~ iphone photos - march 2013 ~

Saturday, April 6, 2013
March was a somewhat uneventful month for me as all my papers were due then! But I still manged to go out for a few dates with friends. Wah... I wish I have more to say but I don't and thinking about it April is going to be a super hectic month for me too! Finals, vacation, vain and unnecessary things like getting my hair dyed, nails done etc. Just looking at my calender makes me cringe sometimes, oh wells! That's life!

My dad bought a cat ball for my dog....do cats play with these types of toys? It was big and heavy!

Strawberries, noms! Recently my mum has been buying lots of berries and papayas, my favorite! I usually don't buy the latter because they're more pricey hehehe

Lunch at Joe Fortes, the interior is stunning~

Lobster soup as my appetizer, it was alright but nothing special. I was going to have a salad for my entree but wanted something warm so I ordered half a order of the soup.

Seafood Ceasar salad. I was surprised by how much seafood there was! Clams, mussels, salmon and prawn on the little plate up top! However I was really disappointed in the ceasar dressing as it was a tad too sour for my liking.

My favorite from the Boss, sigh I wish I knew when they were going to serve this!

Adorable lamb plushies from Superstores.

This is how Easy Bake ovens look like now! What?! It doesn't even look like an oven. I remember I finally got one when I was an older kid but my bulb never baked anything correctly T_T

So cute!

Some desserts at a buffet, there was also some ice cream. Omg the egg pudding was divine! I was shocked at how good it was!

The entrance of the buffet.....umm..I dunno did this place used to be rain forest themed or something? lol Anyways it was interesting and I like it =P I believe this is the buffet on Kingsway called Grand Buffet . Honestly the food wasn't too bad and it was really cheap too! I think it was only 13$ or 15$ per person for dinner.

Dessert at dim sum. This came about 3secs after it was ordered! Definitely not fresh and it didn't taste good at all. I took one for the team and tried the first large spoonful and I wanted to spit it back out. Other than that though the rest of the food was yummy especially their sui mai! Sui mai with actual pork and not just shrimp!

More berries~

Soda's barkbox came in! This mouse felt toy was so adorable! It's actually lasting pretty long....

Another toy from the box, I don't even know where this one went already.

Adorable mushroom stool from Walmart! Ugh so cute, if there was red I'd buy it!

Left overs for breakfast! My sister cooked it, thanks sis! (less pepper on the salmon next time please)

I want to say thank you for all the supporting comments about my blogging blues! I hope they will be over soon! I don't plan on stopping my blog or blogging but things might be a bit slow though I think they're slow already I mean I only blog once a week hahaha