~ afternoon tea at fairmont pacific rim ~

Saturday, March 9, 2013
I went to the Fairmont Pacific Rim for afternoon tea a while back! I would have went to Shangri La if I knew their afternoon service was available daily too! The last time I checked they changed it to weekends only =S This hotel is only about a block away from their other Fairmont location so don't get confused >< 

I blogged about this place here before and you can go there to check out my terribly edited photos lol

Afternoon tea is held daily from 2pm-4pm in their lobby lounge and it is 35$/person. When we went they had their pianist there playing some lovely tunes but gosh was it packed! They only had a few waitresses and thus service was slow and it was hard to their attention. It wasn't a problem for my friend and I though since we went with the intention of chatting for hours and neither of us drove so parking wasn't an issue too but I can see it being a problem if you had finished your meal and was trying to get a waitresses attention because your parking is nearly up.

Two tiers of yummy goodness!

I always recommend friends to come here if they want to try something different from the traditional afternoon tea services. Of course there are various places that also take a different twist but this one definitely has a great asian twist.

Every time that I've been here I noticed that the scones come first. I think traditionally savories are eaten first but this is also the only place I know that serve nice hot scones! So I think they serve them first while they are fresh and warm, hot scones make a big difference! I also thought the size of the scones were perfect, many times scones are far too large and I usually don't finish the entire thing. Perhaps other places did have their scones hot but since I was never notified or bothered to touch my scones every time, I just thought they weren't warm.

Asian inspired cutlery. The bright orange plastic chopsticks reminded my friend and I of those noodle/food stands in Hong Kong. I think they're called "dai pai dong" in Cantonese.


Three sandwiches are sushi styled. Miso tofu, tuna tataki and crab and cucumber! I think I enjoyed the crab and cucumber best but the rice tasted a tad strong of vinegar. 

The other three sandwiches are the more classical such as truffled egg salad (divine!), prawn and avocado and the tandoori chicken. I love how each piece was so uniquely different!

The sweets! My favorite is the matcha lychee layer cake! It was delicious, not too sweet and neither flavors were too overwhelming, the balance was on spot, at least in my opinion lol Actually everything on this tier was amazing! The chocolate was rich and macron tasty! Even the tart which is something I usually don't enjoy *picky*

I don't know if I mentioned this before but I'm quite a picky eater. I've loosened up a bit over the years, I even enjoy green onions, peppers and spicy food now but if I order a dish I don't like I have a hard time finishing it and I usually don't. Most of the time that's when the bf takes over and will trade his dish for mine and then I feel guilty -.- I've been googling some fun facts about afternoon tea, since I love it so much I though I ought to learn a bit more about it lol and learned some interesting things! Hopefully I'll get to share them a bit on my next tea post!