~ soda's bark box january ~

Saturday, February 16, 2013
Soda's second BarkBox came in!!! I wanted to take a photo of the first one but as it arrived on Christmas eve everyone was too excited to see what was inside lol This time when it came I was able to snap a photo. Seriously I'm way more excited than the dog when these come in lol

Contents of the box and a card explaining each product. I'm usually most excited about the toy lol

In their December box they had a box of velvet dog cake to bake your precious pup (I haven't gotten around to baking mines yet LOL), some oatmeal shampoo, a soft toy and treats of some sort. 

I really like the toy this time. According to Jax and Bones, the cotton threads are coloured with vegetable dyes and is completely chemical free. The threads also act as floss as your dog chews and rips this poor thing apart. It is also machine washable and the tag also said that you could free the legs with chicken broth and they will act as soothing teething pops.

Soda going at the toy...

You can bet he destroyed it in one day and it also left a huge mess around the house! Orange threads everywhere! However I was really impressed to see that it was really thread all the way through. Some toys will have stuffing on the inside so I was quite pleased with that.

So far I really like BarkBox but I've read on a forum that they also give out treats made in China. I hope it's not true as I really enjoy these lil boxes of surprise my dog receives! 

Speaking of, I can't believe my dog gets a treat box every month, like wth?! I don't even have any sort of monthly beauty box subscription or anything! I actually bought the BarkBox subscription on groupon so keep an eye out, perhaps something similar will pop up!