, February 9, 2013
I went to Herons West Coast Kitchen situated in the lobby area of The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. I got this hotel confused with their Pacific Rim location which is another Fairmont hotel literally one block away -.- 

The afternoon tea takes place from 2-4 daily and is 26.95$ per person. Their afternoon tea is honey themed and is a twist from the traditional three tier plating. So if you're looking for that old fashion feel you won't find it here but I was delighted to try afternoon tea with a modern twist and a honey theme.

Their afternoon tea menu. There are a variety of tea's to choose from and the actual menu is on the right hand side. Their afternoon tea service comes in two "courses".

Your tea comes out first on a nice glass plate along with honey and lemon. I ordered Margaret's Hope, a darjeeling.

The darjeeling was nice and fragrant. I tried not to steep it for too long because I was scared it would get too bitter. Our server also told us how to use their teapots which was a nice touch because not everyone drinks tea regularly enough (or have fancy pots like this lol) to know how to use them. I sure appreciated the info!

The first "course" consisted of either a chedder cheese with gingered apples or a light blue cheese with mushrooms. 

This was the savory part of the tea service and it was really good! The mushrooms went really well with the salty blue cheese and the apple ginger perked up the chedder cheese. I was a bit afraid the the blue cheese would be overwhelming but it was nice and light. I was even able to eat it alone!

Scones and sweets!

I think this is the first afternoon tea place I've been to that provided four types of spreads for our scones. There was a portion of honey and beside it was honey butter, house made seasonal fruit preserve and an actual honey comb! I think I was most excited about the honey comb. 

The plate consisted of the four scones, two lemon honey cakes and lemon cake lollipops.

The scones were nice. They had a cinnamon taste to them and I thought it went very nicely with the spreads provided. The lemon cake was not bad, personally I don't care too much for lemon flavored things (besides sour candy). The cake pops were very dense and I had to take it with tea. It was fairly sweet and a bit hard to finish as well.

Honey comb!!! It was really yummy though I didn't finish the entire thing. It was hard too so it was difficult to use as a spread but who cares, real honey comb!

I read somewhere that the hotel harvests the honey themselves, I don't know if that is completely true but if so....where do they keep the..bees....

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon tea service and would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a bit of a twist on the traditional tea service.