~ daiso vs burts bees - make up wipes ~

Saturday, March 30, 2013
Daiso make up remover wipes VS Burt's Bees make up remover wipes!

When I go to class I don't normally wear makeup and the current makeup remover I use is olive oil. While it's fantastic at removing makeup it can be such a pain and very messy so I started slacking and shopped for these wipes. I bought the Burt's Bees one first then the Daiso one about a week later.

I wore the same about and type of make up for each removal. Tinted moisturizer, concealer beneath my eyes, a translucent top powder and tad of blush. The only difference is that I wore my makeup a bit longer on the day I removed it using the Burt's Bees but I will take that into consideration, it's just that it looks like the Daiso one wiped off more.

Burt's Bees- 10$
 I think the sheets are a decent size, large enough for me to remove the make up I wore. However I wish the sheets were more moist as I found it a tad dry. What ultimately made me look for another wipe is that this stung my cheeks =( While my skin didn't turn red or anything sever like that I had to rinse my face with water right away to stop the stinging sensation.

Daiso : Vitamin C Cleansing Tissue (? unsure if this is the official name for it) 2$

I saw this at Daiso and thought heck I might as well try it and if it sucks I've only waster 2 dollars. I know many people are skeptical about using drugstore/dollar store makeup but I personally don't really mind. This wipe was more moist and it removed the same amount of make up that Burt's Bees did and best of all, it did not sting my face! The size of the sheet is also the same.

In the end I'd have to pick the Daiso one because it didn't sting my face but I would not not recommend the Burt's Bees ones to my friends, especially if they've tried other products from them before. I think I might be allergic to an ingredient in there but then again I can't say for certain.

Recently I've been having the blogging blues I think every blogger goes through, I'm not about to give up blogging just yet or take a break but this might just mean bland posts, especially with my exams coming up next month >< No ideas for anything to blog about yet =X