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Tuesday, March 19, 2013
I pass this bakery on the way to school a lot and was always curious about it. Their website states that they're an all vegan bakery so no eggs, milk, butter, nada! Naturally I was very curious to how their pastries tasted like, the review online wasn't bad either. I thought their bakery name conveyed their message very well. 

Though small the bakery was clean and modern.

The "baking" area was open and there was a little counter with goodies on it.

The cards tell you what ingredients they use as well as the price and name of the pastry.

The doughnuts were so cute! They're "small" probably the size of your palm and baked.

I tried one of the vanilla doughnuts, chocolate chip cookie as well as the zucchini loaf. I was really disappointed though I'm unsure if it's because I had high expectations. First, everything tasted the same with the exceptions of the icing on the doughnut and chips in the cookie. All three fell apart easily and I had a hard time eating them that way. Also the taste wasn't great, it wasn't even okay, I would almost say bad. Though I do feel guilty because I understand it's a vegan product but I'm just disappointed.

If you're curious do give it a try! Lots of other people love this place and I may actually be in the minority =)

I'm currently writing numerous papers etc. and super busy with school >< I'll be replying comments later than usual so bear with me, good news though I'm done 2/3 papers! =D After papers it's a whole three weeks of studying but good news! I finally booked a vacation with my siblings, it's my first time travelling with them alone, hopefully I'll survive, more on that later!

Here's a photo of my dog in place of me lol